Welcome to the Insta-hood: @burlingame76!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing IG acout: @burlinggame76!

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“Hi, my name is Nathan. I love fast cars and even faster women. BUT SERIOUSLY… I could easily be described as a movie buff, through and through. I was born in California, raised in Oregon, moved to Texas in the mid-’90’s and have resided here ever since. No matter where I am, the one constant has always been cinema. 

As of late (and just like every other person in the world), I’ve been dabbling in the podcasting realm. The first being The Smooth Thrills Radio Hour, annual audio misadventures with my s’wonderful co-horts Jason Rutledge, Katie Davis and the occasional dash of Joe Francis for good measure. Then, there’s my latest endeavor, the A/V experience known as CineCraze. Okay, okay… maybe it’s not realy known at all! ACK!”

2. Can you talk a little about your podcast: CineCraze?

“CineCraze began several years ago as my movie-related blog and I’ve always wanted to take that further, so I finally decided to make it episodic and YouTube seemed like the perfect playground to do so. My aim is film discussion with a (hopefully) unique approach. There are only six episodes thus far, but I’m taking my time AND having a great time with it. I am particularly proud of the collaboration with filmmaker John Putch, where we did a deep dive into his truly independent movie trilogy, “Route 30.” I am so grateful for his friendship and the opportunity to participate in a forum for these underrated and often unseen gems. The stories surrounding how those passion projects were made is truly inspiring. And, above all, fun!”

3. What five movies are on your watch list for this summer?

“FIVE?! JUST FIVE?! PPPLEDGE PINNNN?! Well, there’s not much new fare on my radar, these days.

I always get on a kick for certain types of movies and, as of right now, I’m on a Vincent Price kick. Granted, I’ve seen many of his films time and time again, but rather than revisit them randomly, I’ve decided to watch his A.I.P. classics in consecutive order, which is a feat I have not done before. Also, the “In The Line Of Duty” franchise as a whole, which is a long-running series of films starring the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Khan and Donnie Yen. That’s IF I can track them all down, of course.”

4. How many horror movie conventions have you been to? What are your top 3 favorite ones you went to and why? 

“I’ve been to a few random events here and there, but my constant groove will always be Texas Frightmare Weekend. Since the very beginning in 2006, I’ve been to them all. Every year is a standout for various reasons, so it’s hard to pick favorites. Of recent years, I would say the 2018 and 2019 shows were pretty damn special. Both of which had as much to do with the guests in attendance as well as the great friends I spent the weekend with. Awesome memories, for sure.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share? 

“Well, we’re about to begin recording episodes for the fifth series/season of The Smooth Thrills Radio Hour. As always, we’ve got a solid list of films to chat about. Also, I’ve got some fun ideas in store for further CineCraze ventures. Where it all goes, well… we shall see!”

If you would like more information on Nathan. The following contact information is below:

IG: @burlingame76



Website: http://smooththrillsradiohour.com/

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