Artist’s Spotlight: @rites_of_annihilation !

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on @rites_of_annihilation !

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself:

“Hi there, I’m Ray!

I’m an odd little introvert living in Northern Delaware with my best friend for life, three cat overlords and two rat dukes. 

Never conceding for a truly traditional path, by daylight I work retail in the weirdest of ways,  managing a large and diverse collection of crystals, fossils and tarot cards. By night I’m excavating monolithic figures out on canvas and drawing until I can’t see straight. 

Art has most of my attention today but when I was young I absolutely knew I’d be a Paleontologist by now. Digging up new dinosaur species and (of course) naming them after myself and loved ones. This childhood devotion would be the leading force to direct me to the world of art. After all, I knew I wasn’t going to get a job digging up dinosaurs right away. I was only 6 years old and I needed to be at least 10, as I figured. I had to find ways to feel close to my prehistoric idols. This involved watching all dino related programs, combing beaches for fossils and drawing T-Rex’s over and over until I had an unholy knowledge of their anatomy.

This process of study, practice and creation became my modus operandi and even as my interests would change and grow over the years my satisfaction with art has remained constant. 

These days as my interest in the esoteric and occult cultivates, my art is influenced by Extraterrestrials, altered states of consciousness, eroguro, manga and the natural world.

I studied Animation at The Delaware College of Art and Design earning an AFA in 2010 and in 2012 finished my Undergraduate degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Painting. 

Since then I have completed many commissioned works and collaborated with art supply companies. In 2016 I co-illustrated the children’s book “Its not Mean to be Green” Authored by Jamie Kleman and have been privileged to exhibit in many group shows including Michigan’s Future Gallery’s “Exploring Supernatural Revelation” in 2017, “Astral Shadows” at Philadelphia’s Johnny Brenda’s in 2018, and most recently in the “Delaware Fun a Day” exhibit in early 2020.It is with gratitude and excitement that I anticipate many more opportunities for growth, to create and exhibit in the coming years. “

2. Can you talk about the characters in your drawings? Where do you get your inspiration from?

“The characters in most of my drawings come about rather intuitively. Unless I am doing studies, reference work, or detailed projects I may only know how I want to depict how the subjects themselves feel or what colors to start with. As my lines are made those lines tell me who they want to be. Like some weird cyclical alchemical reaction from my pen, to the page, and back to my mind, each mark before it informs the next. This surreal sketching method started for me when I was moving from middle to high school. After the accumulation of traumatic events I was left homeless and lost a lot of my art and sketchbooks up to that point. It became important to me to place greater value on the act of creating art rather than the permanence of the piece itself. 

It was then that I committed to drawing with just a ballpoint pen 90% of the time.  

This drawing process has taught me to draw quickly, and often, developing snap problem solving and ultimately leaving the dependency on erasers behind. In addition to giving me a vast encyclopedia of sketches to later reference in more labored art projects further along the road this has helped me develop a personal style and some repeating characters that have become important in representing certain themes and emotions.     

Looking more into the repeating characters mentioned above, there is one that has been an intentional figure in my sketchbook and on my canvas for years. Though they have existed in my creative sphere since a young age as an almost imaginary friend this figure is still very present in my art to this day. His name is Almaz. Akin to the Tibetain tradition of a Tulpa or “Thought Form” this particular character has grown and changed over the years as my art style and myself have. Though it might be too simple to say that Almaz is an alter ego, much of the artwork he is featured in does mirror my personal introspections without diminishing his own potency as a character.”

3. Can you talk about the inspiration of your social media name?

“It’s a funny story that is still developing to some degree. Once I decided to make an art account on instagram it was time to embrace my artistic persona, Ray Reinsfelder and with that an account name that was exciting and memorable. I was really struggling to find something that was empowering but also available.  In an effort to get out of my own way I looked into random word generators. 

One in particular stood out.

Magical spell name randomizer, corny, I know, but I ran with it! 

Promising myself to take the first name to come up, “Rites of Annihilation” was it.  It is a rather ominous set of words. However I felt very attached to them immediately. 

Transformation cycles have been very important themes throughout my life. Sometimes catastrophically so. As difficult and painful as they have been, all of them have added to my Scorpio super power to shed and recover.  With each ‘Annihilation’ I have grown wiser, more empathetic, and have dug a deeper well of equanimity each and every time.”

4. Can you talk about your Esty shop?

“My Etsy shop’s name is SekhmetTreasures, after the Egyptian Lion-Warrior Goddess of the fire, heat, and the sun (this association serves as testament to the ferocity of my commitment to the success of my work but also who can argue with cats?) It is an eclectic collection of all my favorite creative works, collaborations and projects that my Partner and fellow cat lover Peter Varallo (Instagram:@Garbagefaery) and I have done.

Anything from original paintings, art prints and merchandise, to things like handmade jewelry, minerals, divination tools, ethically sourced taxidermy and all manner of other odd sundries can be found in store. Take a look and find something both funky and original, and know each order made is supporting real people doing real work! 

Thank you for checking out SekhmentTreasures on etsy!

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“The most exciting news that can be pinned down right now is a work-life adjustment that has added hours of time to studio and educational pursuits.  With determination and time to focus on larger studio pieces my major goals going into 2021 will be finishing paintings and applying for group and solo exhibitions. With that in mind, considering the current pandemic certain planned events have been cancelled or rescheduled. This has added to my interest in expanding on printed and digital media and interdisciplinary projects like animation, music, videos and zines. To stay abreast of all projects feel free to follow my social media accounts or watch my website listed below. ”    

Website: Ray Reinsfelder 

Instagram: @rites_of_annihilation


Thank you for the interview! Until next time!

Welcome to the Insta-hood @the_johnny_bee !

This week’s interview is with @the_johnny_bee

  1. Tell me a little about yourself and how did you get in to drumming: ” I grew up and still live in the quad cities in Illinois. Me and my brother grew up with a dad that was in a band with his brother in the late 70’s early 80’s called the hooker brothers. So I have been around live music and influenced by great classic music for years. When I was 15 my brother was already a killer guitar player and he started to have people come over and jam with him. He taught me how to play guitar so guitar was the fist instrument I learned then his friend brought over a drum kit. After a few days I was curious and sat behind the kit I started playing beats and doing fills like I had been doing it for years. So to sum this up that was it I kept playing and my dad bought me my first pearl export black 5 pc kit and I’ve never stopped since. Self taught I’ve always played by ear I started at 14 and I’m 45 now so wow it’s been a crazy ride. So there’s your answer to questions 1 and 2 lol

2. Can you share some of the weirdest stories while you were on the road?

“Some weird crazy stories on the road well  I joined a band called Waco Jesus a very hardcore grind band I played with them for 13 years. Some Europe stories that were crazy were being in Amsterdam wasted hitting the smoke shops and checking out what we call on the road whack shacks but these are like dirty book store quarter booths with real live sex. Walking in right off the canal in the red light into a store front and paying 3 euro to go into a booth and jerk off while you watch people fucking it was kinda like that Madonna video where she’s dancing and the people’s window goes up and they are watching her but straight porn lol. Getting into fights ,Giant-lines of speed and cocaine were always around plenty of weed and endless alcohol and more killer shows than you could imagine I truly don’t have enough time for em all. One more that was crazy was we drove to New York to play in queens at castle heights metal club with exhumed oct 12th 1 month and a day after 911.We went to ground zero it was still burning they had it all fenced off and the fences had tarps so you couldn’t see through because they were pulling bodies out still we went to this bar and got drunk as fuck and talked to some local New Yorkers and they were super cool saw all on World Trade Center in shambles.”

3. What was the most interesting event that you were in and why?

“the most interesting event that I was in and why would be well how about an event I was at and that would be at a Tom Jones concert in Burlington Iowa around 2000 I’d have to say with my brother Dan. I won the tickets on the radio I always win on the radio for some reason we were working as industrial painters. We got off work I picked up the tickets and we hit a bar in town. Got drunk and headed towards Tom lol. We had some weed with us and burned a few bowls on the way. Got into the venue and then Tom cam out. We were ten rows back with floor seats still in our work clothes standing up 2 fisting beers we were the only people standing up. Everyone in there was 50 to 70 years old I’d say and were looking at us real crazy we have a lot of tattoos etc and had long hair at the time. Tom is about 4 songs in and then he plays it’s not unusual and we lost it we jumped into the main isle started dancing all the way to the stage Tom Jones was wiping off his nipples with woman’s panties they were throwing at him and we were literally right at the front of the stage looking up at Tom he was singing looking at us like wtf as my brother was raising the roof .Needless to say security came and ushered us back to our seats while still dancing they were actually laughing. There was an intermission cause the people there were old lol so we were on a balcony smoking and these old ladies came up and said they were up too watching us and loved it. We got back to our seats Tom fired up what’s new past cat I got into the main isle ran and slid on my knees like footloose and me and my bro started cutting the rug again. Now no one was standing or really dancing for the whole first half after we did this the whole area exploded and got up it was surreal something out of a movie.”

4. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

I host a festival called full terror assault in cave in Rick it’s an extreme true open air fest some larger bands that have play would be napalm death, obituary ,overkill, m.o.d, death angel. I could go on and but it’s byob camping and crazy contests hopefully it will be going on this next year in sept some time look up full terror assault on Facebook or Instagram. If you wanna follow me on YouTube it’s John baker aka sleazy b there’s clips of Waco shows and full terror assault clips also look up anything Waco  Jesus the albums I drummed on are filth, Receptive when Beaten, and sex, drugs, and death metal I also jammed with the lizard man in a band called lizard skynard and about 20 other bands in the last over 30 years.”

If you like to learn more about John. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @the_johnny_bee

Youtube Channel: Johnny Baker aka Sleazy B

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Dark Shadows: My childhood obsession

It was the summer of 3rd grade and I had a huge obsession with vampires. I read my first book on vampires by Anne Rice called “Interview with the Vampire.”

After I finished that book I went on to read the rest of the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice. I finished all of those in three months by the end of the school year. However I wanted more vampire theme stuff and was searching for it. On the first day off of summer my brother was watching a channel called the Sci-Fi Channel and left it on for me. It first I saw a bunch of Lost in Space episodes but by the time late morning came I heard a theme song that would forever be in my mind:

I was impressed and curious by the theme song and decided to see the rest of the show. Midway through the show they started talking about a subject my child’ s mind wanted to know more of:

VAMPIRES!!! I was so trilled because finally my thirst of more vampires content had finally come true!!!

I started watching the show everyday for that entire summer and was completely glued to the complex content of vampires, curses, werewolves, and time travel. I even begged my parents to buy me musical boxes and anything that looked vintage that could possibly looked like it could of been on the show. My brother know my obsession with the show and bought me my first vhs tape of

I watched this tape SO many times during the beginning of the school year that I literally wore it out. It got to a point where I was able to memorize the first 20 minutes of the movie. I knew when each character was about to enter the scene. It still reminds one of my favorite movies to this day.

I never was able to watch the entire Dark Shadow Series (1966-1971). But I did watch the reboot one that was made in 1991

Although I do prefer the original version of the series. I hope one day to be able to watch the entire series. I know they sell the entire series through various stores. But in the meantime whenever I see House of Dark Shadows or Night of Dark Shadows on TCM I always make sure I watch it. My ringtone on my phone is the intro theme to the show so I might sure I only answer my phone halfway through so I’ll be able listen to the song.

I know some people think a cartoon or a kid’s show with fond memories however one of my found childhood memories involves a horror soap opera.

How I came to love reading….

When I was five I went to Catholic school for preschool. It was not the most positive experience but the one thing I do remember one thing from my Catholic school experience. I was taught how to read there. I remember being the last kid in my class to finally grasp the concept of reading. The nuns did try really hard to teach my but nothing would grasp. They would give my books about farms, animals, places, etc and nothing took with me. However it took the nun from the after school program to be able to teach me. She knew my struggle of not learning how to read as quickly as the other kids.

So one day after school she asked me If “I show you a couple of book covers. Can you tell me which one interests you the most.” I said ok. She showed me some book covers and nothing interested me and then she took one book out from her desk and that one looked so interesting to me! This was the cover of the book:

She was like “we normally don’t let you kids read this kind of material. However I’ll make an exception because this seems to be the only one you shown any interest in.”So after a couple of days staying after school with her she helped me learn how to read. This was the first story I was able to read by myself which I always revisit every couple of years:

The Green Ribbon was the first story I was able to read fully by myself. I love the story so much that it finally spark my first love in reading. I would often try to find books that were like that story.

What was the first book you remember reading or enjoy? Comment below!

Until next time!!!

Great Small businesses: @bitchyveganhomo !

This week I interviewed a great small business: @bitchyveganhomo !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

I was born in Pittsburgh but I live in Cleveland now. I have always loved to cook and bake and since I was the only non-meat eater in the house growing up, I did a lot of my own cooking. One night I was making my best friend his dinner and we were joking around. He said, “Shut up you bitchy vegan homo” to me and I decided to literally own that name.

2. What made you want to start your business?

t sort of happened by accident. I had the opportunity to do a vegan YouTube cooking show and I decided to do events to help promote that. The response I got to my baked goods at these events made me realize that there was a hole that needed filled and it was going to take something gay and delicious to fill it.

3. What is the “Vegan Cheesecake Podcast”?

The Vegan Cheesecake Podcast is a fun side project that I do with my dear friend Vegan Vicki of Urban Sweetness. She came up to me one night at an event and said “I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast and I’ve been thinking about doing one with YOU.” Two minutes later we had the name and the concept nailed down. We focus on two things we both love, vegan food and The Golden Girls. Each week we discuss a different episode of the show and talk about the things we’ve made or eaten and anything else that pops into our heads. Unlike a lot of other vegan podcasts, we keep it light and fun. We want to be a welcome relief of silliness for people to enjoy. We have been on a hiatus for the past few months due to the health crisis and other commitments but we are starting back up with new shows in mid October.

4. What is the top 3 items you make and why do you think that they are the most popular items?


Without a doubt my brownies are the thing I am known for. I didn’t realize how good they were until strangers started telling me they were the best brownies they’d ever had. After so many people said that, I just started calling them “The Best Damn Brownie.” People love them because they are very rich and chocolatey and they are the perfect middle ground between fudgy and caky.

The other two items that I think have the most passionate responses are my blueberry white chocolate cookies and my new pumpkin praline bars. 

Blueberry White Chocolate Cookies
Pumpkin Praline Bars

5. Do you have any exciting news and events that you would like to share?

“I’ve got a lot of pop-ups happening in Ohio including a new monthly partnership with Melt Bar & Grilled. On October 22nd I’ll be at locations in Lakewood (a Cleveland suburb), Akron and Columbus. People can pre-order in advance to make sure they get what they want but i will also have the tables stocked with brownies and select other vegan goodies. There’s a page on my website that’s updated with all of my upcoming events. I am also working on getting the mail order side of things going for the brownies. That will hopefully be launching before the end of the year in time for the holidays.”

If you like to learn more about this great business. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @bitchyveganhomo

Twitter: @bitchyveganhomo

Pinterest : @bitchyveganhomo

Youtube: @bitchyveganhomo

Facebook: @bvh Show

Artist’s Spotlight: @zak_koonce !

This week artist’s Spotlight is on @zak_koonce!

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“My name is Zak, and along with my creative partner Craven Moorhaus we are the co-creators of a Youtube channel called Auralnauts which is coming up on its 8 year anniversary. I’m pretty sure he and I are a common law couple by this point. We are most known for redubbing movies, commercials and other pop culture media with our own music and dialogue in order to tell new stories and jokes. If you put a gun to my head and demanded to know what we’re like, I would say a mix between MST3K, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and The Mighty Boosh. Then I’d ask why you felt the need to escalate so quickly because I would have been more than happy to answer the question without being pressured at gunpoint. My primary pursuit is writing. I mostly stick to comedy, but I’ve done my share of professional copywriting as well. When I’m not making content with Craven or submitting articles to my friends’ sites, I can be found somewhere in Brooklyn training people how to fight or helping them get more fit. You know how samurai were believed to have pursued the arts in order to balance their spirit? I’m kind of like that, only I insert farts into movie scenes where there previously were no farts.”

2. Can you talk about your Youtube channel “Auralnauts?”

” Auralnauts began when Craven invited me to help make fun of Bane’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises. Craven is a composer and sound designer by trade, and Bane’s voice was odd enough to him that he felt compelled to do something with it. I helped him write a comedy short prior to this, so he reached out to me again to help him scratch the itch Bane’s voice was causing him. Since Bane is wearing a mask, we could make him say anything we wanted, so long as we could replicate the voice. Turns out I was able to get pretty close on my own, so between that, Craven’s skills as a sound designer and an empty paper towel tube, we were able to make Bane Outtakes:

Our first and by far most popular video. We strung together a series of disconnected scenes where we portrayed Bane as a health nut who was violently opposed to poor nutrition, while simultaneously pursuing a freestyle rap career. The impression isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough that many people think they’re watching real scenes removed from the final cut of the film. Since then Craven and I have been finding new ways to combine our unique skill sets across different projects. In the beginning, Craven was very clearly the music and sound guy, and I was clearly the writer guy, but over the years we’ve grown so familiar with each other’s style that our work has become a happy blend of both our voices. 

3.  How did the idea of “How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer” come about?

“Not everything we do is overdub related. Sometimes we make original content, and How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer may be our most successful attempt. It even won a Webby. The idea came about sort of naturally after watching too many trailers during blockbuster movie season. The conversation started with “Hey, you ever notice how every trailer does this?” Followed by “Oh yeah, and what about this other thing?” Pretty soon you have a long enough list of clichés to make a parody. If I remember correctly, I think the top priority was to make an edgy cover track with spooky female vocals, because movie trailers love their edgy cover tracks with spooky female vocals. Even though our intent was to make fun of the music, most of those covers still kick ass, so it was important to pick the right song to cover and make it as epic as possible. We went with DOA’s “You Spin Me”. After that it was a matter of comparing a bunch of recent trailers and making sure we had the most important clichés accounted for. The final product is a bunch of audio gags with basic text instructions. We made a follow up recently specifically for action movies.

4. Apart from Star Wars. What would be your top 3 sci fi movies, and why?

Top 3 sci-fi movies:

  • “The Thing (John Carpenter) – This movie is timeless to me. I’m not big into “favorite movies of all time” because I’m pretty fair weather about what I like at any given moment. Except when it comes to this film. I can watch this film at any time, anywhere. The special effects, the creature designs, the building suspense, the performances. Nothing about it gets old to me. I even catch new details every once in a while. For instance I never noticed the half of Blair’s mutated face in the final creature until recently. I don’t know why I missed it for so long. Maybe the staggering amount of grotesque details to take in always drew my eye away from it. Whenever I picture it the first detail that comes to mind are the absurdly large teeth actually coming out of the side of his head. Blair’s face was right there the whole time!
  • Robocop (Paul Verhoeven) – I like sci-fi films that can make strong commentaries and remain relevant over time, while also still being fun to watch. Robocop encompasses a lot of the problems tearing the US apart today, like monied interests directly controlling the police, manufacturing crime stats in order to incentivize gentrification, instant cancer by way of full toxic waste submersion. Okay, the last one may be a stretch, but it still gave me nightmares as a kid. Toxic waste is supposed to give you superpowers! Not turn you into a wheezing pile of dripping flesh.
  • Robot Jox (Stuart Gordon) – I can’t really defend Robot Jox being here. It’s so personal. All the inside jokes it has given my friends and family over the years are priceless. It has so much going for it! Awesome stop motion animated mechs. Trick jungle gym bars that separate the inferior from the superior. Ritualistic butt slaps that give away imposters. Stuart Gordon films are a delight no matter what, but most of them skew more toward horror, so Robot Jox slides in here to represent sci-fi.”
Robot Jox

5.  Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

” We’re always working on new projects and music. So if you are interested in anything you read here, I encourage you to visit our Youtube channel, sort by “Most Popular” and start from there. You’ll find hours of entertainment to catch up on, including a completely redone version of the first 6 Star Wars films, where the jedi are stoner dickheads, the bad guys are lame franchise restaurant owners, and C3P0 is a Cronenberg-esque, flesh obsessed psychopath called Creepio. In my opinion it starts off a little clunky, but I think we stick the landing and make it worth your while. Also Dance of the Fates is still a banger. “

Our channel IG account is @auralnautsofficial

My personal IG account is @zak_koonce, but it’s mostly just thirst pics of me flexing. 

Thank you so much for the interview!!

Some Movies to get you in the Halloween Mood!

Someone the other day suggested that I make a list of movies to watch during the Halloween season. I forgot the name of the person but thank you for the great suggestion!!! Here is a list of ten movies. Some you may of heard before and some might be ones you never did. Here is the list in random order:

Long Weekend (1978) directed Colin Eggleston and starring John Hargreaves and Briony Behets

A very unhappy married couple who live in Australia decides to go camping during the long weekend. However Mother Nature turns against them when the couple decides to take advantage of her.

Available to watch on YouTube, and The Criterion.

House (1977) directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi and starring Kimiko Ikegami, Miki Jinbo and Kumiko Ohba

A group of young girls go one of their aunts house to get away on vacation from their typical teen pressures. Like family, school etc. However when they arrive to the aunt’s house they realized it might be haunted. The trailer for the movie is here: House Movie 1977

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) and starring by voice Eric Blore, J. Pat O’Malley and Claude Allister. This is the first Disney movie that I remember watching. And I like it so much that I memorized all of the song lyrics. I also thought that any wooded area housed the Headless Horseman. So for a year I thought the headless horseman would come out of the woods at any given moment.

Available to watch on Disney Plus.

Blood for Dracula (1974) directed by Paul Morrissey and starring Udo Kier and Joe Dallesandro. Udo Kier plays Dracula and travels with his servant to Italy to find his potential Mrs. Dracula.

The Monster Club (1981) directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Vincent Price, and John Carradine. This movie has one of my favorite soundtracks. It has a lot of catchy songs on it and a good beat. The movie center around a club. A random person who happens to be a writer is approached by Vincent Price’s character and invites to come to the club. Vincent tells him stories that claim to be better then what the author wrote.

The Monster Club Trailer

Available to watch on Shudder and Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Treehouse of Horror shows- The Simpsons

Any Treehouse of Horror episodes from the The Simpsons. I cannot pick a favorite episode from that collection because they all share an equal place in my heart. But I usually start watching these episodes in July to get me ready for Halloween.

Episodes available to watch on Disney Plus, and Hulu.

The Honeymoon Killers:

(1970) directed by Leonard Kastle and starring Shirley Stoler and Tony Lo Bianco. This movie has been on my mind a lot lately. Based on true events of Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck. A couple goes on a killing rampage by seeking out lonely women from the Lonely Hearts club.

Rocktober Blood (1984) directed by Beverly Sebastian and starring Tray Loren. This movie also has one of my favorite soundtracks.

It is about a rock singer who dies but comes back to revenge his death. It is a hard to find movie but it is currently on YouTube and the link is here to watch: Rocktober Blood

The Exorcist (1973) directed by William Friedkin and starring Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn and Max Von Sydow. How can I not have this movie on this list? I watch it every year during this time because there are so many recognizable landmarks for me. I especially like watching it late at night to enhance the horror mood. Available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and starring Tom Atkins and Stacey Nelkin

This is my favorite of the Halloween movies. Mostly because of the masks in it. All the kids want to wear masks by The Silver Shamrock. However the masks are more than just a costume!

Available to watch on YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

What movies are you watching this month? Comment below!!!

Until next time!

Witches Night Out

Witches Night Out was Canadian cartoon that premiered on October 27, 1978 on NBC.

I remember the fist time I saw it I was about 8 years old and the channel Nickelodeon was showing a lot of programming from Canada. I remember coming home from school, turning on the tv and coming in the middle of the intro show.

Anything Halloween related or anything that had to do with monsters or witches I would stop and watch. SO of course I was automatically drawn to to this cartoon:

The cartoon is directed by John Leach and it has some great actors doing the voices as the cartoon characters. Such as Gilda Radner

and Catherine O’Hara:

The cartoon centers around a witch who is going through a rut because the town she lives in thinks that Halloween is not an important holiday and they don’t really celebrate it:

However she hears the cries of two children’s wishes on Halloween and she comes to their rescue by turning them into whatever their hearts desire. Such as a ghost, Frankenstein and a wolfman.

The kids show off their new scary selves at a Halloween party that the adults are having at the witch’s house. The adults get so scared the children who are the monsters feel bad.

The witch starts to feel bad and begins to tell the townspeople how underappreciative she feels in the town. The town realizes how fun they had because of the witch and applaud her and want her to turned them scariest selves:

The witch is trilled and invites the town back to her house where they celebrate!

Fun facts about this cartoon:

This cartoon is a spinoff of another cartoon called “The Gift of Winter (1974):

If you are in the Halloween mood. Witches Night Out is available to watch for free from TUBI:

Until Next time!!!

Welcome to the Insta-hood: @Yasmina_666 !

This week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood is on @Yasmina_666!

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

” My name is Yasmina Ketita and I am one third of Witch Finger Horror Podcast and writer/vlogger of The Rewind Zone column for Rue Morgue Magazine and a VHS collector.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, I currently live in London, Ontario and was a musician for several years singing for thrash metal Nothing Left For Tomorrow and playing guitar for The Alcohollys and Night of the Demons. Since taking a break from music in 2017, I have been focusing more on incorporating my love of 80’s horror movies by sharing my passion with other fans in the world through audio, writing and video platforms for everyone’s enjoyment of all things related to 80s horror.”

2. What is the “Witch Finger Horror Podcast”?

“Witch Finger Horror Podcast is a combination of girls, booze, burps and 80s horror! I began the podcast in 2016 with my best friends Morgan Lander and Megan Stinson and we record our episodes as we watch the movies in my living room. We are currently preparing for our 50th anniversary episode and we also have a YouTube show called After Dark where we review our favorite non-horror films as well as do occasional live shows at horror conventions while we sit in front of the movie playing on a screen with a live audience that we encourage participation from. Once I began writing film reviews for fun, I was then hired by Rue Morgue Magazine as a columnist in 2019. I have a blog called The Rewind Zone where I write on a particular 80s horror movie every month that gets posted on as well as an occasional YouTube vlog version that is available to watch on Rue Morgue TV.”

3. What are the top 3 pieces you have written and why?

” My article on racism is definitely the most personal and substantial piece I’ve written so far. It was released as a personal note from The Rewind Zone a month after the murder of George Floyd and details my personal experiences with racism as well as why I find it a necessity in life to work towards being anti-racist. As a person of color, I am very much affected by systemic racism and found it crucial to tell my story to reach others who have gone through similar experiences in order to help people realize they are not alone in this fight. I felt compelled to write on these important matters to bring awareness to on-going racism, to incite activism within my followers, and to encourage more space for BIPOC within the horror community.”

My review on Beyond the Black Rainbow is one of my favorites I’ve written because I believe this film is one of the most beautiful and engaging stories I have seen and feel although Mandy is a great film, that BTBR should merit more recognition for its existentialist theme and astounding visuals. I am a big fan of cheesy 80s horror movies but I also love more convoluted, abstract subject matter in films because they tend to intrigue our minds into fields of the unknown and I find unique and enigmatic storytelling to be the most thought-provoking hence why I’m a huge David Cronenberg and David Lynch fan.

As for a third top piece, I’d have to choose from The Rewind Zone and go with my blog on one of my favorite 80s horror movies: Witchboard. I have many memories of renting movies in the 80s and 90s but renting Witchboard in high school with my best friend Dana renders many nostalgic memories of us laughing so hard at many scenes while eating our pizza with mushrooms and pineapple, a double topping we like to say we invented at the time! I also have a huge girl crush on Tawny Kitaen, she as well as many other women, was a top notch 80s babe! Watching her and countless other amazing 80s horror movies makes me wish I could travel back in time and just stay in my favorite decade forever!”

4.  What are your top five movies from your collection and why?

“1. TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze will forever be one of my favorite tapes I own because it is the tape from my childhood that I would watch A LOT. In my opinion, part 2 is way better than 1 and here’s why. We all have our nostalgic associations with certain aspects from our childhood and I for one grew up with part 2 so that’s why it resonates more deeply than part 1. Although part 1 is a classic, I admire part 2 more because it contains a copious amount of added features compared to its predecessor like the mutants Rahzar & Tokka, Super Shredder, Vanilla Ice, and I just prefer this April O’Neil. There’s just a lot more going on in this one and yes I have the Vanilla Ice Ninja Rap tape as well haha!

2. NIN: Closure double vhs. This is a very important tape to me because not only are NIN my favorite band (I touched Trent Reznor’s head once, that was cool) but I stood in line waiting to buy it the day it came out when I was 14 years old and will never get rid of it!

3. Heavy Metal Summer. This movie is probably one of the rarest tapes I own. I bought it from a video rental store that was going out of business where me and my friends Morgan and Mercedes would rent it quite often from and we’d make all of our friends watch it. It’s a Canadian gem that centers around two “heavy metalers” who end up at a camp called Weewankah Park to recharge when they discover there’s a wilderness challenge that offers $5000 to the winner. The plot also focuses on three best friends Eve, Marsha and Linnie who are on vacation at Weewankah Park, and on the park’s local brothers Truckie and Trailor, yes those are their names, doing everything they can to save the park from the evil Mr. Rancewell who is dumping toxic waste. Oh and did I mention Ted Nugent makes an appearance?
4. Sleepaway Camp the Media release. This was gifted to me many moons ago and as far as I know the Media release is rare and I just love the iconic cover of the bloody knife stabbing the shoe plus this release includes the full camp letter on the back.

5. As far as vhs distribution companies go, I also like to collect VHS from particular companies like Wizard Video, Paragon, Rae Don, AIP, Vestron, and would like to one day add to my collection from more rare companies such as Unicorn Video, Gorgon Video and Midnight Video.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“As for this question unfortunately due to Covid-19 I have no events or news to announce at this time but hopefully in the near post-covid future I want to be doing more writing for film and may be doing PR for horror events for RM and definitely more live WF shows, whenever life gets back to normal lol.”

If you would like to learn more about Yasmina here is the following contact information:

Instagram: @yasmina_666


Rue Morgue

Thank you so much for the interview Yasmina!!

Until next time!

Artist’s Spolight: @Ghettogeppetto !

This week’s artist spotlight is on @Ghettogeppetto !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“I’m Roy Miles and I go by the name “Ghetto Geppetto” , a name I have been using since 2001. I work in the fields of illustration, puppeteering, animation, toymaking and film production. I would say that although I’ve been drawing most of my life. I didn’t turn “pro” until 1999. Also I live and work out of Oakland CA!

I am the creator of the Biddies toys and have worked on a whole mess of tv shows and movies but mostly I’m working on my things these days.”

2. What made you interested in creating these characters? What was the inspiration behind them?

“I grew up as a kid in the 1970s/80s and Some of my fondest memories are connected to 70 Saturday morning cartoons am visiting theme parks. Sid and Marty Krofft stand out as creators that had a hand in many of the things I love.

“HR Pufnstuf

Like “HRPufnstuf” and the “Banana Splits Show” As well as a healthy dose of a Hannah Barbara Disney and the Muppets. Mainly I’m insured by folks that were creating their own worlds. So I guess that all came out of my brain when I started drawing HoodFoot and his homies. I suppose the idea of making puppets came organically as I started I got tired of just drawing these guys. I wanted to hear them speak I wanted to see them living and breathing in front of me!  So one by one they have become vessels for my inner thoughts and observations of my friends and folks I’ve been hanging  around my whole life.”

3. Out of all the different characters you created which one is most like your personality and why? 

“I think there’s a little bit of or rather a lot of me in one of these creatures. HoodFoot is outwardly very gruff and sure of himself but in reality he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing most of the time and he has a huge heart. That’s me most the time. Fuzzy just likes to chill and do a lot of drugs all day! That’s not really me but there is an openness and naïveté that gives him a certain logic and that’s me for sure. The puppets and the costumes really bring out things that would normally not come out of my mouth, but all of a sudden one of them will blurt out something through me that would not have occurred to me unless I was holding that puppet or wearing that mask.”

4. If you had to invite four guests (could be cartoon, living or dead etc) to a last dinner situation who would sit at the table and why?


“Okay this is a tough question for me because I think I would be honestly intimidated buy most of my heroes or folks that I admire. Prince someone I would’ve loved to have had a real solid sit down with . He is an amazing musician and cultural icon and a creator that strived to have full control of all his art.

Jim Henson

I think the next person would be Jim Henson his creations were beyond inspirational and just bring me joy even to this day.

Daws Butler

Okay the third guest is Daws Butler the voice actor. He may be as famous in name as Prince and Jim but everyone knows his voice. Whether it was the southern drawl of “Huckleberry Hound” or the wise old cereal mascot “Cap’n Crunch” Dawes wasn’t just the guy who did funny voices, he really had a lot of thought behind  all those characters. His work distinct and he gave each voice backstory with their own texture, I love that! Speaking of cartoons Jay Ward of Bullwinkle fame  would be a pretty dope final guest. I just like his attitude toward story telling and the zany nature of his work. Now I’m imagining all those folks sitting together, it would be pretty hilarious!”

5.  Do you have any exciting news or promotions that you would like to share?

“I just hope that everyone stays well during the pandemic. If you want to follow me or check out my work I can be found on Instagram @ghettogeppetto and you can follow the legend himself @hoodfoot as well. I am currently working on a show based around “HoodFoot” and his friends so look out for news about that soon.

If you like to learn more about Roy this is his following contact information:

Instagram: @ghettogeppetto



Thank you so much for the interview!