Artist’s Spolight: @Ghettogeppetto !

This week’s artist spotlight is on @Ghettogeppetto !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“I’m Roy Miles and I go by the name “Ghetto Geppetto” , a name I have been using since 2001. I work in the fields of illustration, puppeteering, animation, toymaking and film production. I would say that although I’ve been drawing most of my life. I didn’t turn “pro” until 1999. Also I live and work out of Oakland CA!

I am the creator of the Biddies toys and have worked on a whole mess of tv shows and movies but mostly I’m working on my things these days.”

2. What made you interested in creating these characters? What was the inspiration behind them?

“I grew up as a kid in the 1970s/80s and Some of my fondest memories are connected to 70 Saturday morning cartoons am visiting theme parks. Sid and Marty Krofft stand out as creators that had a hand in many of the things I love.

“HR Pufnstuf

Like “HRPufnstuf” and the “Banana Splits Show” As well as a healthy dose of a Hannah Barbara Disney and the Muppets. Mainly I’m insured by folks that were creating their own worlds. So I guess that all came out of my brain when I started drawing HoodFoot and his homies. I suppose the idea of making puppets came organically as I started I got tired of just drawing these guys. I wanted to hear them speak I wanted to see them living and breathing in front of me!  So one by one they have become vessels for my inner thoughts and observations of my friends and folks I’ve been hanging  around my whole life.”

3. Out of all the different characters you created which one is most like your personality and why? 

“I think there’s a little bit of or rather a lot of me in one of these creatures. HoodFoot is outwardly very gruff and sure of himself but in reality he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing most of the time and he has a huge heart. That’s me most the time. Fuzzy just likes to chill and do a lot of drugs all day! That’s not really me but there is an openness and naïveté that gives him a certain logic and that’s me for sure. The puppets and the costumes really bring out things that would normally not come out of my mouth, but all of a sudden one of them will blurt out something through me that would not have occurred to me unless I was holding that puppet or wearing that mask.”

4. If you had to invite four guests (could be cartoon, living or dead etc) to a last dinner situation who would sit at the table and why?


“Okay this is a tough question for me because I think I would be honestly intimidated buy most of my heroes or folks that I admire. Prince someone I would’ve loved to have had a real solid sit down with . He is an amazing musician and cultural icon and a creator that strived to have full control of all his art.

Jim Henson

I think the next person would be Jim Henson his creations were beyond inspirational and just bring me joy even to this day.

Daws Butler

Okay the third guest is Daws Butler the voice actor. He may be as famous in name as Prince and Jim but everyone knows his voice. Whether it was the southern drawl of “Huckleberry Hound” or the wise old cereal mascot “Cap’n Crunch” Dawes wasn’t just the guy who did funny voices, he really had a lot of thought behind  all those characters. His work distinct and he gave each voice backstory with their own texture, I love that! Speaking of cartoons Jay Ward of Bullwinkle fame  would be a pretty dope final guest. I just like his attitude toward story telling and the zany nature of his work. Now I’m imagining all those folks sitting together, it would be pretty hilarious!”

5.  Do you have any exciting news or promotions that you would like to share?

“I just hope that everyone stays well during the pandemic. If you want to follow me or check out my work I can be found on Instagram @ghettogeppetto and you can follow the legend himself @hoodfoot as well. I am currently working on a show based around “HoodFoot” and his friends so look out for news about that soon.

If you like to learn more about Roy this is his following contact information:

Instagram: @ghettogeppetto



Thank you so much for the interview!

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