Artist’s Spotlight: @InheritMyBreakingWind

This week’s Artist Spotlight is on artist Inherit My Breaking Wind

  1.  Where did the name “Inherit My Breaking Wind” come from?

“Basically I wanted a name that poked fun at something dominating public interest while at the same time not taking myself too seriously/ keeping myself immune from the same criticism.  It was a riff on the play “Inherit the Wind.”  The play being about a teacher willing to go to jail for teaching evolution in spite of faith-based laws.  I wanted to create art that opined on the current zeitgeist….in contrast to the play, I’m taking no real risk in “breaking wind” on how seriously people are taking whatever subject is at hand; then, in turn “breaking wind” on the my own position. ”


2.  Can you describe your art aesthetic?

” I would say my aesthetic is visual non sequiturs that incorporate my obsession with pop culture as the symbology.  All of which is told through a narrative of someone in a state arrested development at age 16.”

3. What is your favorite art piece you created and why?

” Most of my work is a means of working through something and usually isn’t something I revisit much afterwards.  In terms of my favorite art pieces they aren’t my own and are inspiring and sentimental. That said, my favorite piece of my own is an oil painting I made of my dog Capone—he was really sick and I finished the painting the morning of the day he passed.  It’s nothing special aesthetically but it makes me well up when I look at it (he was my sidekick for a long time as well as across some significant life moments)”



4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

“It’s all over the place and runs the gamut between a reaction to topical events to stupid observations.  Always at the core is the pop culture I love as the vehicle for the story (traditional symbols never meant as much for me as random pop references….which I guess illustrates my perspective that nothing is sacred and these pop culture symbols that are equally meaningless).

For example on the below drawing, it’s something as simple as terrible people being pursued by normal people at wits end; defenders of terrible people obstructing; and, the people that are more terrible/ those stand to gain from the former being silenced getting trying to delay becoming worm food…all told through a pop culture lens.”
“This(below) is a reaction to bald billionaire megalomaniacs (eg Jeff Bezos as an automaton run by the monopoly guy playing with Lex Luthor and the Kingpin—characters that he aspires to be as ruthless as)and those that wish they there in the same league (eg Trump having to jealously reckon with a real billionaire with more power being in eyeshot across the Potomac with their real money bin)”
“This being my stupid brain having an alien/ contra mashup moment”
I’m also inspired by the amazing people in my life.  Art made by my close friend Nomi Asghar (his stuff is amazing and he’s the biggest influence behind me deciding to always create things even if I can’t commercially succeed in doing it—example and the wooden spoon my friend Jason made me a couple years before he passed. Further the collaborations with Barbarian Rage and Retrogimmick are up as well—in both cases I got to work with two artists I admire that let me work in my batshit crazy self way.  They both have inspired and continue to inspire me to put my own work out directly.”
5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?
“I just released my first solo “product” of sorts—it combines my prior commercial failures (art and music).  It’s an instrumental record I wrote, performed, produced and mastered paired with a hardcover book of my art prints.  I did a very limited run (~100) with the hopes I can actually sell enough to cover my cost and hopefully get lucky where it begins to fund the follow-up (which is nearing completion).  It’s something I’m pretty proud of as it chronicles ~60 art prints of released and unreleased pieces over the past couple years as well as the music I started writing last year after my brother in law encouraged my to get back into playing/ writing music again (note his is the one song on the record not mine and he let me break it by adding my own take with guitars).  The music (kind of remedial math rock) is more personal than the art is but similar inasmuch as hopefully there’s something new for the audience to hone in on each revisit.  I’ve put together bundles where there’s an option for just the book and record with a couple pins
I made for $50 with added options to get original drawings for $120 as well as the toy collaboration I recently did with Retrogimmick riffing on an Alex Jone’s conspiracy for $100.  Anyone interested can check out more:




thank you so much for the interview. If you like to see more of his works please visit the sites above. As well as his IG account:




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Welcome to the Insta-hood: @TheJamesOliver !

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Welcome to the Insta-hood! Where I interviewed fascinating people and their IG accounts. This week I  interviewed fellow IG account @thejamesoliver !


  1. Tell me about yourself.


“My name is James Oliver. I used to be a failed heavy metal musician but now I am an Instagram star thanks for my up and coming series “Unegging with James!” I currently reside in Austin, Texas.”


2. How did you come up with the Kinder Egg Instagram Video concept?

” I stumbled across some unboxing videos on Youtube in which BORING people with no charmisa were opening up Kinder Eggs and assembling the toys. The videos had millions of views despite their WEAK content. I decided to take it upon myself to provide entertaining and providing informative videos for the obviously deprived Kinder Egg audience. I started doing the eggisodes on my Instagram story ( a very unorthodox medium to try to create an internet based show). Because only a  handful of people who followed were already watching whenever I would posted weird videos. I knew at least some of the people who follow me would see them.”


3. Why did you pick Kinder egg candy vs an other candy?

“I picked Kinder eggs because I noticed them one day at CVS when I was there picking up my Xanax prescription. In addition to Kinder Joy eggs I have also unegged several other products on the show. Including   Shopkins Choco Treasure, Yowie Surprise Egg, Yummy World, and various others.”


4. What are your three favorite toys from Kinder Egg and is there a toy that you have been searching for that you haven’t come across yet?

” Some of my favorites have been the Mystery Lab series that was in stores in during the Halloween season. There was a couple I didn’t end up finding in my eggs, including a blue guy with an extra face on his stomach and a female cyclops. One of the coolest ones I’ve ever gotten was the motorcycle. I’ve found it in one of the earlier episodes called “Market Eggs.”



Another toy I’ve found pretty neat was a wizard with a blue cape and an orange hat.



My least favorite toys are the Marvel Avengers toys. My dream Kinder Egg series would be Universal Monsters or some sort of horror film icons series.”


5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Not really but I have a couple ideas jotted down for potential eggisodes . I would encourage anyone reading this who is intrigued to check out my highlighted series stories on Instagram. That is where I have been archiving all the various eggisodes that I have made. I’m saving up money to buy a proper video camera and some editing software so I can start a YouTube channel. I’m not sure when that will eventually cometo fruition that that is my goal right now and is the main reason I continue to put out episodes of Unegging with James on Instagram.”


To find out more about James and watch some amazing episodes: This is his IG page:




Thank you so much for the interview James!!!



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Movie of the day: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Today’s Movie of the day is Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) directed by John Hughes and  starring John Candy, and Steve Martin.


This movie is about a man called Neal Page (who is played by Steve Martin) who is trying to get home to his family in Chicago from a business trip and runs into a bunch of flight cancellations. By mere chance he runs into a shower curtain salesman (played by John Candy)  at the airport and they tried to find a way to get back to Chicago. They encounter so much obstacles along the way! They literally in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”


l/r Steve Martin and the late John Candy star in the 1987 movie, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

So I didn’t know anything about this movie until a couple of years ago. It was Thanksgiving and I wanted to watch a movie on Netflix and this was on my recommendation list. So I took a chance and pressed play and I am beyond happy that I did!

I have always been such a huge fan of both leading actors in this movie because the first movie I watch of them was:

Little Shop of Horrors:


source (1)

And in Plane, Trains and Automobiles they play off each perfectly. This movie is so endearing and have the perfect mixture of laughter and tears. It quickly became a staple viewing for the holiday season for me.


Here is Steve Martin talking about working with John Candy on this movie:

Here are some fun facts about this movie:

When John Candy is riding on the bus he is humming the theme to the Flintstones which was his favorite cartoon.

Director John Hughes originally wanted Tom Hanks and John Travolta to play the lead roles in this movie.

In Del Griffith’s trunk he only has the following items inside: a pillow, and a picture of his wife.


Actor Rick Moranis was another actor that was considered for the role of Neal.



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Welcome to the Insta-hood : @madshelleyfilms !

Hello and welcome to this week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood! This week I interviewed fellow IGer: @madshelleyfilms


  1. Tell me a little about yourself.


“I’m an Emmy® Award-Winning Writer-Filmmaker who serves as the President of the nationally recognized educational film company, OutreachArts, Inc. and its award-winning, sister company, Mad Shelley Films (‘Under the Flowers’, ‘The Halloween Girl’). In recent years I’ve stepped away from my company, OutreachArts to focus on our Mad Shelley Films work.


However, I’m incredibly proud of our OutreachArts’ Emmy® Award-Winning teen drama series, ‘Maple Ave’ which aired on public television – and was even featured on IFC! These days, I’m probably better known for our spooky web series, ‘Under the Flowers’.”

2. Can you talk about your company: Mad Shelley Films?


“Well, on our web site it says that Mad Shelley Films was born of my ‘love for classic ghost stories’ but, really, the catalyst was losing both my parents within six months of each another and deciding to make, a one-off film, ‘The Halloween Girl’ to deal with my grief. In the end, the film did help me through a very difficult time and I’m happy to say it was also very well received; we had some Hollywood screenings, awards and great reviews. But, little did I know, the Halloween Girl would demand a resurrection in what became our supernatural web series,  ‘Under the Flowers’! It was as if all these characters and their stories had been patiently waiting for me to finish up with OutreachArts and then, boom!, this sudden explosion of Hammer Films, Twin Peaks, Mario Bava, Dark Shadows, 70’s horror comics and Neil Gaiman-influenced stuff was spilling out everywhere! Sounds like a mess – and it was – a great, big, beautiful, spooky mess!”

3. How did you come up with the concept of your company?

“When I decided to start up the company, I instantly thought of a blurb I’d read in High School about the poet, Percy Shelley and how he got the nicknamed ‘Mad Shelley’ at school because of his passionate, eccentric behavior. Well, right away, I felt I had discovered a kindred spirit (and a favorite poet)! So we had a name – and then I thought of Rod Serling and my love of the supernatural and our tagline, ‘Supernatural Dramas – with a Twist!’ was born. Really though, I consider our work ‘bubblegum art films’ because they’re rooted in both my love of dark, classic literature, art films and retro horror (particularly 60’s & 70’s stuff). So, I’m afraid, we’re always going to be more ‘The Innocents’ (1961) and ‘Let’s Scare Jessica to Death’ (1971) than the latest jump scare rehash! ”

4. What has been your favorite project that you have worked on and why?


“Well, my favorite project is always the most recent so that would have to be ‘Under the Flowers: Waking the Witch’ (our third season). Though I was pretty sick during filming, our amazing cast and crew pulled me over the finish line – they truly are the best and really share a special spot in my heart.


Anyway, I enjoyed this ‘Under the Flowers’ chapter the most because there was a real joy in making it (much like ‘The Halloween Girl’). We had arduous shoots the first two seasons and I was determined to reverse that trend while digging deeper into the characters with a more adventurous storyline. And, I’m happy to say, it’s been the most well-received ‘Under the Flowers’ season to date!”

5.  Do you have any exciting news or any future projects you would like to share?

“Yes! I recently finished the script for the last episode of Book 1 of ‘Under the Flowers’; it’s called ‘Catch Your Death’ and we hope to shoot it in the Spring of 2020. In this one Charlotte gets her wish to return to her old life for a redo – but quickly learns witches shouldn’t play with dead things! Also, I’m in the process of adapting the ‘Under the Flowers’ series and ‘The Halloween Girl’ as a graphic novel series – and having a blast! So, come on 2020!”



If you like more information about Mad Shelley Films the following contact information is below:

Mad Shelley Films

Their Instagram account:



“It’s not Cranberry Sauce”

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food and giving thanks. However I believe that it is also a day to spend watching movies! So here are four movies to get you in the mood for this holiday!


Blood Rage (1987)- directed by John Grissmer. Starring Louise Lasser, and Mark Gordon. How can I NOT have this movie on the list? It has everything in a thanksgiving movie. It is centered around thanksgiving. It has a dysfunctional family and it is a horror movie!

Link below to rent:

Blood Rage Movie


Microwave Massacre (1983)- directed by Wayne Berwick. And starring Jackie Vernon. Yes the same comedian that did the voice for the holiday cartoon classic of Frosty the Snowman (1969).


Also starred in this dark humor horror movie about a husband who finally got tired of his wife’s high grade cooking style. So he killed her and then ate her thus having a new interesting unquenchable appetite for flesh. He continues his  search for human flesh.


Link to buy is below:

Microwave Massacre


Motel Hell (1980) directed by Kevin Conner and starring Roy Calhoun, and Nina Axelrod. This movie reminds me of one of the short stories from Scary Stories. When the local butcher in town was making meat out of the townspeople. It is similar to the plot of this movie because a farmer and his wife who are known for meats decided to build a hotel under fake circumstances. The meat the farmer and his wife use are actually the people who stay at the hotel!!


Link to buy is below:

Motel Hell


Dutch (1991) directed by Peter Faiman and starring Ethan Embry and Ed O’Neill. Ed O’Neil is the main character in this movie. And as favor to his girlfriend he drives to pick up her son at a boarding school as a good way to bond with him. However things do not go Dutch’s way and chaos ensues not only with the young man but he also on the road.



Until next time!



Lady.Cult’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2019!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Lady.cult Holiday Gift Guide 2019! All of these items are from small and amazing businesses. So please check out there social media accounts and items that they made or curated



Misterbnation makes some pretty awesome things such as this fun pin. I am such a fan of Divine and John Waters and I know a lot of other people are too. So for that special someone or that person that has a scrooge mindset during the holiday season then this pin is a definite must!

Link to buy is below:




Souvenir Jewelry        has amazing jewelry and I am a fan of any kind of jewelry that is unique fun and long lasting. So when they recently made a collection called “Smell the Magic”  and I saw these earrings I knew I had to add these to the holiday gift guide!



Link to buy is below:


Spoiled Rotten Fly Stud Earrings



House of Mysterious Secrets    sells some pretty awesome stuff and if you are ever in a tight spot in buying a little gift for someone then may I suggest these horror air fresheners?


It is a unique gift and I am pretty sure that it is something they don’t have.


Link to buy is below:

Air Freshener


Kitschculturecanada  makes very special items. They have such a fun and creative way of mixing the TV shows I used watch growing up with items for your home. So when I was browsing through their site recently and came across this spectacular Golden Girls Christmas tree topper my jaw literally dropped!


Link to buy is below:

Golden Girls Christmas Tree Topper

It is no surprise or hidden secret that I love horror movies. I also have a soft spot for Christmas horror movies. So when Cavity Colors did a recent release of a sweater of the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night. I immediately pre-order it. I made it even more festive by picking out the forest green color.


Link to buy is below:

Silent Night, Deadly Night Sweater


Billy Lilly Universe is an amazing duo that creates some great art. They even make art you can wear like this Gizmo riding a convertible t- shirt:


Link is below to buy:

Gizmo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

PGBloodhouse runs a bookstore on Esty and has the most interesting assortment of books. As a book lover I have been a frequent buyer from his bookstore. So if you have the book lover on your list why not grab from the shop. I am pretty sure you spend time just browsing through the site looking through some interesting titles!


Link to the bookstore is below:

PG BloodHouse


Recently I came across a site called Always Fits where they sell really cute and kitsh items like The Golden Girls Hot Sauces and a stick of butter Ornament. They don’t sell clothing or something that requires needing to  get an actual size of what a person wears. Hence the name “Always Fits.” A lot of things on their site caught my attention and I thought were pretty cool like this Bob Ross Self Painting Color Changing Mug:

bob_ross_mug (1)

Link to buy is below:

Bob Ross Self-Painting Color Changing Mug


Martin Ontiveros is an amazing artist who creates badass art. His art is colorful and strong. His store also has the option of getting his art in prints like this one below:


Link to buy is below:


Happy Shopping everyone! what is on your shopping list?


Until next time!





Welcome to the Insta-hood: @ink._.girl !

hello and welcome to this week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood. This week I interviewed

Ig account @ink._.girl

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“My name is Izzy and I’m a live stream artist who lives in Las Vegas.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

I love drawing nostalgic art specifically in inks. I started broadcasting my art through Twitch to make friends and to exercise my art skills while creating a revenue to support my art expenses.


I’m originally from South Bend, Indiana. I moved to Las Vegas about two years ago to be closer to my family. I’m also a special events florist that creates large event floral set ups in the casinos.”

2. What inspires you in order you to draw?

254942_10150222180283375_2601330_n (1)

“My inspiration comes from my strong memories of my childhood. I hold on to the emotions I had when I first discovered crayons, learning how to tie my shoes, and exploring my father’s art supplies. It’s important in my art today to not forget my childlike wonder. It is that childlike wonder that leads to profound discovery. I was greatly impacted by discovering iconic creations like the animated version of The Hobbit, the creations of Beatrix Potter, Shel Silverstein, and Stan Lee. I use the nostalgia of these discoveries in my art.”

3. What is your favorite drawing that you made and why?

“My favorite work I’ve done so far is the ink sketch I made of Mr. Freeze from Batman.


The perspective, and line work was a discovery moment. It’s a piece that is truly original and not fully referenced from anything I’ve seen done. The character himself, his story line is iconic and one of a kind. Most importantly I had a ton of fun creating it.”

4. What interests do you have outside of art?

“I love cooking (vegetarian) and discovering new flavors. If I’m not watching Star Trek: Next Generation on Netflix I’m usually getting dressed up to go out to one of my boyfriend’s comedy shows.

Processed with VSCO with al5 preset

I also enjoy going to the eclectic arts district here in Las Vegas; a refreshing escape from the tourist attractions.”

5. Do you have any upcoming events or announcements you would like to share?

“I recently opened up my online print shop: ; where you can find work I’ve done for sale like my Mr. Freeze sketch.

I’m very excited about that and am working on original concepts to put into my store. You can also see me live streaming art work through Twitch at my site: Inkgirl

 All of my art work is on Instagram at : @ink._.girl 


Tiny Tim: a man of many Tulips



Herbert Butros Khaury (stage name is Tiny Tim) was born on April 12, 1932 in Manhattan, New York City. to a mother who was a garment work and a father who was a textile worker. His parents were musically inclined but he was and his father caught on quickly to his son’s musical interests. When Tiny Tim was a small kid his dad gave him a gramophone and a record of a song called  “Beautiful Ohio” by Henry Burr which Tiny Tim would sing the song for hours on end.

It also made Tiny Tim want to learn to play the guitar and he self-taught to play the instrument when he was six.  From the age forward he began to learn to play other instruments like the mandolin and the ukulele. In order for Tiny Tim to learn to play these various instruments he would go to the New York Public Library and photocopy sheet music and learn from those copies.

Tiny Tim And Friends

In 1950 he became a messenger for New York City  MGM studio offices  and had stardom in his eyes and he started to compete in various talents shows and dance club showcases all throughout New York City.


He became a regular show was a nightclub in Greenwich Village and played for six hours for six nights and his act would fellow a tinier gentleman. From then on his manager decided to nick name him “Tiny Tim” even though he was 6’1 and that became his stage name.


Tiny Tim started to become more popular during the decade of the 1960’s. He started to do more appearances on TV shows such as “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” :

and “Laugh In”:

He even married his first wife Vicki Budinger on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson:

He is best known for his cover of “Tip-toe through the Tulips” but I really like his version of  “Stay Down Where you Belong”: ( It is a staple song for me!!)


Tiny Tim passed away on November 6, 1996 from a heart attack. Growing up I always enjoyed seeing such an interesting performer on TV. Tiny Tim really made an interesting life and made his own mark.


Some fun facts about Tiny Tim:

-in the 1980’s he toured with the Great American Circus.

  • he was in a horror movie called “Blood Harvest:
  • He took up to eight baths a day.



Until Next time!!!



Source: Wikipedia and IMBD