The downfall of “The Noid”

The Noid was born in the year 1986 by an ad agency called Group 243. I remember seeing the commercials that were made by the Will Vinton Studios when I was growing up and then the Noid just disappear. I never really thought about this campaign from Dominos until I was in college. I was taking a communications course during the summer and our text book was actually very interesting compared to the textbooks from other courses. This was the rare textbook that you actually WANTED to read!

There was a section in the book that talked about a man named Kenneth Lamar Noid.  On January 30, 1989. Kenneth Lamar Noid who wasn’t mentally stable took those “Avoid the Noid” commercials literally!

POLICESTANDOFF-1200x698Kenneth Lamar Noid was convinced that these Dominos Pizza ad were a campaign not to just sell product but an attack on him just because his last name happened to share this claymation made up character. Kenneth decided on that January day to go to a Dominos in Chamblee, Georgia with a gun and held hostage two employees for over five hours! During those stand off hours Kenneth expressed how Dominos stole his name and demanded that one of the hostages (who happened to be the owner of that Dominos) called their headquarters with his list of demands. His demands were a white limousine, and a $100,000.  Also during the stand off Kenneth was able to open an exchange with the police. He exchange one hostage for this book:


However even though the book was delivered to him he took back his offer to release the hostage but he kept the book anyways.

Hungry and getting no where Kenneth forced his hostages to make him food and while eating he let down his gun and that is when the hostages took advantage of that slip up and ran out of the restaurant.  This caused Kenneth to surrender to police quickly after that and he was charged with kidnapping, assault, having a gun and blackmail.


He went to court for all of those charges and was found not guilty due to insanity. He  was sent to an insane asylum and in 1995 killed himself while being institutionalize.

After this whole unfortunate incident Dominos decided to quickly retire “The Noid”.


Although in recent years there have been Noid appearances like on the Simpsons:


Family Guy:


And in 2106 Spook Pinball LLC made a pinball after the Noid!


Even Dominos  did a limited edition shirt of the Noid in 2009 for charity causes.


The Noid was an effective advertisement  until it’s downfall. I feel like Dominos hasn’t really come up with a memorable ad campaign since but who knows maybe they might in the future?

What TV advertisement was a childhood favorite for you guys?


Source: Wikipedia

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