Movie of the Day: Grease 2

Today’s Movie of the day is Grease 2 (1982) directed by Patricia Birch and starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Maxwell Caulfield and Lorna Luft.

What you never knew that Grease had a sequel?!?  Well not a lot of people know there was a sequel. The trailer is below:

I found out about this movie thanks to Netflix’s instant stream in 2014! I was off of work one day and wanted to watch a movie. So I was flipping through my options and this came up. My first thought was “Grease 2?!? I never heard of it!” Knowing my deep admiration of the first Grease since childhood I decided to give it a try. And man I was NOT disappointed in the least!


So this movie is set in 1961 which is two years after all of the original Greasers graduated in the same school, and there are still some recurring actors in the same roles like Didi Conn, Sid Cesar and Dody Goodman.

The plot of the movie is that the Stephanie Zinone (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) who is the leader of the Pink Ladies broke up with Johnny Nogerelli who is  the leader of the T-Birds (played by Adrian Zmed) over the summer and in order for Stephanie to continue to be part of the pink ladies she has to continue and date a member of the T-Birds. But she is tired of being part of a group and wants to life a new life with some who is a cool rider….

Cue new dreamy British exchange student Michael Carrington (played by Maxwell Caulfield) who become infatuated with Stephanie and the whole movie is based on how far he will go to become her dream “cool rider.”

The reason why I enjoy this movie more than the original Grease is because it has some of the movie overly sexual songs done in a cookie cutter kind of way. Such songs as “Reproduction”

And “let’s do it for our Country”:

The script was only halfway done when they went into production so they used a loose draft and the director did the best she could with the material so some of the sequence or characters do really make sense or disappearance and reappear without explanation.

If you are in need of a movie of a good laugh or want to sing along to some interesting songs then Grease 2 is for you!!!512uMDJOEbL


Fun Fact: In the movie there are two teachers who were real life teen heartthrobs. They were Tab Hunter and Connie Stevens 863567b743aee1dbced79759e481c868


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Florida’s Orange Bird

When I was little  my favorite place to go on vacation is DisneyWorld. Mostly because you get to hang out with all of the cool cartoon characters you seen in the movies or on tv in real life. However there was one random character that I would see at the park that I never really knew the origins of.

Florida’s Orange Bird:


So I did some research on this super cute orange bird! In 1970 Disneyworld was in need of more investors to expand there park so it came to no surprise that the Florida Citrus Commission wanted to invest in one of the world’s most famous theme park. They invested nearly three million dollars into the park however they weren’t really sure what kind of ride or area they could sponsor in the park.   Disney however came up with the idea of putting the Florida Citrus Commission’s sponsorship to use in the Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction. They had a ten year agreement where they changed the name of the attraction to this: b04456ecbab801c40fe2e57304716aeb

Also on the other end of the attraction there was a bar area that served orange juice and citrus sweets to people. vob996766LARGEThe Florida Citrus Commission also wanted to have some kind of mascot for the product. Disney did not want to use any of there regular characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy etc. so they made a brand new character: THE ORANGE BIRD!


He was feature in two commericals in the early 1970’s

And also was featured in two animated shorts. The one below is called Foods and Fun: A Nutritional Adventure

However since Disney’s created the actual cartoon of the Orange Bird the Florida Citrus Commission had to pay a fee every time they wanted to use that character in public use. And knowing Disney that meant it was a very pricey fee to pay. Every time a contract had to be renew or if they Florida Citrus Commission wanted to add another Citrus bar inside the park the most expensive it was becoming. It was becoming a point where the  Florida Citrus Commission was not selling enough products in the bars and making enough money with the Orange Bird to justify the cost.oraora736991-613x473-600x463

Then with the frustration of  a lot of back and forth negotiating and money fees being hiked every couple of years the Florida Citrus Commission and Disney World decided to cute ties with each other in 1987. Ending any and all presence of this cute Orange bird! orange-bird-ad-1973

However in 2004 Tokyo Disney decided to make products of the Citrus Bird  and it was such a massive good response that it came back to Disney World by 2012! So now you can see him more visibly in Disney products, comic books and more!



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