An odd pairing: Candice Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

A lot of people recognizes actress Candice Bergen from the late 80’s until the late 90’s comedy TV show called Murphy Brown:

She has so many accomplishments to her name in addition to acting she was a model, writer and an artist. However one thing has always stood out to me for her. Her interesting family. This is her “brother” Charlie McCarthy:

Charlie’s McCarthy permanent home is the National Museum of American History  (Washington DC)


Candice Bergen’s parents were actress and model Frances Bergen and Edgar Bergen. Who is best remembered a very pop culture act with his puppet Charlie McCarthy.

Here is the duo on the Muppet Show

Candice Bergen’s childhood was always a bit odd… She said in an Vanity Fair interview back in 2016 that this photo pretty much sums up her whole childhood:

Source: Vanity Fair

She continued to say that her dad was a very quiet reserved man but when he interacted with Charlie McCarthy a whole out, and outlandish duo happened. Candice was always in a lot of publicly photos such she was a baby and Charlie was always part of the family:


A lot of times she was referred to as “Charlie’s sister” and always felt like she had to constantly match wits with a toy dummy. Her relationship with her dad was not the best because it seemed like Charlie was more important to her dad then his actual child.


Charlie even had his own bedroom in the Bergen household which was next door to Candice’s bedroom and he actually had the bigger room between the two of them.


Candice was never really able to cement that father-daughter relationship that she was always seeking from Edgar. Charlie seemed to the top “child” of the two.


Even when Edgar Bergen decided to retire after more than 50 years of show business. Charlie McCarthy was sent to a permanent house at the National Museum of American History  in Washington DC in 1978.

When Edgar Bergen died in September 1978. He left 10,000 dollars in his will for Charlie and also funds so Charlie can continue his performances. Edgar Bergen said that he was very attached to Charlie McCarthy and he wanted make sure he was taken care of well after his death. Since Edgar’s performances always included Charlie I can kind of see why their an unbreakable bond between the two.


Candice Bergen on the other hand got nothing. She was left out of the will completely however despite that complex and weird family dynamic she was still able to raise above it and she became pretty successful in her own right.

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Hidden Muppets?

Hello everyone!

it is a pretty well known fact about myself that I adore the world of Jim Henson! He is one of my all time idols and I watched a lot of his shows growing up.

A lot of people are familiarized with his regular cast of Muppets:


But I am here to discuss five not so well known muppets. (Let me know in the comments below if you have heard of them!)

Big Mean Carl:


Big Mean Carl muppet debut was in 1992 for a bunch of short films called Muppet Meeting Films.

These were short little movies designed for meetings and training sessions as a break of the normal work day rountine.

He has done sporadic appearances since 1992 and was even the receptionist for “Up Late with Miss Piggy” Show:


Not a whole lot is known about Big Mean Carl except that he is has eight brothers and sisters!

Beautiful Day Monster:


This muppet has different names among the Jim Henson world. He is known as Fred, Lulu:

Snookie, Windy, Harold, and Ralph.

The Beautiful blue Monster’s most memorable appearance was on May 11, 1969 on the Ed Sullivan show called Happy Girl Meets a Monster. Where a happy girl encounters the beautiful blue monster and he tries to ruin the happy girl’s day.

He has made countless background appearances on the Muppet Show, and Sesame street but always keep in mind that if you see him on those shows it usually is a sign that he will be chaos and wreckage to those around him.


A fact about him is that he is good friends with Cookie Monster:




He was half-muppet and half-robot, and his only appearance in the Jim Henson world was on the Jim Henson Hour where he was the tech director who assists Kermit on MuppeTelevision but he was only in a couple of episodes of that series.


The Snowths:



The Snowths are probably best recognized as the back up vocals to the song “Mah Na Mah Na” however they hardly made any appearances in the Jim Henson world outside of that song.

That is until 2007 when they made an appearance for the Disney Channel as being the back up vocals for Miley Cyrus performance of her song called ” GNO (Girls Night Out)” on “Studio DC: Almost Live!.

Bobby Benson:


Bobby Benson is better known as the conductor of the Baby Band:

Bobby Benson

He is never seen without his trademark dark sunglasses and cool “Goodfellas” like suit.

His band made their first appearance on the Muppet Song with the song: “Pennsylvania 6-500:

Bobby Benson had a hard life with his baby band including getting arrest on the Muppet Show and leaving Miss Piggy in charge to take care of the babies. He was also kicked out of the Electric Mayhem band twice. First time he played trumpet and then the second time he was a banjo player. Having two strikes out with the band he finally decided to form his own band but with babies.  His last appearance in the Jim Henson world was in 2014’s Muppet’s Most Wanted:

There are probably tons more of lesser known Muppets that might need a part two blog in the future. Do you guys remember any of the ones I mentioned above? Is there any favorite Muppets that you think needs more air time? Comment below!


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My top five CC’s from B&N Criterion Collection Sale!


Barnes & Nobles just announced there 50% off the Criterion Collection until August 4th! I know it is kind of hard to pin down what to get during this sale since they have over four hundred movies in their collection!

Here are my top 5 wants for this round of the sale. I try to pick ones that I haven’t talked in past posts and they are in no order in terms of one movie being better than another.

So in no order here we go!!



Blue Velvet (1986: Spine number #977) directed by David Lynch- starring Kyle MacLachlan Laura Dern, Isabella Rossellini, and Dennis Hopper. The first time that I watch this movie was 15 years ago and it began a lifelong obsession with Roy Orbison music and also David Lynch’s movies. Lynch’s movies creates a weird universe that regular people are thrown into and what comes out of it is the most interesting and complex plots I have seen any any director’s movies.

Link to buy is below:

Blue Velvet


Funny Games (1997: Spine Number 975) directed by Michael Haneke and starring Arno Frisch, and Frank Giering. Did you ever watch a movie and it made you cringed? This movie did! It plays like a documentary and it feels like you are actually in the movie. I found myself closing my eyes in a couple of scenes because they are so painful to watch. However this movie sticks with you whether you want it to or not.

Link to buy is below:

Funny Games


Police Story and Police Story 2 (1985/ 1988 Spine number: 971 & 972) starring Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung. Truth is I have never seen any Jackie Chan movies so I thought with this box set it would be a great introduction to his movies. He does all of his own stunts in his movies and if that doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what will!

Link to buy the box set is here:

Police Story/ Police Story 2


Do the Right Thing directed by Spike Lee (1989 Spine number 97) Starring Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, and Ossie Davis. I have the original version of the Criterion Collection with this cover:


So I was super excited to see that the Criterion Collection decided to re release it. I feel like even though this movie was made in 1989 similar themes from the movie are still relevant in today’s world.

Link to buy is below (This movie comes out on July 23, 2019):

Do The Right Thing


Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001 Spine Number: 982) directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring John Cameron Mitchell, and Miriam Shor. This was a musical turned into a movie from the director. This is a blind buy for me I have never seen this movie and am excited to watch it!

Link to buy is below:

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Extra pick!


The Heiress directed by William Wyler (1949 and spine number 974). Starring Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Cliff.  This movie is one of my favorites because Olivia de Havilland is such a powerful force in this movie. This is not your typical romance movie and with the twist ending I feel like this movie is worth a watch!!


Link to buy is below:

The Heiress

What movies are you planning to buy during the sale?

Comment below!


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Welcome to the Insta-hood: @Chrissyandhercancer !

Welcome to this week’s installment of welcome to the Insta-hood! This week’s interview is with @chrissyandhercancer  


1. Tell me a little about yourself.


“I was born on Salt Spring Island which is a small Gulf Island off of Vancouver. It has a reputation as home to spiritualists and hippies, the running joke being ‘bare foot or rain boots’. Two of my aunts are spiritual mediums so there’s definitely some truth to it. I spent my teenage years in a small town on Vancouver Island mourning the death of Kurt Cobain and then eventually getting into the riot grrrl scene. It was moody and full of bad poetry and died black hair. I graduated high school and applied for a teaching gig in Japan thinking they wouldn’t accept me because I was so young. A couple months later I was on a plane to spend a year of my life living in various small cities in Japan. I got lost in a rice field. I was on the local news as ‘scared foreign girl’ at a fire festival, they carried burning torches down to the river except some of the older citizens couldn’t hold them up that high. I thought my face might get burnt off. In my early 20s I moved over to the big city (Vancouver) where I scooped gelato and got yelled at by a fat, angry Italian man. Not the best career choice so I switched professions to a video store clerk for a few years where I was still underpaid but hey, free rentals! I learned the hard way that sometimes doing what you loved took all the fun out of it. Having to talk about genres that I hated all day (hello French New Wave (but more specifically Godard, Chabrol is the bomb)) to film school students drinking wine out of a paper bag kinda drains you.


I’m still super grateful I got to work at Videomatica, it was one of the largest independent video stores in Western Canada and I was introduced to SO MANY great films and the understanding that you can never know enough about film. After the internet destroyed video stores I started working in coffee shops and somehow landed a baking gig in one of them, I had zero experience but found recipes pretty easy to follow and really starting enjoying every aspect of it. Without schooling I eventually worked my way up to the title of Pastry Chef which is one of my hugest accomplishments. I love the hard work of a kitchen. Which brings me to my unfortunate current status. After a misdiagnosis of colitis on New Years Day of this year I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on Feb 1st. I had to stop work immediately to start my roller coaster of a treatment plan.We would soon find out that I’m stage IV which simply means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, in my case the liver (which is typical of colorectal cancer). Metastasized. Metastatic. Meaning my chance of survival is GREATLY reduced. I made a vow to myself to never Google the stats, I’m more than just a statistic, but I’ll sometimes see them when researching ways to improve chemo side effects (which is fucking LAME and sends me into a worry spiral that keeps me up at night). Having cancer is like like having to learn a new language FAST. There is just so much to it and everyone’s treatment is so highly individualized. I have online friends who have the same diagnosis but their treatment is completely different. Cancer is hell. In just the last five months I have gone through the toughest, roughest parts of my life. I have sobbed so hard that it just turned into guttural sounds that I never imagined could come out of a person and I worry what my neighbors imagine is going on. Being stage IV means that as of right now we don’t know if I’ll ever get away from chemo or if I’ll ever be NED (no evidence of disease, cancer free). Then there’s the reality that if I do beat it, it could come back. I plan on winning. I keep thinking of what I’ll do after I beat cancer. The online cancer community is a huge support. I’m lucky I live within walking distance of the Cancer Agency and that I have an amazing team of medical professionals behind me. The devastating statistic for cancer is now 1 in 2. Either you or someone you love dearly will face cancer. Get a doctor. Advocate for yourself, for screening. Young adults are being diagnosed at late stage because no ones believes they can get cancer. This should not be happening. I am very angry about this. Let’s change those stats.”

2.  What is your top 3 books and why?

1. “My number one all time favorite piece of literature would have to be the Lone Wolf & Cub series. I recommend it to everyone, regardless if they’ve never read a manga before. The entire series is so fully captivating and even makes learning about feudal Japan fun. It is MASSIVE. I’m pretty horrible at describing stuff but basically you follow a father and son assassin team as they plot revenge on an entire clan. You think there’s no way they could keep coming up with crazy plots for all the 8,700 pages (!!!) published but they really do. It’s one of those pieces of work that at the end you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. Perfect.
2. Roadside Picnic, Strugatsky Brothers. This book was the basis for Tarkovsky’s Stalker, one of my favorite films. It’s a deeply unsettling story about a ‘visitation’ and the aftermath it causes. I’m amazed at the crazy imagination that went into it…different zones (cities) had different effects, one town went blind from the sound of a thunderbolt. If any of the citizens try and move away from their zone some natural disaster happens wherever they relocate to so moving has been outlawed. Scientists set up shop just outside the zone and pay stalkers good money to go in a retrieve artifacts left behind by the visitors. Of course this is really dangerous and rife with hauntingly creepy scenarios. Just like the film, it’s an intense ride from start to finish.
3. Anything by Shirley Jackson. Seriously. Just pick up any story of hers. She was an agoraphobe and resonates in her writing. I don’t think I’ve ever read such pure hatred for people by anyone else. ‘The Story We Used to Tell’ will leave you just barely holding onto your sanity.
Honorable mentions: I’m a huge fan of old creepy science fiction/horror, Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, William Hope Hodgson (sea ghosts!), MR James (British ghosts!). I picked up a copy of Robert Aickman’s short stories that were so disturbing I had to take breaks in-between stories. Fairy tales from different cultures, Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales stands out for me. Agatha Christie. Nancy Drew & Trixie Belden. ANY Moomin comic/story, seriously The Moomins are one of my favorite things on this earth.
Old horror comics. I appreciate comic book culture but I don’t read all that much, just basically anything John Higgins colored. That shit is INSANE. We have a photo book of Smallfilms (Bagpuss, The Clangers) that Jonny Trunk put together that is like sacred text around here.”
3. Can you talk about your go fund me?
Cancer is expensive. I’m lucky I live in Canada and don’t have to worry about paying for essential services. I had to have emergency surgery for a colostomy because the tumor was almost fully blocking me, I was close to it turning into a septic situation. Colostomy supplies aren’t covered under basic healthcare and they are FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I have some coverage under something called Fair PharmaCare but it still ends up costing a couple hundred a month. I’m also trying to do everything I can to make treatment easy and most effective. I go to a cancer recovery specific physio clinic that helps cut down the fatigue side effects. Fatigue is the thing I’m most scared of. There’s no way to describe it, the best I can do is imagine you’re the most tired you’ve ever been in your life. No matter how much sleep/rest you get, it doesn’t let up. It feels like you can’t escape it. Physio helps manage it so you don’t feel SO tired but still, it costs a lot. It’s the best choice I’ve made during treatment and I’m seeing some great results. The go fund me was created by a close friend of ours as a way to let our friends and family help us. It was an easy answer when people earnestly asked if they could help, instead of me saying “I don’t know…” I can tell them $5 for a cup of coffee would brighten my day. Also if I make it to remission, my partner and I finally want to go on a trip together. We’ve never been able to afford to go anywhere, we’ve been together for almost ten years and the furthest we’ve been is Portland for a few days. We would love to go to Spain andItaly, see where some of our favorite films were made. There’s also the very real fact that I might not survive this and I want to make sure Sam is financially stable to go through life while he recovers. My address is down at the bottom of the page. Getting mail really picks me up so if anyone feels inclined to just send a card (especially if their lives have been touched by cancer) I’d really appreciate that. It’s also my birthday on at the end of the month (June 24th), I’ve been told there’s a possibility that I might have around three years left to live so now is your chance to send a birthday card. I plan on sticking around for longer than that. Always hope.”
4. What are your favorite things to do and why?
“My schedule these days is pretty unstable, I never know when new appointments are going to pop up or if there’s another ER visit around the corner (five and counting, mostly colostomy complications) so it’s hard start a new project/hobby. Before my diagnosis I always wanted to start all these hobbies, sewing my own clothes, learning embroidery (specifically sashiko which is a Japanese style of mending), learning how to knit, working on baking projects, making things from my large collection of vintage craft books. I’ve always been a creative person but I was finding that I just didn’t have the energy. I would get easily frustrated with myself when I just sat around doing nothing but now we know why. They think I’ve had this cancer for at least two years. So now I try and be gentle with myself and just rest. I watch a lot of films and old TV shows. I read a lot.
One of my favorite things is listening to old horror radio shows, there’s a great curated podcast on Relic Radio called The Horror. I highly recommend it to anyone, there’s nothing like it. I I’d like to start baking again but right now it’s a huge mental block. It’s something I love so dearly but with surgery and chemo I’m left with no strength and zero confidence. I’m hoping to work up the courage to start back slowly again. I’m also hoping I continue to tolerate chemo as well as I have been so I can actually do things. There’s always the fear that next week is when and if my health starts to rapidly deteriorate. But as Sam says, we can’t live in fear. Before my diagnosis and when I was pretty healthy I’d come home from work, rest for a bit and then start cooking dinner. I love to cook and I hope to develop that skill to like, crazy chef stuff (fermentation, homemade staples, etc) while I’m in treatment. Lately I love just getting out and walking around the neighborhood. Nothing like facing mortality to make you appreciate nature. We’re not allowed cats in our building but there’s a couple of completely ridiculous and friendly neighborhood cats that I can go visit. I’ve been playing Nintendo my whole life and make the effort to save up for the latest console. I’m a classic Mario fan and also go for anything that is ridiculously cute (Animal Crossing, Yoshi, Taiko No Tatsujin) so I spend a lot of time playing those. But really most days I try and go for coffee with friends. The most important thing right now is spending time with people I love. I have zero time for bullshit.”
If you like to learn more about Chrissy her IG is:



Thank you so much for the interview!


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Where did you go Nightmare Ned?

I used to live for Saturday morning cartoon when I was little! I would wake up extra early and watch the whole Saturday morning line until noon. There was one cartoon in particular that I thinking about the other day and I am not sure if anyone else watched it.

The cartoon was called:


It was about a little boy named Ned Needlemeyer, He is an average somewhat dorky kid who has a lot of daily kid issues but he doesn’t deal with them. Instead he deals with these issues in his dreams and most of his dreams are nightmares!


Like the time when Ned accidentally went into the girls restroom at school:

Or the time when Ned’s cousins came over for a play date. His cousins brought all of these dolls to play with and Ned wasn’t gentle with a baby doll and pops her head off. Instead of confessing what he did to his cousins he goes to sleep instead. He starts to have a nightmare where he becomes a doll and his cousins use him as a toy:

I remember that this cartoon was usually the last cartoon that was shown on ABC’S (which is owned by Disney!) Saturday Morning lineup. What drew me into the  cartoon was it’s mixture of scary and funny themes.

This show originally aired from April 1997 until August 1997 and only lasted about twelve shows and was canceled due to a mixture of things. The budget for this cartoon always tended to go over what Disney wanted to spend on it and there was artistic differences between the creator of the show and the producer.

When the cartoon was released on TV they also came out with a computer game of the same name and it was Disney’s first interactive computer game that they ever release:


Nightmare Ned belongs to the rare list of the Disney’s cartoons or movies that have never been re-aired on any Disney channels or been put out on DVD or blu ray after it’s cancellation. However you can watch some of Nightmare Ned’s cartoon segments on youtube. Hopefully Disney will release this cartoon in some kind of format in the future. For now I’ll leave you with this segment called:


Has anyone else watched this cartoon? Is there any cartoon that you used to watch that you wished they would release on DVD or blu-ray if it hasn’t already?


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The downfall of “The Noid”

The Noid was born in the year 1986 by an ad agency called Group 243. I remember seeing the commercials that were made by the Will Vinton Studios when I was growing up and then the Noid just disappear. I never really thought about this campaign from Dominos until I was in college. I was taking a communications course during the summer and our text book was actually very interesting compared to the textbooks from other courses. This was the rare textbook that you actually WANTED to read!

There was a section in the book that talked about a man named Kenneth Lamar Noid.  On January 30, 1989. Kenneth Lamar Noid who wasn’t mentally stable took those “Avoid the Noid” commercials literally!

POLICESTANDOFF-1200x698Kenneth Lamar Noid was convinced that these Dominos Pizza ad were a campaign not to just sell product but an attack on him just because his last name happened to share this claymation made up character. Kenneth decided on that January day to go to a Dominos in Chamblee, Georgia with a gun and held hostage two employees for over five hours! During those stand off hours Kenneth expressed how Dominos stole his name and demanded that one of the hostages (who happened to be the owner of that Dominos) called their headquarters with his list of demands. His demands were a white limousine, and a $100,000.  Also during the stand off Kenneth was able to open an exchange with the police. He exchange one hostage for this book:


However even though the book was delivered to him he took back his offer to release the hostage but he kept the book anyways.

Hungry and getting no where Kenneth forced his hostages to make him food and while eating he let down his gun and that is when the hostages took advantage of that slip up and ran out of the restaurant.  This caused Kenneth to surrender to police quickly after that and he was charged with kidnapping, assault, having a gun and blackmail.


He went to court for all of those charges and was found not guilty due to insanity. He  was sent to an insane asylum and in 1995 killed himself while being institutionalize.

After this whole unfortunate incident Dominos decided to quickly retire “The Noid”.


Although in recent years there have been Noid appearances like on the Simpsons:


Family Guy:


And in 2106 Spook Pinball LLC made a pinball after the Noid!


Even Dominos  did a limited edition shirt of the Noid in 2009 for charity causes.


The Noid was an effective advertisement  until it’s downfall. I feel like Dominos hasn’t really come up with a memorable ad campaign since but who knows maybe they might in the future?

What TV advertisement was a childhood favorite for you guys?


Source: Wikipedia

Welcome to the Insta-hood: @theknaveofswords !

This week’s welcome to the insta-hood is on IG account : @theknaveofswords !


  1. Tell me about yourself:

“My name is Dan Kingston, I’m 25 years old, currently working as an English and Drama teacher/director. I’m a fortune-telling enthusiast, having assembled quite a nice collection of various decks of cards (both of fortune-telling and… let’s say, ordinary variety). I’m also quite keen on the history of traditional, folk witchcraft (quite difficult to gather any useful info about that these days, I must admit), cinema, theater (since I have background in both), opera, XX century Anglo-American literature, as well as video and board games. In addition to that, I also write poetry, occasionally perform as an actor and singer, and even more occasionally play soccer.”

2. I noticed you have a Youtube Channel. Can you talk about it a little?

“Basically, the need for the YouTube channel arose a few years ago, when I noticed that there aren’t many videos in English about the traditional European cartomancy. You see, in the English-speaking world we mostly know about the Tarot as the, for lack of a better word, “ultimate” fortune-telling deck, when, in fact, it’s not. In some parts of Europe, the Tarot is popular, but still the ordinary deck of playing cards is the method of choice (for example, in Russia, where I currently live).

Those historical cartomantic traditions are rarely spoken of these days (for example, there’s still no good book in English about the fascinating Russian cartomancy, or the French one, or no good modern reprints of the early XX century cartomantic books with their intricate spreads). So, in order to preserve them, I started that channel – also because I wanted to show everyone that there are other systems, sometimes even more handy or fascinating than the Tarot can be.

It never really gained momentum, as I discovered the pleasures of Instagram – but I never really intended it to be an ultra-popular, ubiquitous channel. It’s on indefinite hiatus now, since I grew a bit out of love with YouTube – but I’ve been considering reviving it as an IGTV channel, since most of the people I’m really interested in sharing my spread and method collection with are mostly based on Instagram. So, the last thing left is to find the new format! “

3. What is your favorite Tarot card deck you have work with and why?

“That’s a good one, really, since I’m always torn between two decks, if I have to choose a favourite. The first one has to be the 1970’s British Blue Box edition of the classic Rider-Waite deck, which I got at an auction – and won right at the last second (which makes me prize it even more,). The fated deck, no doubt!


Blue Boxes are amazing in regards to the card stock quality and colour renditions (both things sordidly tampered with in the recent Yellow Box US Games Inc. editions of the Rider-Waite – the bloody thing can survive a nuclear explosion). Of course, there are other editions of the Rider-Waite these days (the so-called Original, the Borderless, the Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative, the AGMuller also released a couple), but they all have a huge downside – colours. You see, if we compare the surviving first printings of the Rider-Waite to the modern “vintage-tinted” editions, we can clearly see that the cards simply don’t age that way – they fade, they don’t become tea-tinted, with brown hues. The Blue Box has the potential to fade to its ultimate glory sometime – hopefully, I’ll be around to see it.

60135122_447589245806602_7155015405280188762_n (1)

The second one is the Grimaud edition of the Tarot de Marseille. While not the oldest Tarot pattern around, Tarot de Marseille (or TdM) definitely conjures up medieval images with its woodcut style. Being a deck with abstract pips (just like our ordinary playing cards, that is, the Nine of Wands pictures exactly that – nine wands in a geometrical pattern), it can be difficult to read TdM.

What complicates the matters is the fact that the A. E. Waite interpretations and their derivatives (that became standard in the English-speaking world) aren’t used with TdM. Are there books in English about the TdM meanings? Yes. Do I like them? I can’t say I do, for various, mostly personal, reasons. So, basically, to read TdM you should pump up your French and study all the plethora of French books avaliable (after all, TdM is still the most widely used Tarot pattern in France)!

There’s another, more personal reason why I love TdM. I’m a very big fan of Shirley Jackson, the American writer and author of such magnificent books as The Haunting of Hill House, The Lottery, and quite some more. While it’s still debated among her biographers whether or not she was a true to life practicing witch, it’s well-established that she read Tarot cards for her friends and at college fairs. Guess which deck she used most? Right, the Grimaud TdM!”

4. If you have to curate a top five summer movie list what movies would you recommend and why?

“I hold an unpopular opinion that summer is the perfect time for slasher horrors and steamy films. Both go extremely well with cold beer or cider and good company, and both get under your skin wonderfully (for different reasons, though). The serious horror films have to wait for autumn, which is the most perfect time for them, while summer is much more of a guilty fun time, in regards to horror.

To make a top five list and range the films in some kind of a hierarchy would’ve been quite a difficult task, so the films I chose aren’t arranged based on any superiority, but simply because they came to my mind in that order.

Slasher films have to be represented by the classics, I think, since the modern ones lost all the cheesy fun around 2010. The original Friday the 13th  (1980) would be my obvious pick – both the camp setting, the clueless hormonal fodder of counselors, the well-known twist ending, the exquisite gore… what else do you need on a hot summer night!


Also, in the slasher area, how can one forget about the late Wes Craven? Of course, Craven’s films are a bit more serious (and seriously studied) than my previous choice, but the first Scream film has to be one of the best subversive horror films I personally have seen (many would argue that The Cabin in The Woods trumps it, but I love the pluralism of opinions). Oh, and, of course, how can one forget about young Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard!


Moving onto the steamy flicks (already touched upon a bit in our slasher picks, since they tend to overlap quite often, as well as with teen films – but those are a matter of a completely different discussion), the 1999 adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley might be the first one to pop up in my mind. Of course, this tasteful amazing thriller doesn’t have explicit sex scenes or anything – but quite a bit of sexual tension of the most classy kind, as well as some amazing performances (like young Cate Blanchett or a surprisingly sympathetic Matt Damon), as well as the beautiful summery locations and exquisite plot (thanks to the extremely wonderful original novel of Patricia Highsmith).


 However, amidst all the horror and steam, summer isn’t summer without a good comedy. Peter Bogdanovich’s magnificently slapstick What’s Up, Doc? (1972) fits the bill perfectly. The amazing performances of Ryan O’Neil, Barbra Streisand, as well as the feature film debut of Madeline Kahn, coupled with the wonderfully witty script and hilarious visual gags are certain to leave you longing for more after the final notes of Cole Porter’s You’re The Top are over!


To round up the list, I think we should go with Bogdanovich again, but his film of a darker, steamier kind. The Last Picture Show (1971) may be set in autumn, yet it beautifully captures the atmosphere of a dusty, haunting, inescapable summer – the infernal loop you’d want to escape, yet are constantly unable to. I remember watching it for the first time, when I was around 13, and being certain that this was the moment my childhood was over, but that there was nowhere to run to. So tread carefully – there be dragons. “


5.  Is there any exciting events or  any coming Youtube videos that you would like to share?

“Frankly speaking, nothing much comes to my head (probably the ravages of work take their toll). If I may repeat myself again, I’m planning to move my YouTube channel to IGTV, so I might as well share those plans. Again, it’ll probably be focused mostly on fortune-telling, with occasional book videos (or maddening ramblings and ruminations), but I personally am looking forward to actually starting it and returning to sharing all those more practical things with my audience. Ordinary Instagram posts are fine and dandy for showing (or showing off!) things, but videos allow you to fit in more of the practical instructions in them! ”



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Thank you so much for the interview Dan!!!


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Man of the Moment: Screamin Jay Hawkins!

Screamin Jay Hawkins (1929-2000) you are this month’s Man of the Moment!


The first time I learned about Screamin Jay Hawkins was when I was watching a movie called “Mystery Train” (1989) directed by Jim Jarmusch. Screamin Jay Hawkins was the night porter in the movie and I remember him wearing this vibrant red jacket.


And he just stood out to me in the movie so naturally I had to look him up on youtube and google. And I am glad that I did! Because this was the first video on youtube that I saw of his performance:

He had quite a strong stage presence and character and I really like the song. I heard so many different versions of “I Put a Spell on You” but I always prefer the original one.   He originally wrote this song as a romantic light song however he say when he came to the studio to record the song his producer at the time named Arnold Maxin brought in a bunch of food and alcohol that everyone got so drunk and produced this weird funky version of the song. But Screamin Jay Hawkins liked this version and the way he sung it that he kept this version and also changed the way he sung. He decided that it was worth him screaming and singing the lyrics in his songs And that is how his stage name Screamin was added to Jay Hawkins.

He went from a regular blues singer: Jay Hawkins:


to Screamin Jay Hawkins:


What also makes Scream Jay Hawkins “Man of the Moment” worthy is that he is the first musician who is considered to be a shock rock performer.

Shock rock is a musician that performs over the top live shows with the use of costumes, props, and wild effects such as fake blood,  and fireworks.

Screamin Jay Hawkins performances were extremely shock rock. He would start his performances by getting out of a coffin while wear a cape and singing into a skull that he nicked name “Henry.”


“I put a Spell on You”, “Person to Person” and “Alligator Wine” are some of my favorite songs of his. And he is definitely a performers that is worth looking up on Youtube.

Screaming Jay Hawkins 1993

Fun Fact: At the age of 13 he enlisted in the army and actually served in the front duty for combat duty.

So Congrats again Screamin Jay Hawkins!


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Additional source: Wikipedia




My summer shows!

Hello I decided to share with you some of my summer shows that I am excited to watch over the summer! All of them are premiering there new seasons within the next couple of months. I have a whole list but decide to share a small list with you. They are not ranked because I have the same level of excitement for all of them.

In no particular order:


GLOW- The gorgeous ladies are back and now Las Vegas is their home! This series stars Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin. I was hooked on this show because it was anything that is  based on the 80’s I will most likely watch. The third season will premiere on Netflix on August 9th!

For More info:




Baskets- starring Louie Anderson and Zach Galifianakis is a dark humor comedy and Louie Anderson who plays Christine Baskets is amazing in this show. I am currently re-watching all the seasons before the fourth one premieres on June 13th on FX.

For more info:



Claws- I remember first hearing about this show a couple of years ago when it was on a must watch summer TV guide list and the premise was interesting. Five women from Florida who run a nail salon at day and do crime at night. So when I watched the first episode back in 2017 it kept me wildly entertained and I have been hooked on since!  Season 3 premieres tonight (June 9th) at 9pm est on TNT!

For more info:



Stranger Things- This show has a lot of awesome themes for me. It has horror, sci-fi, a bit of comedy and drama. And most importantly it is set in the 80’s so how can I resist? I am super trilled that this show is premiering it’s season three on July 4th  on Netflix.

For more info:



What shows are you guys excited to watch this summer?



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