All I do is dream of Toys…Toys.. Toys!

A somewhat updated list of my dream toy wish list:

  1. Shogun Warriors: Godzilla. Yes he is the shorter one of the Shogun Warriors team and didn’t come with any interesting accessories. BUT he has some awesome fist shooting action and a “tongue of flames.”s-l1000hqdefault
  2. Jumbo Machinder: Raydeen. This super Robot a delta wing missile coming out of it’s stomach! 66d3812e80d2e781fd3aa3d0b5989424hqdefault (1)
  3. Micronauti: Emperor- GIG’s is the Italian  line of Micronauts toys. This toy has the same components as his Mego counterpart in terms of magnetic joints and shooting fists. However his face mold has a sinister grin and it is made out of rubber instead of plastic.  3aa09f5ff34307d63c5da61cb85be723e37bb317e387819217628e11bc31b872
  4. & 5. Remco 1981’s Universal Studios Mini Monsters: The Card art is amazing and this tiny monsters glow in the dark!8155e030e6dfadacd7958baaa2373185RemcoCreatureCardLarge

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