Clarissa Sings: Songs I sing out loud in the car!

Are you ever in your car and you turn on your music on shuffle mode and find yourself cranking up a particular song(s) and start singing very loudly to it? Well I do! Here are ten songs I crank up the volume for while driving:

Stand Back- Stevie Nicks- The intro to this song allows time for me to crank up the volume. This song has a great beat to it while driving.

Cameo- Candy: this song has a great drumming and guitar solo. It just makes you happy when you are driving around doing errands or going to work.

The Donnas- take it off: This was one of my favorite songs in high school and it is a powerhouse of a song.

Prince- Computer Blue: It’s no surprise that Prince is on this list. I love everything about this song, and it’s such a great song to drive to with the windows down!

Tears for Fears- Shout: what better song to listen to while stuck in traffic on the highway??

Lil’ Kim featuring Lil’ Cease: one of my favorite songs! Also who is excited about Lil’ Kim book coming out in 2024 but hopefully sooner!!!!

Good Morning Baltimore- Hairspray: This song just makes me incredibility happy when I listen it. Plus anything John Waters related I am 100% for!

Billy Squier- My kind of lover: I didn’t know about Billy Squier until I watched a show called Red Oaks. This was the first song of his I ever heard and became immediately hook with this and many other of his songs.

They Don’t Know about Us- Tracey Ullman- One of my forever icons Tracey Ullman also was a singer, and this song is perfection when I am driving to work.

Bay City Rollers- Saturday Night: because S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!

These are just a tiny amount of songs that I belt out when driving. What songs do you blast out of your car? Comment below!!!!

The lady.cult holiday gift idea giving guide: 2022!

Hello all! Welcome to the 2022 holiday gift idea giving guide!!! I will be discussing some fantastic small businesses! Please keep in mind there shipping deadlines when ordering to make sure you get it by the holidays. 🙂

Here we go!!

: Always Fits

Always Fits has always been one of my favorite online places to shop. They have so many unique and special items that I always end up finding something very interesting to gift a friend. Like this book: The Golden Girls: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. But honestly anything from this store would be a hit. Here are some shipping deadlines for this store: for free shipping (you must spend $99 dollars to qualify!) it is 5-7 business days and the order cutoff date for that is December 12,2022. For standard shipping (anything under $99 dollars) it is 5-7 business days and the cut off date is still December 12, 2022. For 3-4 business day the cut off order date is December 14, 2022. And for 2-day shipping (2 business days) the cut off date is December 18, 2022.

Also they are having a discount code when you spend $50 you get $10 dollars off with code: BFCM22 Offer ends on November 28th!!!

Link to purchase this book is here:

Greenwich Letterpress:

This is my other favorite online store. I order a banner from them every season because I feel like there is always something to celebrate. However I was browsing there online store and this pouch made me do a double take. Made by @officialSeanPenn this pouch is a definite must buy!

Link to buy is here:

Bo Barra: Bo Barra is a new upcoming jewelry business.

“MORPHIO: The Invasion Necklace

The MORPHIO collection is inspired by Animorphs, and this necklace in particular is inspired by the first book in the series. It’s handmade using rare vintage Japanese glass sugar beads, a vintage Japanese handblown glass slug, freshwater pearls, and a glass butterfly, with sterling silver hardware. It’s a very limited edition, 1/2, so get this stunner while it’s still here! Treat yourself here:

MORPHIO: Snail Morph Heart Necklace

Got a favourite animal, or an animal lover in your life? Now you can choose from 15 different iridescent animal heart pendants that are handmade in the 1970s! Pictured here is the snail morph, looking rather adorable, if I say so myself! Each pendant changes colour from pink to blue to green as you move it, and comes on a very 90s style sterling silver ball chain necklace. These are rare vintage, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! 

Choose your fave here:

MORPHIO: The Encounter Earrings Set 2

Cute earrings alert! These beauties are inspired by Animorphs: The Encounter, and are handmade with sterling silver, vintage Japanese glass beads and Czech glass. As with all my pieces, they are limited edition due to the nature of my vintage materials. Get your gorgeous dangles here:

The store is currently offering a 40% off everything sale until 11/27. Use code Cyber40 during the checkout process!

This store provides free shipping from Montreal and uses Canada postage. Depending on where you are it took take up to 7 business days to get your order. If you want something by the holidays she recommends ordering by December 12, 2022. If you need it sooner you are able to upgrade for faster shipping (at a cost).

Ashley Chafin: Ashley is an amazing artist, and she makes cards out of some of her art. Like Mikey Walsh one! If you want to order her cards you must place it by December 19th. She ships it out of LA!

Link to buy is here:

Erin A Ellis: Erin A. Ellis is an artist with a cute store. Do you have a beloved pet? Would you like to see a portrait of your pet on an ornament? I would! She can do one for you.

Pet Portrait Ornament info link is here:

She also makes cards. Link to her esty store is here:

Shipping deadlines for her store: USPS First Class Shipping by December 19,2022.

Gift Horse Nashville: Gift Horse Nashville is a super cute store. I found out about them when I wanted to buy a card in the shape of a gumball machine!

But if you are into adorable tea towels. May I recommend is Hot dog and tea towel.

Also if you put in code RETROCULT20 during checkout you will received a 20 % off discount!! I am totally planning to use it myself!!

RJ City: When RJ City and Rootless Coffee Co. decided to join forces together. A special blend of coffee called Hi, Anxiety was created. Free shipping when you spend $50 or more!

Link to buy is here:


“Welcome to my shop Bibliomancer , I deal in rare, collectable & finely
curated  books, comics & ephemera.
You can find me here: @Bibliomancer Since I deal in collectables there is usually only one of what is
being sold, so the best thing is to browse my selection, I have everything from collectible Sc-fi, vintage horror paperbacks, vintage
magazines, vintage  classic  literature, tons of non-fiction books, rare art books and just about every type of comic book you can think of! I also have shirts of my shop logo  available, designed by the great comic artist Troy Nixey. You can message me directly for sales or comment on the post to be the first to claim the item you want. I usually ship media mail or I can USPS priority  for extra changes, so keeping that in mind there is no other Holiday shipping cut off time. Thank you very much &  I look forward to finding you the perfect book or comic!”- @astraleyez

LowBrowAntics: Makes earrings, small accessories and home goods with a cult film flair. She has made pieces that were inspired from such movies as A Clockwork Orange, and Suspiria. However she said that this year she has notice the popularity of the movie “The Truman Show.”

Link for the pin are here:

Link to here shop is here:

Darling Marcelle: This store had me at skunk earrings! I do enjoy a good jewel piece that either has a unique store or a unique thing and this store hits all the marks.

Link to buy is here:

Screambox: What better gift to give then the gift of watching horror movies all day long! For me that would be the best gift ever! With a highly curated roster of movies, tv shows and documentaries this subscription channel will definitely keep you entertained.

Link for more info is here:

I would like to thank all of the small businesses that participated in this year’s holiday idea gift giving guide. It is so important to show your support to your favor small business! Do you have a favorite small business? comment and link them below!

TSFU: That’s So F*cked Up, a podcast about CULTS, murder and other generally f*cked up stuff has a ton of true crime themed merch that isn’t podcast branded! So if you’re not a listener of the podcast (yet), you can still find some super cute and cozy true crime gifts for yourself or a loved one at Like this super cute sweatshirt!! Use code: LADYCULT for 10% off any purchase until 12/31/2022!

Here are the shipping deadlines for the store:

Comfy Jr: Better known on Instagram as @paperbackparadise is one of my favorite IG accounts. There business Comfy Jr primarily consists of amazingness art like these postcards.

” All of these postcards come from my page @PaperbackParadise on instagram – the world’s number one used book store. Each postcard has a short synopsis on the back, along with space to write a message and your friend’s address – yes they can be mailed!” Shipping deadlines for the store: Please placed your orders before December 15!

link to buy the 3rd latest volume (pictured above) is here:

FUN CULT: Fun Cult by Caitlin Holcomb has the most sparkly fantastic fringe banners ever to roam this planet!

this fringe banner with the stars is a good one to keep up during the holidays or the rest of winter. Shipping deadlines for the store for any pre-order items the deadline is Sunday December 11, 2022 and for in stock items the shipping deadline is December 18.

Link to buy the banner is here:

Submissions open for holiday gift giving guide!

Hello small businesses!

If you would like to be part of this year holiday gift giving guide. This is the following information I need:

1. The name of your business and link of your store.

2. One item from your store that would you like to talk about and the link for the item. One picture of the item.

3. Any holiday shipping deadlines.

4. Email all the info to with the subject (small business name) holiday gift giving guide item.

5. Everything is due by November 22, 2022!

Thank you!!

Dr. Hazzard aka the “Starvation Doctor”

Did you ever feel like you wanted to go on a diet? Maybe lost those last five pounds you been putting off? Well in the being of the 20th century a women name Linda Laura Hazzard (1867-1938) had a retreat located in Olalla, Washington that could promise that you would lose those pesky pounds ….and perhaps your life.

Linda was one out of eight children born in Carver, Minnesota. She never studied and obtain a degree in medicine however through some weird way she was able to practice medicine that was approved by the state of Washington at the time. According to the state law if you were working as a person of alternative medicine you did need a medical degree. She even wrote two books about her fasting methods:

One book was named “Fasting for the cure of disease.(1908)” And the other was called “Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key to Health (1927)” She wrote that book when she was studying with a doctor who was pro fasting named Edward Hooker Dewy.

Dr. Hazzard was obsessed with the idea that fasting was the only way to get rid of any impurities, and toxins. So she created an extreme form of fasting and was convince it would cure anything. Like any diseases such as cancer or the common cold.

When Linda started seeing a healthy income of money start flowing in she decided to a wellness place in Olalla, Washington called “Wilderness Heights.” Where if you can afford the pricey stay then you would follow Dr. Hazzard strict diet. Her strict diet plan include her patients (depending how long they stayed and paid) would be force to fast for day up towards to months. Then only be fed mostly liquids of either tomato, asparagus and if they behave orange juice. Many of her patients died due to starvation but Dr. Hazzard would write on their death certificate that they died of a long term illness that went unfound in them before they enter Wilderness Heights. Such as terminal things such as cancer or cirrhosis of the liver was often put on cause of death.

Dr. Hazzard was finally arrested and convicted of manslaughter in 1912. When a pair of very rich sisters named Dorothea and Claire Williamson went to Wilderness Heights and Claire died due to Dr. Hazzard very extremely diet regime. Claire only weight about fifty pounds at her time of death and Dorothea was on the same terminal path. It is believed that a telegram from one of the sisters was sneaked out to a close family member of theirs to come get the sisters. Unfortunately by the time the person was able to rescue the sisters Claire had past away but was able to save Dorothea.

Dr. Hazzard was trial and was she was also found guilty of stealing a lot of the Williamson sisters items that they took with them and she also forged a will for the Williamson sisters. Dr. Hazzard was found guilty and was served to spend two to twenty years in a Washington state jail. However she served two and was released on December 1915 and was granted a pardon shortly after by governor Ernest Lister.

Dr. Hazzard had enough of the states and decided to move with her husband to New Zealand. She continued her work as a dietitian and wanted to take on a more hands on approach with her patients so she became a osteopath for the next five years. It wasn’t until 1917 that a New Zealand newspaper claimed the Dr. Hazzard was still using her Washington State medical certificate to practice medicine and the title. However being that there are different laws in New Zealand regarding practicing medicine. She was charged under the “Medical Practitioners Act. that she was continuing to do medical work with having the proper paperwork. And was fined for all the violations she had.

Three years after the New Zealand incidents she returned to the same town she had her “Wilderness Heights” to open up a newer version of it. She deemed it as a “School of Health” and added her new title to her never ending roster supervisor. She would be the main go to person for all of the patients who wanted to take part of her fasting cure. She ended up dying from her fasting diet due to starving herself in 1938.

Linda Hazzard caused somewhere between 15-20 deaths due to her fasting diet and became one of Washington State’s most evil and well known serial killers.

Some great recourses if you would to learn more information are below:


Until next time!!!

I wanted to say I love you but I didn’t…

I woke the morning after my birthday. I was still on a delighted emotional high from my birthday. I checked my phone and saw it:

A text from you. My heart was jolted and I wanted to text you back. I wanted to say I love and miss you so much. But then I remember all the months that I tried to call and text you. I came to you in tears. I came begging and pleading please talk to me. Don’t treat me like a stranger but I never heard back. I tried for so long that my heart gave out. My heart couldn’t bear anymore silence from you. I gave up. I went cold turkey and stop contacting you. I went through too many sleepless nights, too many tears wondering what I did to deserve silence. That I did not expect you to say anything to me on my birthday. So it surprised me that you communicated anything. But I can no longer be expected to jump on a bare minimum. I will no longer beg you to treat me like I exist. I will not accept the bare minimum I am worthy of my worth.