Batman (1966) Villains

The first time I saw Batman was the 1966 TV series I was about six years old and I saw Adam West who was the original Batman danced the “batusi”. I was hooked ever since and watched every episode of the series every that.

I enjoyed the crime fighting on the show as well as the cast of colorful villains. So I decided to share some of my favorite villains from the 1966 show:


Vincent Price is one of my favorite actors so it comes to no surprise that he made this list. He played one of the most interesting villains on the show. Egghead: his name matched his appearance and you wouldn’t be shocked if he used the word egg into his daily conversations. He talked a lot about his intelligence and even came out with a book about it called “How to Be a Better Criminal.” Most of his weapons would be in the shape of eggs. Like laughing or tear gas. His diet consisted mostly of eggs, and he only appeared on the show a handful of times.


Eartha Kitt is also another of my forever icons. She was the second actress to play the villain Catwoman and one of the top five most popular villains in the Batman series. Her dialogue usually has a lot of meowing and purring mixed in. And it is no secret that there is definitely romantic sparks between her and Batman. However his crime fighting ways and her villain persona always keep them apart from being with each other.

She has a cat named Hecate who also help her out sometime with her crimes and she always is know to team up with other villains to order to take over Gotham City.

The Joker:

Cesar Romero plays another popular Batman nemesis: The Joker. Don’t be fooled by his clown like appearance because one of his main goals in life is to take down Batman and always bring his group with him to take over the city. What I always enjoyed about The Joker is his stunning villain attire. His color scheme of dark green and purple left a memorable mark on my mind. Cesar Romero who played the Joker on the TV series refused to shave off his mustache so they decided to include it and paint over it.

The Riddler:

John Astin is a legend. The Riddler is a man who leaves you in a riddle when it come to his crimes. Every since he was a young kid one of his main hobbies was of course solving puzzles and decided to used them in his life of crime. His parents could not cope with their smart kid and didn’t know how to raise someone who was smarter then both of them.

Ma Parker:

Shelley Winters was such an actress of many hats. This was my first introduction to her when I saw her play villain Ma Parker on this show. Her life of crime includes her whole family and it spans all over the United States. So she and her family were well known all over the country. Whenever Ma Parker is caught by the police she always brings her A-game sob story saying that she only committed the crime to help out her family. Her favorite past times includes knitting and keeping her family together.


Burgess Meredith plays The Penguin. I feel like he is the most thriving money making villain on the show. He owned a movie company and even did a run for mayor of Gotham City. The penguin is known for his characteristics of walking like a penguin, grunting a lot, and his sinister laugh. He uses his umbrella to commit his crimes, and he was of the villains that mostly on the show.

I will definitely do a part two of this blog post. Which will cover other villains and other villains that played the same villain on the show.

who is your favorite Batman villain and why? Comment below!!!

Until next time!!!

Sources: batman wiki and wikipedia

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