Kool the Penguin (1935)

In the early 1930”s the Kool Cigarette company decided the best way to advertise their cigarettes was with a cartoon penguin. Weird as it seem they released this cartoon short in 1935. Most likely this would of been shown between some newsreels for a movie peg for a mature audience.

The penguin in this short would later became the Kool company’s first mascot named Willie. If you want to know which one Willie is in this cartoon. I assumed he is one of the penguins that are smoking because in countless other ads with Willie he is always holding or smoking a cigarette.

The short starts in the Antarctic where a bunch of penguins leave their cold comfort and death of being skinned to work at the Kool Cigarette factory in Kentucky.

They seemed to be born to work there because they seem to automatically know what to do there and the cartoon takes you through the whole Cigarette assembly line from start to finish.

To how they picked the tobacco leaves to make the Cigarette:

To how the add the “kool” factor:

The penguins are even involved in the finishing small touches

They are even responsible for putting the cigarettes into the packages!

After you witness the whole process you would think that they would pack up the boxes and put in trucks and drive away but actually the penguins fly (apparently penguins can fly in cartoon form) with the Kool Cigarettes and canvass towns and cities with Kool Cigarettes.

One penguin (I’m thinking it is Willie) makes a stop at the Statue of Liberty and gives her a Cigarette and they cartoon ends like this:

You can view this a good chuck of this cartoon on YouTube.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Kool the Penguin (1935)

  1. The little video clips are great! It’s so cute for all the wrong reasons, I love the cigarette gun. it’s so crazy how much things have changed, I hardly know anyone that smokes anymore.

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  2. was there a reason you divided it up in to short segments. i’m a pengophile [my own word for penguin lover] but never was a cigarette smoker. however i’m old enough to have lived through the kool penguin ads. on facebook and elsewhere i spread my own take on penguins happily and would love to offer the whole things to other penguin lovers. i do appreciate your narrative and intend to publicize your page to two of the penguin appreciation groups on facebook which will bring folks to look at this post from literally all over the world
    if you have a link please pass it onbwendo


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