Great Small Businesses: @funcult !

This time I interviewed: @funcult !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“My name is Caitlin, and I have been making and selling pieces on the internet since 2005. I began on Etsy 3 months after they launched, and I sold at numerous Renegade Craft Fair events. I was known then for a special sort of party banner that I created with vintage fabrics and fun trims, mini deer head wall plaques, and light shades created with vintage doilies. In late 2010 I created the Fringe Banner and it’s by far my best seller. The phrases that were in the debut collection were, BE MY BABY, LOVE ALWAYS, I 


 YOU, FOREVER, and WILD HEART. Today I work out of my apartment as well as a studio space within Chicago’s coolest store ever, Festive Collective, which is run by my pal, Angela.”

2. How did you come up with your business name?

“I first started making under the name Nice, but I rebranded as FUN CULT in 2012. This was something that had been in my mind since the early 2000s when my friends and I started jokingly calling our hang outs the C.F.C., which stood for Caitlin’s Fun Cult. I suppose this was because I was often the one initiating our plans or changing them up. I was way more extroverted in my late teens and early 20s! Anyway, it stuck with me and I feel it fits perfectly with what I want to create- fun pieces that represent a specific part of who you are, that others may or may not get, but for those who do get it, those are your people! “

3. What is the best selling item in your shop and why do you think it’s so popular?

“The I FEEL LOVE Fringe Banner has really taken off lately- disco is a big party vibe right now, from babies to bachelorettes! On the other hand, the WE’RE BORING Fringe Banner is hilariously in a very close second! I love this piece because of course it hits HOME (get it?) since we’ve all been home much more than ever, but it also works for new parents, students who study more than party, and couples who have grown a little too comfy together. It’s a crowd pleaser.”

4. How do you come up with your phrases for your banners?

“I have always loved pieces in home décor that are unexpected. You know when you are browsing a fashion magazine and the coolest part of an outfit always seems to be credited as ‘models own’? When I came up with the Fringe Banner

I wanted it to feel like the home décor equivalent of that. I wanted them to feel very personal and, well, cool. I have always loved music, so a lot of pieces are inspired by favorite lyrics or song titles. Some are funny and some are a bit affirmational without being too cutesy. “

5. What is your process if someone wants a custom piece?

“Currently the process is via email. If you send me what you’re thinking of and some color ideas, I’ll get back to you with some options! I am working on stream-lining this process in a way that will hopefully make it easier for you to create custom pieces, only needing my help with super special custom pieces.”

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Just that fun changes are in store for the website and special pieces are in the works! I’d highly suggest signing up for the email list! “

If you like more information on funcult. The following contact information is below:


Festive Collective:

Instagram: @funcult

Great Small Businesses: @jukebox.mama !

This week I interviewed a great small business: @jukebox.mama !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“My name is Sarie Gessner and I live & work in Nashville, Tennessee making custom western wear for anybody who wants to spice up their wardrobe. I work with a lot of musicians making stage wear for performances or album covers, but I equally love working with anyone who wants to treat the world as their stage and wear some fun western clothing. 

      I started my designing & sewing journey when my grandma taught me to sew at a young age. After experimenting with making myself clothing in high school and participating in theatre, I decided I wanted to go into costume design. After a few years of working in various theatrical costume shops, I fell in love with western wear while living in Austin, Texas and going two-stepping to western swing music in the local honky tonks. I was doing a lot of hand embroidery at the time and started sewing some western shirts from some vintage patterns I found.

Getting an antique chainstitch embroidery machine in 2018 helped speed up the embroidery process while still retaining the vintage hand operated charm. I moved to Nashville with my boyfriend at the beginning of 2019 and launched Jukebox Mama while working part time for other designers before making this my full time business in mid 2020.

2. How did you come up with your business name?

“When thinking about a name for my business, I went through some song titles for inspiration and came across Jukebox Mama. There are a couple different songs called Jukebox Mama, one is by the legendary Link Wray in the early 70s and the other is a rockabilly song by Merdel Floyd. To me a jukebox mama is someone who simply has to get out on the dance floor when their favorite song comes on, which is definitely a feeling I (and hopefully my customers) can relate to!”

3. Can you talk a little bit about your process of how someone can order a custom piece?

“The process for ordering a custom piece starts with a conversation with my customer about what kind of garment and what kind of design details they’d like. Inspiration images are always helpful but not necessary. Once we get the basic design nailed down, I ask for a partial deposit to hold a spot in the order queue. After I receive the deposit, I will draw up a sketch for my customer so they can visualize the piece they’ll be getting and make any adjustments before I make the garment. I also send them a measurements sheet at this time so I can be sure to get the right fit. I’m usually booking several months in advance for custom orders. I’m so grateful that my customers are willing to wait for their pieces to be finished, and in the future I would love to hire more seamstresses to be able to get through orders in a more timely manner and have more ready to wear inventory in stock. I really do appreciate the patience of these custom order clients because with the amount of detail in each piece it does take a lot of time.”

4. What are your two favorite piece you created so far and why?

“One of my favorite western suits I’ve created was for Jim McGuinn, grandson of Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, and it featured the album art for The Byrds’ Sweetheart of the Rodeo on the back of the suit jacket. The suit also has saguaro cactus blossoms and lasso ropes embroidered all over the body of the suit to connect to the Sonoran desert landscape of Jim’s home. I loved working on something so personal with both a family history & music history connection. Jim is continuing those family traditions with his band The Cosmic Cowboys, and the suit was an excellent way to pay tribute to his grandfather’s legacy. 

      Another favorite project was an outfit I made for Sierra Ferrell to wear performing at the Ryman the night before New Year’s Eve. This was a very special project for me because Sierra’s album Long Time Coming was one of my favorite albums of 2021. It was such an honor to create a look for someone whose music I connected with so deeply, and my first time having my work on the Ryman stage. This look for Sierra was inspired by 1940s Hollywood cowgirls like Dale Evans, and every element of the design had some sparkle to it.

The vest and skirt were made of black sparkle lurex fabric, with silver leather stars surrounded by rhinestones and silver leather hand cut fringe. The third piece of the look was a western blouse made from silver star printed chiffon fabric with big sheer puff sleeves. Sierra is so spellbindingly talented and I can’t wait to hear what music she makes next! “

5. What is your favorite fashion decade any why?

“This is a tough question because I love embracing different decades in my personal style depending on my mood or where I’m going. For the longest time it was the 50s, but it’s been creeping later over the years and lately I’ve been very into the 70s both for fashion and music. The fashion in the movie The Love Witch and 70s horror movies has been a big inspiration in my wardrobe lately. Anything from disco glamour to 70s western wear I’m all about at the moment. 

      At the same time, my work will always be heavily influenced by the 1940s when Western swing bands like the one led by Bob Wills were very popular. There’s something so classic about the embroidery and construction details on those shirts and suits that will always be a major inspiration for my work. “

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“The next event I have coming up is the Nashville Boogie in late May, which is a weekend long festival for mid century music & culture, where I will be participating in the Western Roundup Fashion Show. I’ll have several pieces that I’ve made showcased on the runway there, along with designs from several other fellow western wear designers. The last time the Nashville Boogie happened was in 2019, so it will be so much fun to be back and see everyone again. The western wear community has been very welcoming, and I love a chance to spend time with fellow designers for us to all showcase our work as well as see some great bands all in one place. “

If you would like more information on @jukebox.mama The following contact information is below:

Email for custom order inquiries:


Instagram: @jukebox.mama

thank you Sarie for the interview!!!

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A year later….

Just a quick post this morning. I realize that it’s been a full year since my first major surgery. I feel like it was decades ago but in reality it was just last March. I don’t regret getting it since I was so much pain at the time. I do reflect that sometimes we need to make choices on when it is necessary to take a break from your daily routine. If not your body will choose it for you. Make sure you take care of yourself and be kind with others. Be happy with how long you have come along.

Batman (1966) Villains

The first time I saw Batman was the 1966 TV series I was about six years old and I saw Adam West who was the original Batman danced the “batusi”. I was hooked ever since and watched every episode of the series every that.

I enjoyed the crime fighting on the show as well as the cast of colorful villains. So I decided to share some of my favorite villains from the 1966 show:


Vincent Price is one of my favorite actors so it comes to no surprise that he made this list. He played one of the most interesting villains on the show. Egghead: his name matched his appearance and you wouldn’t be shocked if he used the word egg into his daily conversations. He talked a lot about his intelligence and even came out with a book about it called “How to Be a Better Criminal.” Most of his weapons would be in the shape of eggs. Like laughing or tear gas. His diet consisted mostly of eggs, and he only appeared on the show a handful of times.


Eartha Kitt is also another of my forever icons. She was the second actress to play the villain Catwoman and one of the top five most popular villains in the Batman series. Her dialogue usually has a lot of meowing and purring mixed in. And it is no secret that there is definitely romantic sparks between her and Batman. However his crime fighting ways and her villain persona always keep them apart from being with each other.

She has a cat named Hecate who also help her out sometime with her crimes and she always is know to team up with other villains to order to take over Gotham City.

The Joker:

Cesar Romero plays another popular Batman nemesis: The Joker. Don’t be fooled by his clown like appearance because one of his main goals in life is to take down Batman and always bring his group with him to take over the city. What I always enjoyed about The Joker is his stunning villain attire. His color scheme of dark green and purple left a memorable mark on my mind. Cesar Romero who played the Joker on the TV series refused to shave off his mustache so they decided to include it and paint over it.

The Riddler:

John Astin is a legend. The Riddler is a man who leaves you in a riddle when it come to his crimes. Every since he was a young kid one of his main hobbies was of course solving puzzles and decided to used them in his life of crime. His parents could not cope with their smart kid and didn’t know how to raise someone who was smarter then both of them.

Ma Parker:

Shelley Winters was such an actress of many hats. This was my first introduction to her when I saw her play villain Ma Parker on this show. Her life of crime includes her whole family and it spans all over the United States. So she and her family were well known all over the country. Whenever Ma Parker is caught by the police she always brings her A-game sob story saying that she only committed the crime to help out her family. Her favorite past times includes knitting and keeping her family together.


Burgess Meredith plays The Penguin. I feel like he is the most thriving money making villain on the show. He owned a movie company and even did a run for mayor of Gotham City. The penguin is known for his characteristics of walking like a penguin, grunting a lot, and his sinister laugh. He uses his umbrella to commit his crimes, and he was of the villains that mostly on the show.

I will definitely do a part two of this blog post. Which will cover other villains and other villains that played the same villain on the show.

who is your favorite Batman villain and why? Comment below!!!

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Great small businesses: @morbidchalk !

This week I interviewed a wonderful business @moridchalk !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

“I’m Frankee! I’m 27 and I’m in the UK. I’m a 90s kid who’s always wanting to feel nostalgic. I also love horror, Doctor Who, Halloween, true crime and animals. “

2. What made you start Morbidchalk? 

” I started Morbid Chalk in 2017 with chalkboards to begin with. I’ve always loved art, especially drawing cartoons. The main reason I started it is because I couldn’t find anything I liked that had my favourite films/shows on it. My taste is a mixture of horror, nerd, 90s cartoons and cute things.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So I had to fill the gap in the market myself haha! I then moved onto plant pots end of 2017. Again for the same reason. I’d bought a plant and wanted a spooky pot for it. On Etsy at the time the only hand painted pots you could get were just not my style. So I decided to paint them myself! Because who doesn’t want a ghost holding a pumpkin on a plant pot?!”

3. What is the most popular item in your store? Why do you think it’s so popular?

“Oooh okay so this is a toss up between my Aliens pot or Homer in a Bush pot (Both Simpsons designs) They’re both my best selling designs and have been constantly ordered since I first made them in 2020. I always credit the Homer pot as to what gave me the push to what Morbid Chalk is now. That first Simpsons collection I did is when I really saw that this could actually become my job. And it has! “

4. What 3 cartoon characters best describe you and why?

” I’d say Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls, Grim from Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Angelica Pickles from Rugrats. Because I’m a grumpy, creepy, morbid and sassy little creature. “

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

” I have my first ever stall this year which is super exciting and very scary. It’s at East Midlands Comic Con in Nottingham! So if anyone is attending please come say hi! “

If you like more information on Morbid Chalk. The following contact information is below:


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An Unsolved Mystery….

It is no hidden secret that I have always enjoyed watching Unsolved Mysteries. Since I was eight years old it was one of the shows that really caught my attention. But I always wonder if the unsolved mysteries from over thirty plus years ago that aired on the show were ever solved? Or continue to be an unsolved mystery?

Which brings to the next round of a memorable unsolved mysteries: Season 4, episode 16. A segment called: “Dial A for Abduction” left an memorable impression of me because you could be doing something that is part of your daily routine and something happens that you aren’t prepared for at all.

In the above youtube video forward it to 30 minutes and about 32 seconds into the video and you will hear about missing person Angela Hammond.

Angela Hammond missing since 1991

Angela Hammond was a Missouri State University student who also worked at a bank in 1991. She got engaged that winter to a man named Rob Shafer:

She was just going about her normal life when the worst happened. During the night of April 4, 1991 she dropped off her fiancé at his house after a dinner but they planned on meeting later that night. However Rob had babysitting duties that night until his parents got home. Angela decided to hang out with her friend Kyla in town and around 111:15 pm that night she went to a pay phone at an intersection that in the middle of town to call Rob.

While talking to Rob on the phone she began to notice a green Ford pick up truck circling the pay phone that she was using. He kept on circling the pay phone and she got super nervous.

Telling Rob how scared she was about this person circling the pay phone booth she noticed that the truck stopped next to the pay phone and a man got out of the truck. Then proceed to take out a flashlight and starting looking for something around the truck. Angela asked the guy if he needed to use the phone and he said no so then Angela decided to go back to her conversation with Rob. Which mainly consisted of telling Rob the description of the truck and also the man. Suddenly Rob heard a blood curling scream from Angela and he vaguely heard the truck owner’s voice saying that “I didn’t need to used the phone anyway.”

Rob then ran outside to his car and drove to where the payphone but stopped when he saw the truck going the opposite direction of his. He drove a couple of more miles chasing after the truck until the transmission failed while making a sharp turn.

A search for Angela quickly started which involved Rob being investigated by the police. Although he did pass a polygraph test but his story was not very believable to the police. Until two witnesses backed up him by saying that they saw the same man and the truck around the time frame that Angela was taken.

It also took a short time to connect Angela’s abduction with a couple of other unsolved cases in the state.

The first case was a women named Trudy Darby.

Trudy Darby

On January 19, 1991. Trudy Darby was 42 years old when she was working at a convenience store in Macks Creek, Missiouri. She noticed a weird gentleman outside of the store and felt uncomfortable. So she called her son over the phone to come to the store which was about a ten minute car ride. When he arrived there were no signs of his mom and the store was empty. Unfortunately two days later Trudy Darby’s body was found about ten miles from the store. She was raped and then shot twice in the head.

The second case connection was of Cheryl Ann Kenny:

On February 27, 1991 Cheryl Ann Kenney was also working at a convenience store. This one was called “The Quality Convenience Store” in Nevada, Missouri. Cheryl Ann had two children was thirty years old when working an evening shift at the store when she decided to close the store early since it was so slow during the evening. There was evidence that she clocked out of her shift at 10pm and set the store alarm at 10:17pm however from that point on it is believed that she was taken from the store’s parking lot. There was a janitor who claimed to have seen a man go into the store before it closed but was unsure if he’s connected to Cheryl’s disappearance. Also two witnesses said they heard screaming in the direction of where the convenience store was around the time Cheryl was taken.

Till this day Cheryl and Angela’s are still missing. There was some leads about what happen or who took them but they quickly fizzled out.

Here is Cheryl Ann Kenney case file on the Doe Network:

Also Unsolved Mystery wiki has some great resources:

Here is Angela’s Hammond’s case file on the Doe Network:

Here is Angela’s Unsolved Mystery wiki:

If you had an information or would like to learn more about these cases please refer to the links above.

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