@lady.cult gift giving guide part 4!

Hello everyone! This is the last section of this guide for this year.

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Hidden Gems Holiday Specials

Hello everyone!!! Here is a quick guide to some great holiday specials. Some of them are better knowns than others and some are not.

Ziggy’s Gift (1982) directed by Richard Williams: I am not going to lie when I was little I had a huge obsession with Ziggy. It was such a cute cartoon so it was no special that it joined the ranks of him having it’s own Christmas special.

Ziggy gets hired as a street Santa because he saw the need of Santas in the city. However gets caught up in some undermined scheme when he just wants to do good. This heartwarming Christmas cartoon doesn’t get enough recognition it deserves.

Fun Fact about this special: It is the only special made for Ziggy.

Christmas at Pee-wee’s Playhouse (1988):

So the first time I watched this special I was about seven years old. I was not aware of all of the amazing guest stars on this special! It was also my first introduction to a lot of them. I just remember forever dancing and being excited about watching it. I even watch this special when it’s not even the holiday season. For some reason I get in the mood to watch it during the summer.

Fun fact about this special: This special first premiered on December 21, 1988.

A Claymation Christmas Celebration (1987) directed by Will Vinton

So I always been a fan of Claymation but I didn’t know that the majority I watch growing up was by Will Vinton. So I knew I had to include this special on this list! Also I had an obsession with the California Raisins so if I knew they were on TV. I would totally make a point to watch them:

Fun fact about this special: Will Vinton won an emmy for this special.

Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas directed by Jim Henson (1977):

So I actually did not know about this special until a couple of years ago. But I instantly was enamored with it when I watching it. And I am now a huge Emmet Otter fan! I even end up singing the songs while driving.

Fun fact about this special: Paul Williams made the songs for this TV movie.

A Muppet Family Christmas (1987) directed by Peter Harris:

Fozzie the Bear decides to surprise his mother and brought the whole muppet gang to celebrate Christmas together.

Fun fact about this special: It is hard to track down the whole version of this special. Although you can find parts of it on youtube.

A Garfield Christmas Special (1987) directed by Phil Roman:

Jon, Garfield and Odie pack up their things to go visit Jon’s grandmother on a farm. I remember making a big deal out of this special because I was totally enamored with Garfield the cat.

Fun fact about this special: This special first premiered on December 21, 1987 on CBS.

What holiday specials do you look forward to watching during this season? Comment below!

Until next time!

Source: IMDB.com

The Wonderful Edith Massey!

Edith Massey better know as Edie was part of John Waters group of Dreamlanders. The dreamlanders is a group of people that John Waters would constantly cast and work with on his films. Whether it is a crew member or an actor if he like to work with you then you will mostly become a dreamlander.

Most of the dreamlanders are close friends of John Waters and are native to Baltimore, Maryland. Edie happen to be part of that group.

Edie in front of her thrift store: Edith’s Shopping Bag

I remember the first time I saw Edie was in the movie Pink Flamingoes where she played Edie.

Who had a fascination with eggs and she was deemed the Egglady. When I first saw her performance was when I was seven and my go to cool hang out spot was my local tower records. They would have a TV playing movies and I happen to come in while they were playing the movie Pink Flamingoes.

They were showing the scene when the egg man visits Edie the egglady and I saw such a warm personality on screen and have been a fan of her work ever since!

Here are some fun facts this amazing lady:

Edie was born on May 28, 1918 in New York City, New York. She was one of ten children and unfortunately her parents decided to drop her and some of her siblings to an orphanage.

She was in a foster home until her teens when she decided to run away to Hollywood, California with dreams of being an actress.

There is a documentary on her called “Love Letter to Edie” ( 1975) that was directed by Robert Maier.

Edith was once married in 1946 and it ended in divorce seven years later. She said the reasoning behind the divorce was that she was bored with the marriage and cheated her way out of it.

She had quite a few careers such as a barmaid, a chorus girl and tap dancer.

She had permanent damage from dental work which resulted in her speech impediment.

Over years of living in various parts of the United States she finally called Fells Point, Baltimore Maryland.

John Waters discovered Edith in 1969 while she was working at a bar called Pete’s Hotel on an insistence of a close friend of his that he had to meet her.

In the 1970’s she quit her job at Pete’s Hotel and used her money to open up her thrift store called “Edith’s Shopping Bag.”

After she did various roles in John Waters movies she decided to pursue a singing career. She was the lead vocalist for a punk band called “Edie and the eggs.”

She would sometimes wear her outfits from her Aunt Ida role from the Female Trouble on stage.

I am particular fond of her version of the song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” (1982)

Also I am fond of another song of hers called “Punks, Get off the Grass:

She wasn’t a huge fan of her well known black outfit she had on Female Trouble however when she outgrow the one that was used on the film. She had another made for her own personal use.

She made a cameo on a music video for the song “This Time” by John Mellencamp:

She was also on one of his album covers: “Nothin Matters and What if it Did”:

My favorite role of Edith Massey was her role of Cuddles Kovinsky in the movie Polyester (1981):

Her final movie before her death was “Mutants in Paradise (1984) directed by Scott Apostolou. The movie is about a group of scientists make some kind of superhumans but another group is trying to destroyed the scientists’ plans.

Edith Massey died on October 24,1984 from diabetes and lymphoma.

Edith was an amazing actress and lady who never played things safe in her life. She took her chances and it paid off because she is a cult figure and one of my forever icons. She was never a loud person on screen but she made her presence known and memorable.

Until next time!!

Source: https://shop.divineofficial.com/ Wikipedia, and IMDB.com

Song of the day: Last Christmas by Wham!

Today’s song of the day is “Last Christmas” by Wham! This is one of my favorite Christmas song because it is extremely relatable to my life. I had heard the song when I was five and have always played it even when it’s not the holiday season. Even though this song has been covered by other artists I personally still prefer the original song.

“Last Christmas” was written by George Michael for the pop music group he was in called Wham! It was recorded in August of 1984 at Advision Studios in London, England. proving that perhaps George Michael was in the holiday mood early.

The song was released on December 3, 1984 that was part of a double A-side that also had the song “Everything She Wants” attached to it. The song was written when the music duo went to visit Michael’s parents earlier that year. Michael actually wrote the song in the bedroom that he grew up in and the rest was history.

The song was a mega hit when it was released it reach number 1 on a bunch of countries such as Denmark, and Sweden. It also reached number 2 in the UK, New Zealand, Italy and Ireland. With the song being such a success the music duo decided to donated all of the royalties of the song to help provide relief of the Ethiopian famine (1983-1985).

Until 2014 a poll was taken in the UK that made this song the number 1 favorite Christmas song in that country.

The music video was shot in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and directed by Andy Morahan. And of course it takes place in this magically looking snowy backdrop in a cottage.

This music video has been watched and played over 500 million times and in December 2019 a 4K ultra high definition resolution version has been released which make the video crystal clear.

Fun facts about this song: A movie called “Last Christmas” directed by Paul Feig heavily uses this song along with other songs by George Michael.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Comment below!

Until next time!

Source: Wikipedia

In the holiday movie mood

December is here and like any month with a holiday I get in a mood to try and watch movies that revolved around that holiday. Some of these movies are revisited classics of mine while others I will try out for the first time. Here are five that stick out of my memory:

Scrooged (1988) directed by Richard Donner and starring Bill Murray, Karen Allen, Carol Kane, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

I remember the first time I watched this move I was about seven years old and really enjoyed so it quickly became a holiday tradition for me to watch it every year. Bill Murray is so funny in it and he plays 80’s Scrooge perfectly.

Fun Fact about this movie: This movie was the 13th highest grossing movie of 1988. It made about 60 million dollars that year.

Christmas Evil (1980) directed by Lewis Jackson and starring Brandon Maggart, and Jeffrey DeMunn:

A couple of years ago I read somewhere that this was one of John Waters favorite movies.

By Sam Hadley

At that point I never heard of the movie so I decided to buy it due to it’s crazy plot. And I was not disappointed in the least! As a fan of horror movies and Christmas I really enjoy when the two worlds become mixed. Santa is a deranged guy who goes on a killing spree due to his work environment. Which goes to show you that it is important to have a good work environment because it spills onto your everyday life.

Fun fact about this movie: Kathleen Turner was offered the role of Harry’s sister in law but turned it down.

Batman Returns (1992) directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is probably my favorite Batman movie. I like the dark art deco style of this movie. I had a huge obsessions with Batman growing up and when this movie came out in 1992 I made my brother take me to go see it on the first day it premiere.

It has two of my favorite villains in this movie: Catwoman and the Penguin. I like this movie because it made both villains more human to me because we learned more about their backstory. Also I consider this a Christmas movie because some of the plot does take place around that holiday.

Fun Fact about this movie: DeVito took on the role of The Penguin due to his friend Jack Nicholson’s advice.

Female Trouble (1974) directed by John Waters and starring Divine, Mink Stole and David Lochary.

How can I not add this movie to my list?!! One of my all time favorite movies from John Waters. I often quote from this movie that I wanted cha cha heels for christmas! Hopefully one day I’ll get them.

Fun Fact about this movie: Divine took trampoline lessons for this movie for the scene in the end.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) directed by Chuck Jones and Ben Washam. Starring Boris Karloff.

This is one of my favorite cartoons and have always watched it during this season every year since I can remember. Next to the Peanuts gang this is the first cartoon I remember watching. It was also my first introduction to Boris Karloff.

Fun fact about this movie: Dr, Seuss was really unsure about casting Boris Karloff for the main voice character. He felt like Boris Karloff’s voice might scare the children.

What Christmas movies do you have as a tradition to watch during this season? Comment below:

Until next time!

Source: IMDb.com

Great Small Businesses: @lacyekristinpottery !

This week I interviewed @laceyekristinpottery

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my husband, 2 Great Danes, and 3 ducks.  I have been working in clay for about 20 years now.  I received my degree in Art Education and Ceramics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. While in college my ceramics professor told me I was a “shitty artist, who makes shitty artwork and need to quit.” Those words have always haunted me and still fuel some of my anxiety about my success as an artist. (Shortly after telling me that she was fired. Karma is a bitch) After college, I had a string of random jobs in Georgia until I moved back to Denver to be a high school ceramics teacher. I taught for 8 years. I spent most of my time cussing out students and loving every minute of it.  I’m 5’3 and 90% of my students were taller than me, so when they would cuss me out thinking I would be scared of them I would just turn around and do the same to them. Somehow I was always rated distinguished in my performance reviews. Last year I left teaching to become a full-time potter and I honestly haven’t looked back.  Owning a small business and being an artist is an insane amount of work and moxie, but having freedom with my work is satisfying.  Being a full-time potter is a very satisfying fuck off to all the people who told me I would fail (and there were plenty).

2. What is the most popular item you sell and why do you think it’s so popular?

“The most popular item I sell is wine glasses; with shot glasses coming in at a solid second place.  Who the hell doesn’t love to drink out of a fancy handmade cup?  I have numerous collections going on right now such as the Fuck Off collection (my personal fav), the Birds on a Wire collection, and a more Minimalist/Scandinavian collection.

I work with different collections to keep things interesting for me.  I get bored quickly so being able to switch it up keeps me fresh.

My most popular collections are the “Fuck off” and the “Minimalist/Scandinavian”  Turns out people enjoy swear words, or just speckled clay with an opal glaze, and sometimes a mix of both.”

3. How did you come up with your brand name?

“Lacye Kristin Pottery is a play on my name. My initials are LKP, and the initials for my business name are also LKP. I tried coming up with a hip business name, but everything I came up with was lame.  I figured most artists are known by their name so I should just follow the trend. The hardest part is when people try to follow me on social media they can never spell my name correctly. It’s “Lacye” not “Lacey””

4. How long does it take to make an item and where do you find inspiration?

“It depends on the piece. On average start to finish each piece takes about 15-20 hours to complete.  This includes sketching the product, making the product on the potters wheel, dry time (if you put wet clay in a kiln it will explode), firing time, glazing, and then firing again.  This does not include photographing artwork. Ceramics is a slow and finicky process.  If you rush it you make stupid mistakes, and I have learned from many of my stupid mistakes. I pull inspiration from my life.  I enjoy the juxtaposition between a drawing of a delicate flower next to some swear words, especially if it’s a phrase I’ve been called before. I’m also a minimalist at heart and believe there is something beautiful about showcasing the raw color of the clay thus allowing the form to be the focus on the artwork. “

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“I am hoping to have my website store up and running before the new year. I currently will not accept commissions until February 2021. But, you can always say “Hi” or buy my “shitty art” on Instagram/Facebook under the handle @lacyekristinpottery.”

If you like to learn more about Lacye’s art the following contact information is below:

Instagram: @lacyekristinpottery

Facebook: @lacyekristinpottery

Thank you so much for the interview!

Until next time!!!