Welcome to the Insta-hood: Arianablacks

Hello and welcome to this week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood! This week I interviewed IG-er: @arianablacks

1.Tell me a little about yourself.                                                                                                    “My name is Ariana, I amtwenty years old, born and raised in New Jersey, land of Overkill, seedy shoreside motels, and the best diners imaginable. On a regular day you can find me watching a stack of Italian horror movies and spinning vinyl. Graphic design student by day, heavy metal aficionado by night. Not only all that fun stuff, but I am also in the slow but sure process of starting up a band/music project.”collage

2.  Describe your fashion:

“I’ve always loved the dynamic of mixing masculinity and femininity. Denim and leather, as Saxon would say. Studs, spikes, spandex, chains and anything in between. Photos of traditional metal bands with females in them help me dream up outfits. Photos of bands like Blacklace, Jade, Warlock, Chastain, Girlschool. In reality, any outfit can be completed if you just throw on a leather or denim jacket and a decent pair of shoes, so it’s not all that formulaic.”Inter


3. Who are your top 3-5 fashion icons and why? 

A majority my fashion icons are also my musical heroes, so it’s nice to have the best of both worlds. I’m a huge fan of bands that sport stage costumes with craftsmanship so it would be sinful not to mention the forerunners of this, the almighty Judas Priest whose stagewear is done by Ray Brown. Brown did a bunch of other bands clothing like Maiden, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Megadeth, and the list goes on. I loved the grittiness of Blackie Lawless’ clothing back in his prime. Not that I’d ever rock a codpiece, but it’s certainly a memorable accessory. Whether it was this era of Blackie’s style evolution or when he started downtoning his look and donning fringe jackets more, I love it all. To put the icing on the cake, I draw a lot of influence from the eighties scream queens, in particular Linnea Quigley. She had one hell of an edge to her look that I could relate to. Even when she was in frills, she always had the leather gloves to compliment her look. Speaking of that, I heard that Linnea was in a Motorhead video (If anyone has more information on this I BEG OF YOU TO TELL ME IT. Does it even exist? Was it scrapped? I need the answers! Metal maniacs, let me know!). …Getting back on track, all those girl gang movies like Savage Streets and 3:15 played a big role in shaping how I dress.”leather gloves

4. What has been a highlight event for you this year?                                                              “The year is only off to a start so far, but one experience I have cherished (although, occurring last year) was Defenders of the Old Festival in New York City which was the last one ever to be hosted. It’s quite unfortunate that places like Europe have such a grounds to support their metal musicians, compared to  America, as musicians have to opt for smaller scale venues like bars and pubs. It’s only recently that these European-style festival have sprung up in the states, but they are scattered miles away and are not comparable whatsoever. It was cool to see the influx of metal lovers from all over the country, even some of my own friends who flew in all the way from Australia to support the bands on the bill. It was special to see one of my personal favorites, Bitch, play a full set as Betsy cranked out her dominatrix whip. Other honorable mentions of that night would be Sweden’s Mindless Sinner, Frigid Bich, and Cirith Ungol. It’s cool to interact with fans that have seen these bands shows back in the eighties and still remember it like it was tomorrow, telling their stories about the gigs, and still raving about it today. I encountered lots of those people, and it’s certainly a treasure to hear for people in my age range, who have kindred souls.” 

5. What is your current soundtrack?                                                                                                 “I rotate most of the same stuff, but now and then dig deeper into discographies. I’ve currently been rotating between Brainfever, Nasty Savage, Crossfire, Deathslayer, and Savage Thrust’s Eat ‘Em Raw album.”


If you have any questions for Ariana her contact information is  her IG:



Thank you for letting me interview you Ariana!


Until next time!


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