Movie of the Day: Mother (1996)

It’s no surprise that I am writing about this movie. When I was growing up I was such a films of all of Albert Brooks movies that I deemed myself a mini Albert Brooks. This one probably my second favorite movie that he made. The first being Defending your Life (1991) because I think I have watched it close to 50 times. Mother was made in 1996 and it stars of course Albert Brooks, Rob Morrow and playing the role of their mother is Debbie Reynolds.

I think I enjoy this movie so much because the way that Debbie Reynolds embraces this role reminds me so much about my own mother.

Albert Brooks, and Debbie Reynolds

Albert Brooks plays a character named John Henderson. A twice divorce (as his mother likes to point out to random strangers) writer who experience extreme writers block when trying to write his new novel. After he comes put from his divorce lawyer’s office to his newly emptied house (his ex wife owned all of the furniture in their home.) He comes to terms that he must go back to his youth in order to figure his current personal issues and his reason for his writers block.

Albert Brooks, and Debbie Reynolds

So he decides to temporarily move into his childhood home that his mother still lives in. He basically reroutes her life by putting back his bedroom from when he was in high school. And sticks with her during her daily errands and tries to reconnect with her in order to figure out his certain behavior patterns. And he also hopes to breaks his writers block.

Throughout the whole experience of what John considers to be an “experiment.” Not only does he figures out why he has certain patterns but he creates a new bond with his mother. He also helps his mother rekindle a lost passion that she kept buried in her closets for decades. There is a lot of positive and funny scenes in this movie. My favorite part is when they go shopping together. Here is a small clip:

A fun fact about this movie: Albert Brooks first reached out to Nancy Reagan about playing the role of his mother. However she declined because her husband had Alzheimer’s disease and did not want to leave his side for long periods of time.

Do you have a favorite Albert Brooks movie? If so comment below!!


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My top five Criterion Collection wants!

Barnes and Noble is having their annual 50% off Criterion Collection sale this month. So if you are buying some great movies from the Criterion Collection during the sale or anytime. Then here are my top five recommendations. Especially if you want to buy something that is different from your regular buying pattern or are on the fence about what to buy during the sale:

Devil in the Blue Dress (1995) (Spine #1135) directed by Carl Franklin. Starring Denzel Washington, and Jennifer Beals. I remember watching this movie for the first time when I was 15 and I consider this to be my first film noir movie that I watched. I tend to re-watch this movie every couple of years because I tend to pick up on things I didn’t notice before.

Link to buy is here:

Shaft (1971) (Spine # 1130) directed by Gordon Parks and starring Richard Roudtree, Moses Gunn, and Gwen Mitchell. This would be a blind buy for me. It has been on my to watch list forever and as slow as I am to actively look at my list. With this sale it will give me momentum to finally get around to watching this movie.

Link to buy is here:

Pink Flamingoes directed by John Waters (1972) (spine #1131) Starring Divine, Mink Stole and the rest of the Dreamlanders 🙂 I do not think I have to go into much detail about this recommendation. One of my all time favorite movies. This particular version comes complete with it’s own barf bag.

Link to buy is here:

World of Wong Kar Wai: the movies of Wong Kar Wai. Director Wong Kar Wai movies takes into a super dreamy and ultra rich color world. His characters in his movies are filled with heavy emotions, and are lost and longing in their emotions which draws you into his world. Here is a video that explains some of Wong Kar Wai themes in his movies:

Link to buy is here:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High directed by Amy Heckerling. (1982) (Spine # 1075) Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phobe Cates, Judge Reinhold. Amy Heckerling is one of my favorite directors and this movie has a stellar cast. If you just want to escape and watch something funny then I totally recommend this movie.

Link to buy is here:

What is on your to buy list during the sale? Comment below!!!

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Source: YouTube, The criterion collection, and Barnes and Noble

Midway summer check in point….

Hello everyone!

With summer being halfway done. I decided to check in with everyone to see how they are doing. I skipped summer vacation this time for going back to school. I read five books, listened to 10 audiobooks and listened to 50 podcasts so far. I just wanted to gently remind everyone to make sure you take mental breaks and even talk a day, a span of an afternoon or vacation. You are not a robot and being burn out is definitely a thing. Take care of yourself and others.

Great Small Businesses: @misshavishamcuriosities !

This week I interviewed: @misshavishamcuriosities!

  1. Tell me a little bit about your business:

“One half of my business is customizing vintage china with modern day sentiments. The other half is made up of new pieces that we design ourselves start to finish. We take our inspiration from the past, so even our new pieces feel vintage.

Our new cups are all made from a vegan china that replicates the look and feel of traditional bone china but without the use of animal bone. So whether you are a collector of fine antiques or you want dishwasher safe china for everyday use, we have something snarky for you.”

2. What are the top 3 selling products in your store and why do you think they are so popular?

“Our insult cups are what put us on the map. They’ve been showcased by Bust Magazine, Boing Boing, House Beautiful and are the official teacups of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s Tea4Tuesday segments. Our memento mori vases and stash boxes are also wildly popular. I think people love the juxtaposition between the high brow china and the low brow sentiments we add to each of them.”

3.  I see you are working on your memoir: What inspired you to start one and what when is it coming out?

“Gosh, I wish I knew when it will be finished. I’ve been hacking away at it forever, even before I started my teacup business. I started it because I grew up in Youngstown Ohio which is a very complicated place with a sad history. The town itself is being erased in a lot of ways. Rather than trying to maintain the more blighted sections of the city, the mayor elected to let forest takeover. There are whole parts of town that I knew that are now just giant walls of trees. My high school, elementary school, the hospital I was born in, my grandparents house…all those places have been torn down and replaced with nature. Because it’s a memoir, the process has been an emotional roller coaster. I take long breaks from even thinking about it and then suddenly I’ll write two chapters in a week. I’ve also been distracted with a few other projects so as much as I’d like to have a finish line in my future, I don’t. “

4. What movies and/or books have left a memorable mark on you in regards to creating your products?

“Well, Great Expectations obviously. I love the character of Miss Havisham. I think all the women in my family have a little Havisham in them. I’m descended from a long line of antique obsessed women and most of them wore their frustrations like Ms. Havisham wore her wedding dress. I also love the notion of elegant decay. I also love a good grudge.”

5. Is there any exciting news or events that you would like to share ?

“We’ll be releasing brand new cups in October and I have to say, these are the most decadent cups we’ve ever made. We’re also working on a décor book and a super secret Airbnb project that we cannot wait to reveal to you. If you’d like to say hi in person, we’ll be vending at the Oddities Flea Markets in both Los Angeles and New York later this year.”

If you would like to learn more about this business. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @misshavishamscurisities

The last time I wore this…

The last time I wore this I was on my lunch break and decided to go across the street to Barnes and noble where they have a cafe. I open the door to the cafe side. Proceeded to order my drink and sat down at one of the tables. Then I noticed him. He looked nervous sitting there to the table next to mine. His leg was shaking and he kept turning his head to the window every couple of minutes and then his watch. He is probably waiting for someone I thought. I heard my name called out from the cafe saying that my drink was ready. I grabbed my drink and went back to the same spot I was before. I looked at back at the man’s table and saw that he was sitting across from a women. Her hair was made up, she had a black dress and glittery heels.

They must be on a date I thought to myself as I opened up a book I usually brought with me during my break. But my attention and ears belong to other table next to mine.

“This is my first date since my wife divorced me a year ago. It’s my first time using a dating app but I thought it’s time to start again, and jump into a pool that isn’t so shallow.” Thank you for meeting up with me. Let me get you something to drink.” She blushed and nodded her head. She told him that she would take a grande cappuccino with soy and he said that he would try the same.”

He got there drinks and went back to table. I then heard them exchange there past lives to each other before this moment. They talked about their jobs, trips they have recently taken, trips they would like to take maybe with each other. Children they had and what they were doing in their lives. As I pretend to turn the page on my book I saw the guy gently and slowly moved his hand forward until he touched the palm of her hand. As if she knew and was waiting for him to do something sweet as she was leaving her hand open on the table during the conversation. Then I felt my phone vibrate and I thought darn that’s my alarm. My break is over and I have to go back to work.

As I got up I had the urge to turn to the newly couple and say “I wish you all the best.” But I didn’t and wish I did. I often think about that couple. Especially when I wear that ring…..

Welcome to the Insta-hood: @burlingame76!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing IG acout: @burlinggame76!

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“Hi, my name is Nathan. I love fast cars and even faster women. BUT SERIOUSLY… I could easily be described as a movie buff, through and through. I was born in California, raised in Oregon, moved to Texas in the mid-’90’s and have resided here ever since. No matter where I am, the one constant has always been cinema. 

As of late (and just like every other person in the world), I’ve been dabbling in the podcasting realm. The first being The Smooth Thrills Radio Hour, annual audio misadventures with my s’wonderful co-horts Jason Rutledge, Katie Davis and the occasional dash of Joe Francis for good measure. Then, there’s my latest endeavor, the A/V experience known as CineCraze. Okay, okay… maybe it’s not realy known at all! ACK!”

2. Can you talk a little about your podcast: CineCraze?

“CineCraze began several years ago as my movie-related blog and I’ve always wanted to take that further, so I finally decided to make it episodic and YouTube seemed like the perfect playground to do so. My aim is film discussion with a (hopefully) unique approach. There are only six episodes thus far, but I’m taking my time AND having a great time with it. I am particularly proud of the collaboration with filmmaker John Putch, where we did a deep dive into his truly independent movie trilogy, “Route 30.” I am so grateful for his friendship and the opportunity to participate in a forum for these underrated and often unseen gems. The stories surrounding how those passion projects were made is truly inspiring. And, above all, fun!”

3. What five movies are on your watch list for this summer?

“FIVE?! JUST FIVE?! PPPLEDGE PINNNN?! Well, there’s not much new fare on my radar, these days.

I always get on a kick for certain types of movies and, as of right now, I’m on a Vincent Price kick. Granted, I’ve seen many of his films time and time again, but rather than revisit them randomly, I’ve decided to watch his A.I.P. classics in consecutive order, which is a feat I have not done before. Also, the “In The Line Of Duty” franchise as a whole, which is a long-running series of films starring the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Khan and Donnie Yen. That’s IF I can track them all down, of course.”

4. How many horror movie conventions have you been to? What are your top 3 favorite ones you went to and why? 

“I’ve been to a few random events here and there, but my constant groove will always be Texas Frightmare Weekend. Since the very beginning in 2006, I’ve been to them all. Every year is a standout for various reasons, so it’s hard to pick favorites. Of recent years, I would say the 2018 and 2019 shows were pretty damn special. Both of which had as much to do with the guests in attendance as well as the great friends I spent the weekend with. Awesome memories, for sure.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share? 

“Well, we’re about to begin recording episodes for the fifth series/season of The Smooth Thrills Radio Hour. As always, we’ve got a solid list of films to chat about. Also, I’ve got some fun ideas in store for further CineCraze ventures. Where it all goes, well… we shall see!”

If you would like more information on Nathan. The following contact information is below:

IG: @burlingame76



Welcome to the insta-hood: @queenbeegee77!

This week I interviewed IG account: @queenbeegee77 !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“A Little about me. I am basically just a big kid. Very easy going. Big nerd. I grew up in San Diego CA. I used to be a teacher for the last  12 plus years for kids ages 4 to 12 in the greater San Diego area. I mainly taught enrichment classes like cooking and lego, sewing etc.. A couple years ago I moved to a very small town in Colorado where I’ve been ever since. “

2. How did you end up picking the house you’re currently living in?

“I picked the house I currently live in with my youngest son. We both had good vibes and I had dreams of this place before we got it. (My haunted house was my childhood home I inherited in SD)”

3. When did  you first realize it was haunted?

“I first realized that my childhood home was haunted when I noticed that other kids didn’t have the same experiences as me. When I would go to their houses they didn’t have ghosts there. It felt different. My uncle had passed away in my childhood house when he was 4 and he frequented my room and the main hallway. The land my childhood home was built on was previously used as a makeshift world War 2 training camp. Many accidental deaths happened there so the land was not good for homes. Also in the 50s there was a serial killer who made his way thru the area but not before killing women in this neighborhood to add to it all. 

The most creepy thing that happened to me which really persuaded me to move was I was laying down one night and I felt a hand grab my ankle real quick. Unmistakable ankle grab. It was terrifying. 

 I ended up having a TV show come out to figure out what was happening and that was even more traumatic for me. Their suggestion was we move because the land can’t be cleansed. So that was it. I made my plans to move and a couple years later I was able to get out. Best decision I’ve ever made. Sad to let the home go that I grew up in but happy to be away from all that bad that has built up in that neighborhood.  I had so many neighbors come up to me after the show I did and tell me their experiences with seeing things in their homes too. I was grateful for all the validation that came from the show I am just so private that it was hard to be so public and let cameras into my life and home for a week. “

4. What was the creepiest thing that has happened to you in the house?

“I never had any bad paranormal experience outside the home that I can recall but I started “seeing” things from the time I can remember. Most things were not scary per se but I was a kid who didn’t understand at the time why I would see these things. So it was definitely different. “

July book list!

Hello everyone!

these are my books on my list this month to read:

Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid by Tanya Nicole Kach and Lawrence Fisher. When Tanya Nicole Kach was 14 years old she was taken by a school security guard and caught her as a prisoner for the next decade of her life. Here is a youtube video with Nicole talking about the experience:

Thank you to Lily for this recommendation!!!

Link to buy is here:

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley:

I am starting to read the books on The Reese Book Club Pick and I am down for a good mystery and thriller kind of read.

Link to buy is here:

Cult Classic by Sloane Crosby:

Lola excuses herself from a party in New York City to go get some cigarettes. When she goes outside every person she bumps into is an ex from an past relationship. It makes her rethink her current relationships and all of her untapped memories become fluid in her mind.

Link to buy is here:

What is on your current to read list? Comment below!!!!