“It’s not Cranberry Sauce”

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food and giving thanks. However I believe that it is also a day to spend watching movies! So here are four movies to get you in the mood for this holiday!


Blood Rage (1987)- directed by John Grissmer. Starring Louise Lasser, and Mark Gordon. How can I NOT have this movie on the list? It has everything in a thanksgiving movie. It is centered around thanksgiving. It has a dysfunctional family and it is a horror movie!

Link below to rent:

Blood Rage Movie


Microwave Massacre (1983)- directed by Wayne Berwick. And starring Jackie Vernon. Yes the same comedian that did the voice for the holiday cartoon classic of Frosty the Snowman (1969).


Also starred in this dark humor horror movie about a husband who finally got tired of his wife’s high grade cooking style. So he killed her and then ate her thus having a new interesting unquenchable appetite for flesh. He continues his  search for human flesh.


Link to buy is below:

Microwave Massacre


Motel Hell (1980) directed by Kevin Conner and starring Roy Calhoun, and Nina Axelrod. This movie reminds me of one of the short stories from Scary Stories. When the local butcher in town was making meat out of the townspeople. It is similar to the plot of this movie because a farmer and his wife who are known for meats decided to build a hotel under fake circumstances. The meat the farmer and his wife use are actually the people who stay at the hotel!!


Link to buy is below:

Motel Hell


Dutch (1991) directed by Peter Faiman and starring Ethan Embry and Ed O’Neill. Ed O’Neil is the main character in this movie. And as favor to his girlfriend he drives to pick up her son at a boarding school as a good way to bond with him. However things do not go Dutch’s way and chaos ensues not only with the young man but he also on the road.



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2 thoughts on ““It’s not Cranberry Sauce”

  1. Wow! I forgot all about DUTCH!! Gonna have to track that down …. i think i have a copy of MOTEL HELL, but those first two i haven’t seen before. I love Louise Lasser & also Jackie Vernon, so I’m gonna have to try & find those as well! Thanks for the suggestions! I hope your Thanksgiving is great!

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