Doppelganger Murder

Recently, when I was looking at my social media, I kept seeing a weird trending article on my feed. Earlier this month a woman in Germany was arrested and charged with murder. She concocted this weird plan. She had faked her own death by finding her doppelganger and killing her.

What is a doppelganger? The actual word means “double walker” in German. It is someone who is not related to you but has striking physical characteristics. Basically, there could be someone walking this planet that has a striking resemblance to you. However, they are not you. They could have the same kind of nose or hair color or height. You could confused that person and call them by your name that is how similar they could be. I always wondered who my doppelganger could be. How much they look like me and what do they do for a living.

However, after learning about this experience I lessen my curiosity in wondering…..

Picture from Fox News (2023).

The woman who was arrested for murder named Sharaban K. is a 23-year-old living in Germany as a beautician. She made contact with her “doppelganger” through a social media outlet. Khadidja Q. who was a beauty blogger on Instagram was under the impression that Sharaban wanted to meet up with her in regards to receiving a cosmetics kit.

It was speculated (so far the details are not concrete since this is still an ongoing investigation) that Sharaban and her boyfriend went to go pick up Khadidja in the southern part of Germany. Somewhere between the car ride to their next destination, they stabbed Khadidja to death and then put her body in the back seat, They then drove to the city of Ingolstadt and abandoned the car with her in it. Sharaban parents were under the impression that she was meeting her ex-husband in Ingolstadt and when she did not turn up where she said she was going to be. They started searching for her in that city and found the abandoned car and what they thought to be Sharaban.

The parents had identified the body as Sharaben before the autopsy was performed however the autopsy confirmed that it was Khadidja.

Picture from The Cut (2023)

When the police got involved they found out that Sharaban had tried to contact various women who shared similar physical features through social media under fake names trying to get them to meet with her.

Sharaban and her boyfriend were held on remand last August 2022 and after a half year investigation they were finally arrested this February when arrest warrants were issued for the both of them in late January 2023. If they both are find guilty of this crime they will both be serving life sentences.

Picture from the Insider.

Learning stuff like this really breaks my heart. I hope that Khadidja’s family received justice for this horrible crime.


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