Woman of the moment: Minnie Castevet!

Minnie Castevet you are this month’s Woman of the moment!! This pushy neighbor has made it on the list this month. As many of you know Rosemary’s baby is one of my favorite movies and books. One of the reasons why I like them both is because the book and movie don’t really stray away from other. The first time I read the book I felt like I was reading a gothic novel set in New York City.

So when I finished reading the book. I loved it so much that I had high expectations for the movie, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. It was mostly due to Ruth Gordon’s portrayal of Minnie Castevet that made me appreciate the film even more.

One of the interesting things I thought that was interesting about this character is that you hear her first super nasally voice but you don’t actually see her until about 40 minutes into the movie.

At first you think that this small lady is sweet but the more you watch the movie you see her personality show. She is pushy, nosy, asks all kinds of inappropriate questions and finally you realize that she is EVIL!

However I always felt like villains had the smarter fashion sense. So Minnie does not disappoints

With her Pucci, and loud prints dresses she is not shy from standing out of her cult. Her beliefs is the louder the print she wears the chunkier the jewelry is:

Her most memorable look for me is the one where she knocks on Rosemary’s door and wears a navy blue scarf in her hair with rollers, sticking out and a mustard sweater.

Minnie is never neat in her appearance. Whether she has one makeup to match the colors in her office or her hair sticking out with rollers with a scarf wrapped around it. Perhaps it is an indication that Minnie’s appearance is a visually reminder that her life is in disorder. But she tries to make it seems like her life is fabulous.

Minnie is a quintessential nosy neighbor but with an evil purpose. I kind of wished I knew someone like Minnie because I would definitely hang out with her….as long as she doesn’t planned to impregnate me with the devil’s child:

Congrats Minnie Castevet for being November’s WOMAN OF THE MOMENT!!!

Until Next time!!!

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