A Holiday book guide: Lady.Cult Style!

Hello all! I am back with another gift giving guide and I feel what better gift to give for the holiday season like the gift of a good book! Below are some recommendations to give that certain someone or to give an unexpected surprise from your normal gift giving!


This book by Taschen book is super cool! I personally always wanted to do this out of curiosity and now there is a book that shows you how to build your own skeleton!

Link below for more info or to buy!



Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin is one of my favorite reads. What better gift to give someone than a book about a demon baby?

Link below to buy:



Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gilliam McCain This is also one of my favorite books ever! If you ever wanted to know the history of punk this comprehensive guide is a go to must!

Link is below to buy:

Autographed- Please Kill Me 20th Anniversary  


Silent Night by RL Stine What say Merry Christmas like a young adult book by RL Stine. This quick read is a must for the person who likes to read but just can manage the time to read a long book. Plus when I read RL Stine’s books it is like a dip back into my teenage memory pool bank!

Link is below to buy:

Silent Night



6 thoughts on “A Holiday book guide: Lady.Cult Style!

  1. Do you live in the allentown, pa area? There’s wordpress holiday gathering…lol if you give me your email ill forward the invite to you…that’s if you’re interested of course.

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