Movie of the Day: Labyrinth

Today’s movie of the day is 1986’s Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly and directed by Jim Henson.img153133943467-162-215-153

It centers around a teenage girl named Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) who goes on a quest to bring back her baby brother who was kidnapped by a Goblin King (played by David Bowie). She has to search for her brother in this weird “labyrinth” kind of place and is only given 13 hours to find him or he will be part of that “Labyrinth” world forever and part of the Goblin kingdom. On her journey she encounters some resourceful and not so resourceful creatures there who can help her bring her brother back home. 74d66bc738bdefe996d4da06bdc1509e

The first time I saw this movie was on VH1 around the late 90’s. I remember it was summer and I have was flipping through channels because I was having a hard to finding something good to watch on TV. What made me stop on this channel was this scene:


I remember my first thought was: “Oh my gosh what in the world is going on? What are those orange things on TV?!” So I stay on the channel and watch it and then I really got in to this when I found out that David Bowie was in this movie!!


I had always been a huge fan of David Bowie ever since I was little so it was no surprise that I was practically glued to the screen watching this movie! So this movie became a rotation in my movies to watch when I cannot find something to watch pile.  So I am pretty secure in saying that I have probably seen this movie at least 20 times!

A fun fact about this movie is that Hoggle was voiced by Brian Henson who is Jim Henson’s son!


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A Holiday book guide: Lady.Cult Style!

Hello all! I am back with another gift giving guide and I feel what better gift to give for the holiday season like the gift of a good book! Below are some recommendations to give that certain someone or to give an unexpected surprise from your normal gift giving!


This book by Taschen book is super cool! I personally always wanted to do this out of curiosity and now there is a book that shows you how to build your own skeleton!

Link below for more info or to buy!


Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin is one of my favorite reads. What better gift to give someone than a book about a demon baby?

Link below to buy:


Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gilliam McCain This is also one of my favorite books ever! If you ever wanted to know the history of punk this comprehensive guide is a go to must!

Link is below to buy:

Autographed- Please Kill Me 20th Anniversary  


Silent Night by RL Stine What say Merry Christmas like a young adult book by RL Stine. This quick read is a must for the person who likes to read but just can manage the time to read a long book. Plus when I read RL Stine’s books it is like a dip back into my teenage memory pool bank!

Link is below to buy:

Silent Night



Man of the moment: Grimace!

Grimace you are this month’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!! 9c7ad6e577b5f5f1e07ae11a2073ecfa

Grimace original name was “Evil Grimace” because he mean purpose in life was to steal milkshakes: 1-9

He even grew an extra set of arms for this purpose but the McDonald’s ad people decide that Grimace was not just one evil personality he is a thing of many emotions so they scale back his many arms to just one pair.

Grimace is one of Ronald McDonald’s best and oldest friends. There is even a commercial about how they met back in 1981:

Although Grimace is a non determined species we have met various members of his family throughout McDonald’s campaigns. Such as Grandma Winky and Great Grandma Jenny Grimace. Two aunts name Millie and Tillie 1183948cc8785f2e02584ba343787839

Which Ronald McDonald confused them as Grimace’s ANTS when Grimance told Ronald that his AUNTS were stopping by to eat lunch with them.

Also Grimace has an Uncle O’Grimacey who is green and promoted the Shamrock Shakes and also acted as the delivery man of the shakes to McDonaldland to everyone that lived there.



Grimace was often the funny fall back dumb guy in a lot of Ronald McDonald’s commercials. He often ended his sentences with a “duh” or I don’t know Ronald?”

I personal liked him more then Ronald McDonald because he was big, and purple. When I was little I had a McDonald plate that depicted Grimace tripping Ronald into a pile of leaves and I thought that was the greatest thing ever!

And his products seem to stand out more to me: nuttybits-img540x720-15035512131qwiyu28880

He also was the best part of a Mcdonald’s playground set!!! :


He seemed to be a simple person and just wanted as many milkshakes as he could carry. If only life were that simple! efcbf89e88d9831a504fbc7fc1a508c4--cookie-box-milkshakes

GRIMACE YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! vintage-valentines-day-card-1970s_mcdonalds-evil-grimace



The last time I saw him was during the winter. I went to a place I never been before but he had been various times before. He remembered a conversation I had about a place many months prior he told me that he wanted to take me. I was more fascinated that he remembered that conversation then us actually going…..