A gift giving guide for the Holidays! : Lady.cult style!!!

HELLO everyone! this year I decided to make up a Holiday Gift Giving guide of some weird, wonderful and awesome things to give as gifts for this holiday season!!! Here it is no particular order:


  1. I am a huge fan of art and movies. Vhsgirl (@vhsgirl ) has collided the two formats and her esty store has some great pieces of art for you to choose from and also is currently having an awesome sale as well. Her link to her store is below:       VHSGIRL
  2. Christmas Evil  (1980) is my go to horror Christmas Movie. It is also one of John Waters favorite movies. So with the John Waters movie seal of approval you really can’t go wrong with gifting this movie to a fellow horror movie fan. DiabolikDVD has also been one of my go to buy site for obscure movies and will have this movie to buy soon. Link is below to buy!:

    Christmas Evil

  3. Basket_Case_Ornament       It is no surprise that this item made it to my gift giving list! Belila is one of my forever icons and now that he comes in form of a Christmas Ornament for your tree is even more reason that horror is not just reserve for Halloween. Link is below to buy!                                                                                                                                        Belila Ornament
  4. file                                    I have such a weird obession with the movie Mac and Me so when Barbarian Rage (@barbarian_rage  )and @inherit_my_breaking_wind join forces to create the most amazing bootleg toy of Mac I knew this had to be included in this guide! Link is below to buy:                                                                                                                                   Mac and Me toy
  5. unnamed-1 The holiday season bring the best and the worst of times in everybody. Why not give the gift of clarity in terms of the tarot card read? Jessica is awesome at what she does! This is the gift for that certain someone who is need of an answer or if you are stuck in trying to for a gift for someone who has everything! Jessica does reads in terms of appoints only. Please refer to her Instagram for more info below:@palmtreepriestesstarot
  6. 61RQHZQ80KL

This cd has been my go to Christmas music since 2013 and this could be yours too or for someone that thinks that have heard all of the same Christmas music. Why not give them a John Waters type of Christmas? Link is below to buy: John Waters CD



NightFlight and Shudder channels are two of my favorite streaming apps! I cannot recommend ENOUGH how amazing these two services are! They have provided me with hours,  and non stop days of entertainment for the past year! Be that person that gives out that cool gift this year!

Night Flight to buy is: Night Flight

Shudder to buy: Shudder

8. 51FDtS90mvL._SX383_BO1,204,203,200_  Jack Mord  ( IG: @thanatos.archive )create this AMAZING book about post mortem and mourning rituals of the Victorian Era. Victorians took their mourning rituals VERY seriously. Link is below to buy:                                                                                                                                            Beyond the Dark Veil: Post Mortem & Mourning Photography

9. Processed with VSCO with kp8 preset   TV DAD (@t.v.dad ) makes some cool stuff. So while I was browsing at their shop this hat call out to me. Because during the crazy holiday season that is EXACTLY what I want to do. So why not reflect your feelings on your hat? Link is below to buy and comes in different colors!:

Stay Inside Hat 

10. F7754304-1D95-451B-BF89-6F914E9DC85D

When @pinsploitation made this pin of one of my forever idols I knew this had to be part of the gift giving guide! Link is below to buy!

Varla Pin



Top 5 must buy during the CC Barnes& Noble sale: Fall 2018

Hello Friends!

Long time no write! I just need to take a personal writing break due to many personal events that took place in October. But I am back just in time to write about Barnes and Nobles Criterion Collection 50% off sale!!! I know that these sales might be overwhelming and often are left wondering how to choose over 700 titles that ones you want to add to your movie collection. So I offer some titles you may not think of right away or want to stray off your normal movie buying routine….

Here in no particular order…


The Princess Bride (number #948) Directed by Rob Reiner 1987)- I remember the first time I watch this was on cable TV when I was eight years old and it started my fascination of Andre the Giant. It also spark my fantasy of having a grandparent who would stay with me when  I was sick and tell me fairy tales.


Shampoo (number #947) Directed by Hal Ashby 1975)- Hal Ashby is one of my favorite directors. I always felt he was able to successfully capture these off beat random characters of people and show them with such heart on the screen. Shampoo is a mixture of kind a mockumentary and dark comedy rolled into one movie.


And the ship Sails on (#50 directed by Federico Fellini 1984) this is one of my favorite Fellini movies. The first ten minutes of this movie is in black and white and totally silent perhaps as a homage to silent film. Like all of  Felllini’s movies it offer it’s array of usual characters and I feel like they draw in your attention so much that you feel like you are part of the movie.


Some like it Hot (# 950 directed by Billy Wilder 1959) (Release date is 11/6/2018) I remember that this was the first movie I watched on Turner Classic Movie channel and it was so funny! And I have been an avid fan of Billy Wilder ever since and this is one of his movies that every time I have watched I noticed something new. So when the Criterion Collection announced that this movie was going to be part of their collection I was so excited to pre- ordered it.


Bigger than Life (#507 directed by Nicholas Ray 1956) One of my favorite actors is James Mason and he is fantastic in this movie. This movie kind of stood out in the 1950’s because it dealt with James Mason playing a teacher who deals with prescription drug problem.


The sale will last until December 3rd so you have a couple of weeks to figure out what you might want go with or indulge because this sale happens here maybe up to 4 times a year?

Happy shopping!!!!

Until next time!!!