A Fabulous small business gift giving idea guide: Valentine’s Day Style!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so here are some great small businesses that have some amazing Valentine’s Day gifts!:

AlwaysFits has the greatest stuff for this holiday. Even if you aren’t not the most romantic person there is a huge range of gifts to choose from on this site! Like this amazing card. Link to buy is here: https://alwaysfits.com/collections/love-cards/products/help-ive-fallen-for-you-and-i-cant-get-up-card

@pinupcanada: ” I would like to promote are these vintage inspired old school valentines cards! Just like the ones you used to get in school! They’re a great piece of nostalgia at an affordable price! $2.50 each, or 3 for $5! Shipping is only $5 on these, and we ship within North America.”- Jen owner of New World Designs which is based in Vancouver, Canada. Link for these super cute cards are here: https://pinupcanada.com/products/vintage-valentine-cards

@ahhsweetdeath: “

Commissioned art is the perfect way to create something unique and fun for you, yourself, your loved ones or even your pets!

I take a favorite existing photo & make it a custom work of art in my style.

Show yourself or someone you love that you care by having art made with them in it🌈🫀💀 Best part is…free shipping & fast delivery because it’s digital!

You can place an order via my AhhSweetDeath etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1389643019/commission-art or email me at Laurenseeley81@yahoo.com

@dynamoduo_: sell amazing jewelry but this particular ring is perfect for the upcoming holiday:

Gold and Pink Gemstone Ring

“This gold plated adjustable ring makes a perfect gift for giving this Valentine’s Day. Don’t know her ring size? No problem! The band is adjustable to accommodate any ring size 7+. The center of the ring is lovingly adorned with strawberry quartz and sparkly pyrite creating a unique combination that is both feminine and edgy.”

Link to buy is here: https://www.shopdynamoonline.com/new-arrivals/gold-and-pink-stone-ring-gemstone-gold-plated-ring-adjustable-ring-gemstone-adjustable-crystal-ring-chunky-boho-ringv

This is the link to the store: https://www.shopdynamoonline.com/

Tarot Clarity LLC : “My perfect valentines offer is my tarot lessons! It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift because it is a gift with long term value and could actually set someone up with a life long passion and hobby, maybe even a career!”

It is a service so there’s no tax and the lessons are sent via email.

There are a total of 8 videos.

Link is here for more information: https://www.tarotclarity.com/tdm-tarot-lessons.html

@hausofdecadent :  “Ur Hot Disco Print! Perfect to give as a gift or even a card. Screen printed on original digital print. If you’re not gifted this, dump them! Print is 5×7. Free shipping.”

Link see their store is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DECADENTWEST


“Handle With Love”. It is a 36 page zine filled with erotic paintings and sweet little poems. I think it would be perfect for valentine’s day because it is cheeky, classic, and romantic. It has a queer female-gaze, and is meant to inspire you to prioritize your pleasure.”

Needs to be ordered by Feb. 3rd to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day. Link to purchase is here: http://www.rachelmsilva.com/shop/handle-with-love-zine

Link to view the store is here: http://www.rachelmsilva.com/shop

@somethinginky : “

 I have valentines cards that I’ve made available in my Etsy shop, Something Inky. 

They’re based on my own original drawings and would be an ideal valentines card gift, they’re cute and funny and a little risqué.  

I provide standard first-class shipping, USPS.”

Link to buy is here: https://www.etsy.com/SomethingInky/listing/1384557878/2-big-booty-cutie-valentines-cards?utm_campaign=Share&utm_medium=social_organic&utm_source=MSMT&utm_term=so.smt&share_time=1674262477000

@bask_suncare: Bask Sunscreen is a new upcoming sunscreen line. “We are keeping everything retro and fun about sunscreen in the past decades but without the skin cancer and societal pressures of being bronze.”

Bask SPF 50 Reef Safe Sunscreen (retails for $22.00)”No matter your valentine’s skincare routine, it will always end in SPF. Give the gift of a high-quality sunscreen that will extend your loved ones time outdoors while making sure they stay protected.”

Link to the store is here: https://basksuncare.com/

@ampersand.m.studio: “Our Make Me Kumquat card is part of our Dirty Garden collection, celebrating and embracing physical intimacy and sexual expression in all forms. The collection offers a series of playful vegetable cards with a sex- and kink-positive message. It’s a refreshing visual change in a market saturated with explicit images, and a perfect Valentine’s Day card!”

Link to buy is here: https://www.ampersandmstudio.com/shop/p/you-make-me-hot-card-83mct-5yr98-jtsfb-x8hlx-ybh88-mb44a-ahge8-cah7s-ws2ag-twbr2

“Shipping cost for just one card is $2; we are also happy to extend your readers a special offer of free domestic shipping if they spend $25 or more with code LADYCULT”


“Iconic love bunny, Roger Rabbit, is featured on this ruby red sweater vest. 

Whether paired with an oversized bow tie or with a more casual look, this sweater vest proves a committed companion for any cosy outfit. 

Made of 100% wool (super soft merino lambswool, cashmere and Shetland wool) with acrylic trimmings. Made from materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill, you know this gift won’t cost the earth.

Why is it Valentines?

Who doesn’t want the love that Roger and Jessica have? Roger and Jessica Rabbit show us pure romance can bloom even in a place as toxic as Toontown. 

Grab along with a pink swag bag for the perfect gift wrap that you can reuse to stash away your love letters and favourite trinkets.”

link for the cute vest is here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1400371703/roger-rabbit-sweater-vest

Link to the store is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NambyPambyKnits?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1400371703

Thank you to all the great small businesses that participated in this blog!!!

Happy shopping everyone!!!

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