Deodorant and cigarettes….

We just came out of the movies. He walked a little ahead of me to open the theater door to the street. When I passed him, I could smell his deodorant which had a clean scent with a light musk. As we moved further away from the theater towards the hotel, he lit a cigarette. We walked side by side, and that is when he took my hand and held it. It was a memory ingrained in my heart and mind. A memory never lost but never returned after that day. Whenever I smell that mixture, I look around and hope to see you. I never do, but I still reconnect with that feeling of when you took my hand and smiled.

Haunted destinations: Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has a hotel called the Crescent Hotel. It is considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in America.

The Hotel was built in 1886 and was the place for the rich and well-known to vacation there. A couple of years after its opening, the Hotel became disrepair, and no one could manage it. In 1908 the vacant place was turned into the Cresent College and Conservatory for Women. The college ran until 1923 and finally closed in 1924 for reasons unknown. It was rebought in 1930, became a smaller college with a short life, and closed in 1934. Every summer after that, it was a hotel. However, the Hotel’s haunted history started in 1937, when Norman G. Baker bought the place to turn it into a hospital and health resort. In hopes of saving those with cancer, that would be the go-to hospital in the United States. There was a massive issue though Norman was not a doctor. Nor did he have any experience in medical care, let alone help those with cancer.

Norman G. Baker had many different jobs throughout his lifetime. He was a radio broadcaster in Iowa, a vaudeville performer, an inventor, and a fake healer because he claimed he invented a cure for cancer.

He boasted claims of being a doctor in person and on the radio, and he was run out of Iowa because he was practicing medicine without a license. However, patients who truly believed he was a doctor followed him to Arkansas to his hospital and health resort, believing Baker could cure them. As a result, the Hotel was renamed the Baker Hospital. In addition, he claimed drinking the natural springs around the resort cured their terminal illness. Various amount of people passed away in the hospital, which caused Baker to create a makeshift morgue. And that area is known to be the most haunted place in the hotel.

In 1940, Norman G. Baker was arrested and had federal charges for mail fraud. He spent four years in jail, which left the place without an owner. In 1946 it was bought by four men, and on March 1967, the Hotel was almost burnt to a crisp. The only living owner of the four was a man named Dwight Nichols.

Marty and Elise Roenigk bought the hotel in 1997, and it went on a significant six-year restoration to return it to its original state. The hotel has over 60 guest rooms, and you can stay in one of the numerous cottages on the property. It also has a spa, various bellmen, suites, and a huge dining room called the Crystal Dining Room.

Photo by Purdy Art Co.

There are various reports sightings of ghosts in the hotel since the hotel went through various phases of life within it’s over hundred year career. There is no surprise that the hotel offers ghost tours, unique Halloween tours, as well as tours about the history of the hotel..

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