In the holiday movie mood

December is here and like any month with a holiday I get in a mood to try and watch movies that revolved around that holiday. Some of these movies are revisited classics of mine while others I will try out for the first time. Here are five that stick out of my memory:

Scrooged (1988) directed by Richard Donner and starring Bill Murray, Karen Allen, Carol Kane, and Bobcat Goldthwait.

I remember the first time I watched this move I was about seven years old and really enjoyed so it quickly became a holiday tradition for me to watch it every year. Bill Murray is so funny in it and he plays 80’s Scrooge perfectly.

Fun Fact about this movie: This movie was the 13th highest grossing movie of 1988. It made about 60 million dollars that year.

Christmas Evil (1980) directed by Lewis Jackson and starring Brandon Maggart, and Jeffrey DeMunn:

A couple of years ago I read somewhere that this was one of John Waters favorite movies.

By Sam Hadley

At that point I never heard of the movie so I decided to buy it due to it’s crazy plot. And I was not disappointed in the least! As a fan of horror movies and Christmas I really enjoy when the two worlds become mixed. Santa is a deranged guy who goes on a killing spree due to his work environment. Which goes to show you that it is important to have a good work environment because it spills onto your everyday life.

Fun fact about this movie: Kathleen Turner was offered the role of Harry’s sister in law but turned it down.

Batman Returns (1992) directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is probably my favorite Batman movie. I like the dark art deco style of this movie. I had a huge obsessions with Batman growing up and when this movie came out in 1992 I made my brother take me to go see it on the first day it premiere.

It has two of my favorite villains in this movie: Catwoman and the Penguin. I like this movie because it made both villains more human to me because we learned more about their backstory. Also I consider this a Christmas movie because some of the plot does take place around that holiday.

Fun Fact about this movie: DeVito took on the role of The Penguin due to his friend Jack Nicholson’s advice.

Female Trouble (1974) directed by John Waters and starring Divine, Mink Stole and David Lochary.

How can I not add this movie to my list?!! One of my all time favorite movies from John Waters. I often quote from this movie that I wanted cha cha heels for christmas! Hopefully one day I’ll get them.

Fun Fact about this movie: Divine took trampoline lessons for this movie for the scene in the end.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) directed by Chuck Jones and Ben Washam. Starring Boris Karloff.

This is one of my favorite cartoons and have always watched it during this season every year since I can remember. Next to the Peanuts gang this is the first cartoon I remember watching. It was also my first introduction to Boris Karloff.

Fun fact about this movie: Dr, Seuss was really unsure about casting Boris Karloff for the main voice character. He felt like Boris Karloff’s voice might scare the children.

What Christmas movies do you have as a tradition to watch during this season? Comment below:

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “In the holiday movie mood

  1. I need to check out some of these – I’ve never really seen any of John Waters’ films but this has whet my appetite! And Christmas Evil – how could I have missed that! It’s on my list now, cheers -Tony-

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