Great small businesses: @glowwormgoods !

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing @glowwormgoods !

  1. How did you come up with your business name?

“My business was named after a Vashti Bunyan song. The track “Glow Worms” is from her first album “Just Another Diamond Day” and it is one of my favorite albums. The album was released in 1970 but has remained timeless- in my opinion. Vashti’s songs are a good blend of melancholy and whimsy and it just felt like the right move to name my business after one of her songs.”

2. What made you want to start a candle business?

“To be honest, I am a hobby addict. I love trying new things, expanding my skill set, and working with my hands. I also am an avid thrifter and every time I would thrift I would see all of this beautiful glass, and I just thought these pieces would make beautiful candles. It kind of just took off from there.”

3. What was the first candle you created for your business? 

“I believe the first container candle I ever made was out of these beautiful vintage Otagiri Japanese rice bowls. And the first “molded” candle I made was my birthday cake candle.”

4. What is your most popular item in your store? Why do you think it is so popular?

“The most popular item in my store is definitely my vintage glassware candles. So many customers come to me saying, “Oh my grandma used to have this in her house!” etc. and I love that. I think people are drawn to the fantasy of other eras or may be nostalgic for things they remember from a different time in their life. I know that when I pick certain pieces I imagine how the previous owner used them and I kind of let my imagination take me away to that time. Plus they are just pretty! haha.”

5.  Can you talk a bit about your store? 

“Right now my candles are available through my shop at

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“I will be at Gift Horse in Nashville, TN for a Valentine’s day pop-up on February 11th from 10:30am-6pm. The rest of my upcoming events are pending, as I am waiting to hear back on some of my applications for spring and summer markets. However, I do have an events calendar on my website where I will keep all of my upcoming event info!.”

If you would like any more information about this store. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @glowwormsgoods

Esty store:

A Fabulous small business gift giving idea guide: Valentine’s Day Style!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so here are some great small businesses that have some amazing Valentine’s Day gifts!:

AlwaysFits has the greatest stuff for this holiday. Even if you aren’t not the most romantic person there is a huge range of gifts to choose from on this site! Like this amazing card. Link to buy is here:

@pinupcanada: ” I would like to promote are these vintage inspired old school valentines cards! Just like the ones you used to get in school! They’re a great piece of nostalgia at an affordable price! $2.50 each, or 3 for $5! Shipping is only $5 on these, and we ship within North America.”- Jen owner of New World Designs which is based in Vancouver, Canada. Link for these super cute cards are here:

@ahhsweetdeath: “

Commissioned art is the perfect way to create something unique and fun for you, yourself, your loved ones or even your pets!

I take a favorite existing photo & make it a custom work of art in my style.

Show yourself or someone you love that you care by having art made with them in it🌈🫀💀 Best part is…free shipping & fast delivery because it’s digital!

You can place an order via my AhhSweetDeath etsy store: or email me at

@dynamoduo_: sell amazing jewelry but this particular ring is perfect for the upcoming holiday:

Gold and Pink Gemstone Ring

“This gold plated adjustable ring makes a perfect gift for giving this Valentine’s Day. Don’t know her ring size? No problem! The band is adjustable to accommodate any ring size 7+. The center of the ring is lovingly adorned with strawberry quartz and sparkly pyrite creating a unique combination that is both feminine and edgy.”

Link to buy is here:

This is the link to the store:

Tarot Clarity LLC : “My perfect valentines offer is my tarot lessons! It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift because it is a gift with long term value and could actually set someone up with a life long passion and hobby, maybe even a career!”

It is a service so there’s no tax and the lessons are sent via email.

There are a total of 8 videos.

Link is here for more information:

@hausofdecadent :  “Ur Hot Disco Print! Perfect to give as a gift or even a card. Screen printed on original digital print. If you’re not gifted this, dump them! Print is 5×7. Free shipping.”

Link see their store is here:


“Handle With Love”. It is a 36 page zine filled with erotic paintings and sweet little poems. I think it would be perfect for valentine’s day because it is cheeky, classic, and romantic. It has a queer female-gaze, and is meant to inspire you to prioritize your pleasure.”

Needs to be ordered by Feb. 3rd to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day. Link to purchase is here:

Link to view the store is here:

@somethinginky : “

 I have valentines cards that I’ve made available in my Etsy shop, Something Inky. 

They’re based on my own original drawings and would be an ideal valentines card gift, they’re cute and funny and a little risqué.  

I provide standard first-class shipping, USPS.”

Link to buy is here:

@bask_suncare: Bask Sunscreen is a new upcoming sunscreen line. “We are keeping everything retro and fun about sunscreen in the past decades but without the skin cancer and societal pressures of being bronze.”

Bask SPF 50 Reef Safe Sunscreen (retails for $22.00)”No matter your valentine’s skincare routine, it will always end in SPF. Give the gift of a high-quality sunscreen that will extend your loved ones time outdoors while making sure they stay protected.”

Link to the store is here: “Our Make Me Kumquat card is part of our Dirty Garden collection, celebrating and embracing physical intimacy and sexual expression in all forms. The collection offers a series of playful vegetable cards with a sex- and kink-positive message. It’s a refreshing visual change in a market saturated with explicit images, and a perfect Valentine’s Day card!”

Link to buy is here:

“Shipping cost for just one card is $2; we are also happy to extend your readers a special offer of free domestic shipping if they spend $25 or more with code LADYCULT”


“Iconic love bunny, Roger Rabbit, is featured on this ruby red sweater vest. 

Whether paired with an oversized bow tie or with a more casual look, this sweater vest proves a committed companion for any cosy outfit. 

Made of 100% wool (super soft merino lambswool, cashmere and Shetland wool) with acrylic trimmings. Made from materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill, you know this gift won’t cost the earth.

Why is it Valentines?

Who doesn’t want the love that Roger and Jessica have? Roger and Jessica Rabbit show us pure romance can bloom even in a place as toxic as Toontown. 

Grab along with a pink swag bag for the perfect gift wrap that you can reuse to stash away your love letters and favourite trinkets.”

link for the cute vest is here:

Link to the store is here:

Thank you to all the great small businesses that participated in this blog!!!

Happy shopping everyone!!!

Winter Reads: 2023

Here are some books that are on my reading list for this winter season. Some are on my wish list and others are on my massive book pile list. I am have personal goal of reading or listening to 100 books or audiobooks and I intend to meet my goal!

This is the 2nd book of the year that I started. Communion by Whitley Strieber is about the author true story about his 1985 experiences with alien encounters.

link to buy is here:

Grocery Shopping with my Mother by Kevin Powell: Author Kevin Powell turned his social media posts in to a collection of poems. When his mother was ill he would visit her weekly and help her with her errands that would include taking her grocery shopping.

Link is here to buy:

Scorched Grace: A sister Holiday Mystery by Margot Douaihy (preorder date is February 20, 2023). Not your average nun: Sister Holiday smokes, has a bunch of tattoos and love women decides to solve mystery in her spare time.

Link to preorder is here:

Love, Pamela by Pamela Anderson: (preorder and will be available on January 31, 2023)- I first learn about this book last summer and instantly preordered it!

Link to preorder is here:

The Last Action Heroes: The Triumphs, Flops, and Feuds of Hollywood’s Kings of Carnage by Nick de Semlyen. The book cover art alone is amazing and am interested in learning more!

Link to pre-order is here:

What books is on your winter reading list?

Comment below!!!

Until next time!!!

Artist’s Spotlight: @dissociative_dreams

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jess: @dissociative_dreams:

  1. What kind of art do you create?

“I work with lots of different mediums, everything from digital arts, installation, performance art, painting, graphic novels, community art and more. Usually my work explores personal trauma in relation to systemic oppressions within capitalism, but there’s usually a splash of humour and colourfulness in there as well.”

2. What was the first art piece you remember creating?

“Emily In Pink”

“When I was in Grade 7 I painted a piece of plywood with blue and white paint to look like a sky, then used it as a backdrop for my photo studio in the basement and took portraits of my friends and sisters in costumes, holding flowers, etc.  But I also remember in kindergarten getting in trouble for scribbling black all over a page, and not understanding why. (I was sexually abused from 3 to 7 years-old, so I had a lot of confusing, big feelings I was trying to express, but sadly I was punished for this.”

3. What pop icons inspire your art and why?

“Pop icons? Hmmm… I loved Boy George so much as a child, I thought I’d marry him when I grew up. So I think that he was an early queer influence. While working on my Tumblr project that started in 2012 I was a bit obsessed with Britney’s breakdown images, and used them often. I thought this moment was such a radical act for her, shaving her head and just saying fuck you to everybody. I wish she could have continued down that road, instead of having all her power taken from her. I was also very interested in Kanye and Kim K, at one point taking images of Kim’s “blood facial” and putting Kanye’s red mask on it – to kind of create this radicalized Kim. I had spent a month watching documentaries about the war in Syria and was starting to feel fucked up – so I watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the first time. The clash of realities was so stark… 

This also led into the work I did with the Desearch Repartment with Thea Miklowski. We used images of all kinds of famous people on our spandex suits, artists, pop stars and politicians. We even had Trump on the crotch of one of our suits, before he ever ran for office! Our project was a very satirical look at the art world and global capitalism, so we looked to Marina Abramovic a lot for inspiration. (I actually have a tattoo of her crying during The Artist is Present on my foot, so I can meet her gaze when I’m in the bath…)”

UK iParty for Human Rights aboard the CensorSHIP, Desearch Repartment, Arebyte Gallery (London, UK) 2017″

The Essential Happiness Possibility presents the Institute for Durational Futures, Desearch Repartment, fellowship and exhibition, Akademie der Künste der Welt (Cologne, Germany) 2015″

4. What inspires you to write, and illustrate books? Can you talk about the last book you wrote and illustrated?

“I’ve always been an avid reader (until recent years where I have been distracted by podcasts and the internet), so I always wanted to write a book. I tried to write one during a manic episode when I was 19, it was pretty awful.  But I really wanted to talk about my childhood and subsequent mental health problems (I have Dissociative Identity Disorder) so in 2012 I got a grant to create my first illustrated book, The See. Then a few years ago I was encouraged to make another by my lovely young friend Mia. She died by suicide before it was finished… so the book is dedicated to her. SHAME SHAME, Go Away (2020) is a deep dive into my experiences of childhood trauma and living with DID, illustrated with my watercolour paintings.”

“SHAME SHAME, go away (2020)”

“Under It All” (2022)

5.  Do you have any news or events that you would like to share?

Dissociative Dreams (2022), made with AI/Dalle2″

“I’m currently applying to go back to school to do my Phd! I’ve been so depressed for the past 5 years, this feels like a big leap back into life. I also just finished my latest graphic book Under It All, about struggling with suicide and looking for hope during the pandemic. Each book comes with trauma tarot cards! Also, I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring making images with AI (though I know it is a contentious subject) and am excited to get more critical about it with my studies.”

The Stimpsons (2022), made with AI/Dalle2.”

If you would like more information the following contact information is below:

Instagram: @dissociative_dreams



Scary Movie January!

I did a part one of this series and received such great feedback that I decided to make a part two of this series:

Horror movies…love them! I always had a fascination with horror movie characters or horror icons as I like to refer to them. Here are five horror movies to watch during the winter season:

Brain Damage (1988):

Directed by Frank Henenlotter and starring Alymer :)- Oh how I adore Frank Henelotter because he creates the most divine and interesting characters. I know a lot of people would not put Alymer on a top number list of iconic Horror movies characters but in my book he would be in my top five…possibly top 3.

Available to watch on Tubi:

Maniac (1980):

Directed by William Lustig and starring Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro. I did not watch this movie until I was in my 20’s. I remember vaguely seeing the movie cover when I was eight in tower records. Tower Records was my usual hang out spot when I was little because I thought that where all the cool kids hung out. (R.I.P Tower Records) Anyways when I finally was able to watch the movie I absolutely had no idea what to think of it after I finished watching it. However the movie stuck with me due to the powerful performance of Joe Spinell. So I tend to usually re watch the movie every year and I consider it one of my forever faves. Also it has an amazing soundtrack:

Link to watch on Tubi is here:

Tenebrae (1982) directed by Dario Argento. Starring Anthony Franciosa. This is one of my favorite movies from director Dario Argento and it is also the first movie I watch of his. One of my favorite horror movie genres is Giallo. So one summer I went on a deep dive and watched every single movie I could possibly get my hands on. And this particular movie was a constant re watch during the summer as well. Click on the youtube link above to watch the whole movie.

Ghostwatch (1992) created by Stephen Volk:

This is one of the few movies that scared me a little after I watched it for the first time. It meant to have a look of documentary of a haunted house and a tv crew went to film the experience of it during a live television broadcast.

Link to watch on Tubi:

Last Night in Soho (2021):

Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Thomas McKenzie, and Anya Taylor-Joy. I watched this movie over the summer and I enjoyed the mixture of 60’s mod!

Avavible to watch with any HBOmax or Hulu subscription.

I might do a part three of this section. What horror movies do you watch in the winter? Comment below!!!

Until next time!

resource: Internet movie database, and youtube

Welcome to the insta-hood: @tsfuthepodcast !

This week I interviewed: @tsfuthepodcast:

1. Tell me a little about yourself. 

AR: I’m Ashley Richards, the creator and host of That’s So F*cked Up. I grew up in the great states of Hawaii and California but live an hour outside of Denver, Colorado now. The first thing that got me fascinated with f*cked up things was a documentary called Jesus Camp that I saw when she was 12, about an evangelical summer camp that looks like an absolute nightmare for the kids in attendance. My love of the macabre grew from there and my gateway podcast was the first season of Serial! I’ve had my fair share of struggles with addiction and mental health and am passionate about being open about these things on the show to spread awareness around how common these issues are and to help reduce stigma. In addition to podcasting, and weird, morbid things, I love singing loudly, ice cream, tv and general shenanigans. 

MM: And I’m Michelle Mosher, the co-host of That’s So F*cked Up. I grew up in a small town in Michigan, but moved to Denver, Colorado five years ago and I still live there now. I got into true crime when a friend of mine told me about another true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder, and I was immediately obsessed. My podcast listening has been filled with true crime ever since. In addition to consuming true crime, I’ve also been a part of three cults/culty organizations! Outside of my love of true crime, I’m also a big fan of live music, especially early 2000s emo and pop punk, and outdoor activities like hiking and snowboarding! 

2. How did you come up with your podcast name? Can you tell us a little about the podcast? 

AR: I cuss like a sailor and would constantly find myself saying “that’s so f*cked up” when I’d be watching, listening to or reading things about crime and other jaw dropping atrocities. Cults, shark attacks, hazing, aliens, murder, festivals gone wrong, natural disasters, Ye… I wanted us to be able to talk about whatever we felt like, so “that’s so f*cked up” seemed fitting. Our goal is always to be as respectful to victims and their stories as possible, while using humor as a way to help us cope with all of the horror, and allow us to tell these important stories. 

3. What are your top 3 favorite topics you have done on the podcast and why? AR: Wow, that’s a hard one! I guess Michelle and I will each pick two. One of my favorite episodes ever is “episode 48- Mystery Island: Metal Dentures, Mayhem and Murder”. A Nietzsche obsessed, metal denture sharing, German couple, move to a barren island in the Galapagos to get away from society but are followed by a German family of four, and a gunslinging, self-proclaimed Austrian Baroness, accompanied by her two adoring lovers/servants who, at her behest, battled daily for her affection. Everyone hated each other and madness ensued. The story is stranger than fiction, like you could not make that shit up, which is why it makes it one of my favorite stories of all time! I’d have to say second on the list is from our new Patreon exclusive series Ash and Michelle Do the Bible, which I’m crazy excited about! Recently Michelle told me about the Garden of Eden and I have to say that having no knowledge of the Bible whatsoever, it’s insanely fun hearing it come from Michelle. That first episode is available on our regular feed as a sneak peek!

MM: I fell in love with mountaineering stories a couple years ago! So episodes 115 and 116 “Catastrophe: The 1996 Mount Everest Disaster” are very dear to my heart. The way people will push their limits to achieve new things is so fascinating, and seeing how Mother Nature can just take control is crazy! At the end of the day, we can try to control everything and still run into unforeseen circumstances. This story is such a crazy tale of people doing what they think was the right thing, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it goes horribly wrong. Next would definitely be “episode 104- Brotherhood: The Dark Side of Greek Life and the Death of Collin Wiant”. After being in a sorority and not realizing how f*cked up the Greek experience is, I got the chance to really examine it and why it’s so problematic from the core. I had an overall positive experience, but it’s such a slippery slope, and seeing the f*cked up side of it was so eye opening to something I was so buried in! 

4. Can you talk a little about your merch? Who comes up with the logos and catchphrases on them? 

AR: We definitely sport our merch the most and would love for that to change because we have some really dope designs, if I don’t say so myself! I’ve designed all of the merch, but we definitely have more ideas and catch phrases that we’d love to get on some new stuff in the near future. 

MM: And listeners are great because they’ll often remind us about funny little quotes or catch phrases that we could use for the future! 

5. Do you have any upcoming news or events that you would like to share? ● AR: Well That’s So F*cked Up Presents and ‘Binge or Bust?’ have been my little project babies for the last six months and I’m super stoked to be seeing those go so well! In That’s So F*cked Up Presents each season I work with one or multiple new co-hosts, and with Michelle sometimes too, and we focus on a particular topic, place or single story over the course of a month. So far we’ve done Colorado Carnage, New York Noir, Gruesome Gals and Feisty Festivals, and it’s been so much fun! With ‘Binge or Bust?’ I get the pleasure of writing down what I’m seeing in a doc, so Michelle and others who aren’t big on documentaries don’t have to watch them, but can find out what happened, and honestly that’s just a dream for me. We’re also looking at going to some conventions in the new year and are coming out with a true crime expansion pack from Hexaquest The Strategic Trivia Game. I’ll also be in a documentary on Tubi later in the year, so we’re really excited for what 2023 has to hold! 

● MM: We’re also just getting into our Ash and Michelle Do the Bible series, and I’ve had a blast working on that with one of our research assistants, so I’m stoked to continue with that, and like Ash said, just for what this year has in store! 

if you would like more information. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @tsfuthepodcast




Welcome to the Insta-hood: @ahhsweetdeath !

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing : @ahhsweetdeath !

  1. How did you come up with your instagram name?

“Photo by Joel ArbajeOne of my latest prints/patterns My most recent StickersCosplay as Death.”

“When I was choosing the name for my IG and also for my design brand, I thought of the saying “Ahh the sweet release of death.” As a person who has always been interested in death-positivity and someone who loves grim reapers, I always imagined what death would be treated like if they were seen as a positive afterlife guide.

I suppose this comes from an upbringing where celebrating your dead and remembering them fondly on Dia De Los Muertos, I wanted to imagine this sweet character guiding them into the next world. This is where I got the idea. It’s like a feeling of relief when you see her greeting you to walk you to the other side, “Ahh…Sweet Death.”

“Disposable Film photos from Sundae School Street Wear & Cannabis brand..”

2.Can you talk a little bit about the horror magazine you worked on and started?

“”Self portrait with the first issue of my magazine (I’m the Elvira cosplay also).”

“It was the idea of another person whom I shared the magazine with, but I hopped on board as co-owner and writer for Living Dead Magazine. I was also the first cover model! I did cosplay as Elvira. I was at the time in a wonderful position of traveling with my late ex husband who was in Star Trek, to sign autographs at a booth. I met so many amazing actors who played characters in my favorite horror movies growing up! I met the first actor I ever interviewed at the Las Vegas convention. It was lurch from Addams Family, Carel Struycken. There were a lot of really memorable moments traveling to those conventions as well as comic cons in general. One time while at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, I had stopped to marvel at the biggest lobster in a tank I had ever seen in my life. I was just watching it crawl around in there when I hear a voice from behind me say, “that’s a pretty big one, huh?” I turned around and it was John Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes. We had a quick chat and then parted ways. Everyone was so nice that I met and I’ll never forget having the opportunity of meeting and working with so many rad actors I grew up watching in horror films as a kid. I worked on 2-3 issues before parting ways with the co-owner to move onto something else. I’ll never forget that period of my life, and everyone who was a part of it.”

3. If you have to make a horror movie list to watch for the winter. What would you put on the list and why?

“Night Breed, Demons 1 & 2, The Conjuring movies & Annabelle movies, Hellraiser (original and new) All the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. And Hereditary! All of these films are both terrifying and creative, and those are my kind of films. I like when horror and either sci-fi or occult or both come together. I’m not super into slasher films. Demons 1 & 2 have been my favorites since I was a kid and they have the best gothy/rock n roll soundtracks.”

4. What made you want to start a restaurant? What happened to it? 

“Well at the time I was married to my late ex husband, and we came up with the idea to open an upscale vegan restaurant in Portland. I named it and designed the interior space, but we separated and divorced before it opened. I heard it did really well up until his passing. I believe it was bought and is now a chain restaurant location.”

5.  Do you have any events or news that you would like to share?

“Hmm…well…I have been working on a lot of exciting campaigns over the last few months that are slowly coming out! I am a designer but also a model with and amazing agency, @wespeakmodels . I just shot a really fun Home Alone themed Christmas Campaign for street wear and cannabis brand. I also just walked a fashion show last weekend for a really talented fashion designer and the brand is called @foreignlabur . I can’t name all the other things until they are live but I do post them as they come out on my instagram. As far as my design business…I am doing some fun launches after the new year again I can’t talk about til they are live! Haha. That’s just kind of how things are in my world…hush hush til they aren’t.”

“This is from the fashion show I just did. The photographer is @buttahthings_photography.

If you would like more info on @ahhsweetdeath. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @ahhsweetdream



Just a quick note: Welcome to 2023!

Welcome to 2023! Although it doesn’t quite capture a feeling or an emotion inside me yet. The end of 2022 for me was a jarring wake up call. I finally learned to let go of people who doesn’t value me . I also will continue to write because life is short doing things you dislike or are not very fond of.

Welcome to 2023! Is anyone doing any fun things this winter? Comment below!