All I do is dream of Toys…Toys.. Toys!

A somewhat updated list of my dream toy wish list:

  1. Shogun Warriors: Godzilla. Yes he is the shorter one of the Shogun Warriors team and didn’t come with any interesting accessories. BUT he has some awesome fist shooting action and a “tongue of flames.”s-l1000hqdefault
  2. Jumbo Machinder: Raydeen. This super Robot a delta wing missile coming out of it’s stomach! 66d3812e80d2e781fd3aa3d0b5989424hqdefault (1)
  3. Micronauti: Emperor- GIG’s is the Italian  line of Micronauts toys. This toy has the same components as his Mego counterpart in terms of magnetic joints and shooting fists. However his face mold has a sinister grin and it is made out of rubber instead of plastic.  3aa09f5ff34307d63c5da61cb85be723e37bb317e387819217628e11bc31b872
  4. & 5. Remco 1981’s Universal Studios Mini Monsters: The Card art is amazing and this tiny monsters glow in the dark!8155e030e6dfadacd7958baaa2373185RemcoCreatureCardLarge

Movie of the day:

Today’s movie of the day is Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD (2014) directed by Paul Goodwin.

It is about the 40 year history of the science fiction comic 2000AD4622009122

It is full of in depth interviews of how this comic came about and it’s pitfalls along it’s way.


“Something about us”

“Something About Us” by Daft Punk
It might not be the right time

I might not be the right one

But there’s something about us I want to say

Cause there’s something between us anyway
I might not be the right one

It might not be the right time

But there’s something about us I’ve got to do

Some kind of secret I will share with you
I need you more than anything in my life

I want you more than anything in my life

I’ll miss you more than anyone in my life

I love you more than anyone in my life 

Addicted to Love

In 1986 producer Terrence Donovan directed one of the most iconic 80’s music video of Robert Palmer’s song:  “Addicted to Love”.


This song is on Robert Palmer’s Riptide album and was it’s second single. Every time I think of Robert Palmer two things pop up in my head: this song and this video.


Some interesting facts of this video and song:

-The models in the video are not actually playing the instruments in it. A musician was hired to teach them fingering routines to give the impression of playing the instruments.

  • The same models were recast in future Robert Palmer’s videos such as “Simply Irresistible”, “I didn’t mean to Turn You on”, and “Change His Way”.
  • Robert Palmer was going to make this song a duet with Chanka Khan but her record company would not allow her to sing in it due to her contract. RobertPalmer-AddictedToLovevob_tn-800x602

A cooking lesson from Dali….

A couple of months ago Taschen Books re released Salivador Dali’s Les diners de Galadali_diners_de_gala_va_gb_3d_sticker_04639_1611081821_id_1071839

Made in 1973 Dali dedicated this cookbook to his wife and muse Gala Dali ( The pair was known to have thrown the best dinner parties!). This book contains 136 recipes with such interesting names as “Conger of the rising Sun”, “Mexican Baby Turkeys” and “Father Hans Sauerkraut”


Their is even a chapter solely dedicated to aphrodisiacs (Chapter 10: Les “je mange GALA)


This is such an incredible book for both art lovers and cooking fiends. It is so visually stunning and every page offers some appealing both to the eye and the stomach.