Jaws: The ride that never worked!


I remember the ride I ever did in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida was Jaws. I was able to go on the ride a total of 4 times between the first time I every went to Universal Studios until it finally shut down.

The Jaws ride official opening date was in the summer of 1990 and even though it was a pretty cool ride it faced a lot of breakdown issues.


The ride kind plays out like the movie you don’t really see the shark until near the end of ride. However most of the breakdown issues were due to the mechanics of the shark trying to “lunge” at the guests in the boat. Either the shark didn’t move at all or it was delayed by the time the boats got to the part where it was suppose to jump at them. They even shut down the ride for a couple of years in the early 1990’s to rework the mechanisms and restructure of the ride in order for it to work and flow better.

It actually reopened in 1994

Even with the restructuring and somewhat better flow the ride it still ran into issues. Such as leaks in the shark and some of the pyrotechnical effects being too pricey to use during a recession and the park not being able to afford them. In the 2000’s the availability of the ride was scaled back to being open to only seasonal and when the park was at a busier capacity


With issue after issue the ride made Universal finally decided to formally shut down the ride in 2011 to make room for Harry Potter.

I was able to go on this ride about maybe three times out of the times I went to the park during the time frame it was open. Although the ride is gone you can still take your picture in the San Francisco area of the park with Bruce.




Welcome to the Insta-hood: @recipesinretrograde !

Hello everyone! I had a chance to interview fellow IG person Rachel and her account  is @recipesinretrograde !


  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

    Me and my grandmother, who was a fantastic cook!

“‘I’m a writer, editor and exercise instructor from the Toronto, Ontario area. I’ve always loved cooking – just try to pry my Instant Pot out of my hands, I dare you – crafting and antique shopping, so an account of this nature seemed like a natural fit. And if you can’t tell from my writing, my default setting is “sarcasm.”

2. How did you come with with your Instagram account name?

“I wanted to riff on “Retro Recipes” while being a little tongue-in-cheek. Everyone had been speaking recently about Mercury being in retrograde, and I thought it would be fun to use it as a play on words in my account name. ”

3. . What made you want to start this kind of Instagram account?

Vintage Magazines, especially Canadian Living, are a great source! 

“I recently found myself out of work and living once again with my mother in the town I grew up in. Together these factors really ramped up the stress in my life, so in order to distract myself during the job hunt I decided to go through my mom’s expansive retro cookbook collection, many of which I remember her cooking from when I was young. Then COVID-19 hit, and it simply made sense to keep digging. I’ve been at it now for about two months and it’s truly helped me keep what little of my sanity I have left.”

4.Have you tried to make any of these recipes that you posted?


“Many of the recipes from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook that I have posted have been attempted by my mom over the years, and the Scotch egg I shared was a favourite in our household. However, I personally haven’t tried many of them, mainly because I try to include kooky, strange-sounding concoctions with ingredients that make you go, “What? Why?” Once the account picks up more steam, I think it would be fun to include videos or testimonials of my attempts to make these offbeat recipes though, so be on the lookout for that. ”


Betty Crooker’s Cook Book Aka the Bible 

5. Where do you find your material? What is your favorite cookbook you have so far in your collection?

IMG_5688 (1)

“As I mentioned, my mom’s cookbook shelf has been an immeasurable help in my search. I’ve also purchased a few choice copies from fellow cookbook collectors on Instagram and etsy, and I sometimes scour thrift stores for cheap and hard-to-find titles.”

If you like more information, Rachel can be reached at the following:



She always welcomes submissions as well!


Thank you so much for the interview!!!

Things to do from your chair!

Hello and welcome to another round of things you can do from pieces from your living space!

This week I interviewed two great Instagram accounts about what they have been doing about making the best of their time:

First up is Beth Ann:

“Hey all! My name is BethAnn and I’m a hairdresser. Since my profession is very hands-on, I’ll unfortunately be out of work for quite some time. Lately I’ve been occupying my time (even more) with one of my favorite ways. Not many people know this about me, but I’m a huge “Pokémon Go” fan! I also love going for walks/hikes, so the two go hand in hand. For people not familiar with the game, randomized Pokémon will pop up while you’re exploring your town and walking allows you to accomplish certain tasks since the game tracks your steps using something they call “adventure sync”. I’ve been finding myself driving all over the South Shore of MA walking empty beaches and nature trails trying to get my challenges completed. My favorite spot to go is a park in Hingham, MA called Abigale Adams Park, or as it’s notoriously named: “Poké Park”! The game is great for social distancing because you don’t have to interact with anyone in real life and it gets you out of the house. Exercising and getting fresh air is still as important as it ever was, even in these turbulent times, as long as you stay cognizant of your surroundings and do it in a safe way.”

Next up is Derek better known as @vcrofdeath :

“Staying at home can be a drag… until you realize just how much amazing content is available at the push of a button these days. At VCR of Death, I’m focused on all things analog, but during these trying times, I wanted to share some of my favorites that you can stream from home. Because any time you’re bummed about social distancing, just remember that your great grandparents didn’t have access to Deadly Prey on Amazon Prime during the influenza pandemic of 1919.
Speaking of Deadly Prey, here’s a few recommendations for ways to kill time during the season of COVID-19.
  • Deadly Prey: if VCR of Death had a Mt. Rushmore of necessary films, this would be on it. This story of a jorts-wearing Vietnam vet who gets kidnapped and hunted for sport is perfection from start to disembodied arm wielding finish. (Available on Amazon Prime)
  • Re-Animator: Stuart Gordon just passed away, which made me super nostalgic for everything in his crazy body of work. He’s got so many high points, but there’s nothing quite like this one, which brings together Herbert West, neon syringes, disembodied head cunnilingus and so much more. (Available on Shudder)
  • Warriors of the Wasteland aka The New Barbarians: When it comes to post-apocalyptic sci-fi, Italians do it better. This one combines flashes of hyper-violence, Fred Williamson and insane haircuts into one of the most consistently entertaining flicks you’ll ever see. (Available on Amazon Prime)
  • Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: I’m pretty dedicated to my VCR, but that didn’t stop me from devouring this prequel series to the Dark Crystal, which is like Game of Thrones with a lot more puppets and a lot less incest. (Available on Netflix)
  • VCR of Death: I can’t make a list about killing time without a little shameless self promotion. Follow me on Instagram @vcrofdeath and scroll for hours. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll find a ton more movies you need to see. Pro-tip: the name of the movie is always the last hashtag on every post.”

Thank you guys for sharing your tips!


Also fellow Instagram account @rose.knows offers meditation sessions every Tuesday at 12 pm (PST). I know I definitely need a session during this whole experience. For more information or questions please contact her through her IG account: @rose.knows
Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 10.54.07 AM
If you are into coloring, artist @chrisuphues is offering free downloads of his art for you to color! The link is below to download the pages and also the link is available through his store (Beautiful Days ) that he runs with @jenkohel Also while you are downloading these coloring pages. This is a great small business! I have bought super cute cards and stickers that smell like strawberries and chocolate!!



Do you guys like a quick and entertaining read? IG account: @peterparkercomix sell all kinds of comic books on his account. They go quickly and they vary in price so make sure they you are following his account to see the latest inventory.

Link to add is below:


Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 11.23.36 AM


One of my favorite Instagram accounts is @jeffreymixed
His account has always been my go to whenever I need a good laugh or when I need a “what in the world” did I just watch? And of course watching it five or six times to get better clarity and then adding my two cents in the comment section. This is a very entertaining account and good friend. I highly recommend this account because  I am pretty sure that you will spend a good amount of time watching all the various WTF content!!
Link is below to add: @jeffreymixed
Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 11.52.35 AM
@simpsonsmoviereferences is also a good IG account to follow if you are a fan of the Simpsons. This feeds finds movie references in the first ten seasons of the Simpsons! SO GOOD!
Link is below to add:
And of course their are my IG accounts of course and blog to entertain you while being indoors!
Until Next time!

Crazy but True!: Documentaries to watch

So I am a fan of crazy but true stories and also of interesting people. So I tend to gravitate towards the more unique content with it comes to documentaries. Here are five documentaries they are crazy but true!!


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. I am currently half way through this documentary and every episode I have been able to watch it gets crazier and darker! Each person in this has a unique flavor to them that is too real. This documentary is about two rival big cat reserves owners rivalry got out of hand.

This is available to watch on Netflix.


Crazy Love (2007)- this documentary is about an extreme love story. Actually I would probably ranked this as one of the most twisted love stories I have even known about. If I didn’t watch the documentary then I probably would think this was a plot for a movie rather then a documentary.

Available to rent through YouTube:



The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)- This is one of my to go documentaries to watch whenever I cannot figure out what to watch. It centers around Robert Durst a wealthy real estate owner and a bunch of unsolved murders that he always seem to be conveniently in the vicinity of the time frame when they happen. I am not going to lie the first time I watched this I couldn’t sleep after!

Available to rent on Youtube:



Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau (2014) This is one of my favorite documentaries.  I had a weird obsession with the movie that was directed by John Frankenheimer and used to watched it a lot! But I was not aware of the back story until I saw this documentary in 2015 and the lengths that director Richard Stanley went to try and get his version of Dr. Moreau made! Amazing and true this documentary is definitely worth a watch!

Available to rent from Itunes:



My Best Fiend (1999)- Directed by Werner Herzog. This documentary is about the most interesting friendship in cinematic history. Director Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski. Klaus Kinski who was quite an interesting and eccentric person had a weird love but hate friendship with Werner Herzog that stemmed from childhood until Kinski death in 1991.

Available to watch on Tubi:


What documentaries have been the craziest ones you have watch  or what is on your watch list? Comment below to share!

Until Next time!

Welcome to the Insta-hood: @toddjosephmusic !

This week Welcome to the insta-hood is featured on fellow Instagram account: @toddjosephmusic !

CTB_RED_MAIN_Shadow (1)


  1. Tell me a little about yourself:0I1A6596-2

“I am a musician raised by mother from the Twin Cities area and grew up doing jobs with Landscaping, brick masonry, collision centers, airlines etc while always having a passion for music. I spent a pretty formative decade in Seattle before moving to Nashville for the last few years. I have been lucky to do a fair amount of travel and for the most part been blessed to have good people around to share music and experiences with. in general I am an awkward dude, I spend most my days living out what feels like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. Although Awkward and far too analytical, I am very grateful and humbled by the world and feel lucky for each day.”


2. What is your favorite musical instrument and why?

“Well, my first instrument was a Fender Stratocaster. I remember the big Crossroads day around my 15th birthday. I had a few hundred dollars saved up and had the option to go out and buy a guitar or get a hunting rifle and go up North hunting that weekend. Luckily a friend of mine needed something at a mall and offered to buy me a cd if I walked the 12 miles there with him. he made good and bought me the Blue album by Weezer and have not really thought about anything else besides playing music since. I did throughout the years figure out I couldn’t depend on musicians (no shock) so I learned how to play drums, keys, bass enough to fake my way through some recordings. The most unique instrument I chased is the Weissenborn which is a Hawaiin instrument that a lot of American blues players picked up in the 1920’s. As far as an actual “favorite” I always loved drums and drummers get all the girls (haha) but I think an acoustic guitar can be the most expressive and that would be the thing I couldn’t live without.”

3.Can you talk a little bit about your upcoming full length album?


“Oh man. It is a breakup album, But it was as much breaking up with myself and changing some things as it was severing ties in the romantic relationship I was in. The story itself is worthy of a novel though I will just hit a few key points. We started the record in August of last year and are actually putting the finishing touches on it now. That being said it has all taken on an entirely new meaning. The magnitude of what has happened in the last few weeks around the world has made myself and many others I’m sure see things in a different light. It all seems kind of strange with the timing but when thinking back about what this music was supposed to be the key words were anti-lonely, to stay communal and unite with the spirit of every brethren. I have never historically have been a religious person but have always tried to stay in tune with bigger meanings. All I can say is something feels kind of unnatural about the situation and I will be doing my best to educate myself and balance the optimism, uncertainty, doubt, fear and strength like we all are. None of this communal energy could have been done without the aces I had in this band. They are all stellar writers, players, minds and people I am forever grateful that I found them for this and this was the music I was waiting my whole to get started on.
If you are an 80’s, 90’s or after rock kid then this record should give you some nostalgic vibes while trying to bring something new to the table.”


“The music will be coming out in the coming days/weeks and while the release show, band photos, website etc were put on a temporary hold you can find my info at


Be safe in the world!”


Also this is his IG account:



Until next time!




Movie of the day: Ghost Watch

Today’s movie of the day is Ghost Watch (1992) directed by Lesley Manning and written by Stephen Volk. This mock documentary was only aired once on Halloween night on BBC1.


This movie was made to look like a live broadcasting of a house that had a poltergeist in it. While this was airing on BBC1 the channel was inundated with over 20,000 phone calls from scare, angry and/or concerned viewers as to what was going on.


When Stephen Volk was writing this script he said to have gotten the inspiration from  the Enfield Poltergeist (1977-1979). Where two girls who lived in a house in Brimsdown, Enfield, London made an assertion that they had a haunting in their house.


Much like the movie the central characters are a mom and her two daughters:



This movie was not meant to intentionally fool people to think it was a real live broadcasting of a house being poltergeist. If viewers watch the start of the program they would of seen the title card of the movie and then the credits at the end of the movie.


The first time I watched this movie it was little scary for me to be honest. However after I finished watching it I felt compelled to do some digging of information of my own. This movie is one of my favorites because it really absorbs your attention.

Some interesting facts about this movie:

This movie’s claim to fame is that it was the first British show that caused Post Traumatic Stressed Disorder in children.

There is a rumor that the creators of the Blair Witch Project drew inspiration from this movie. I think I am going to say it’s true one.

This was actress Rue McClanahan (better known as Blanche Devereaux on the Golden Girls) favorite movies.


There was a documentary that was made in 2013 called Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains about the making and the reaction to this movie.

The actual number that people where calling in during the movie was a live number.  It was advertise before the movie started. If you got through there was a disclaimer saying that the premise of the movie was not real. However to leave your own ghost story and some people actually did.


Here is an interesting YouTube video about a more in depth account of the movie:

Has anyone watched this movie? If so what were your first impressions of it? Comment below!


Source: IMBD, Wikipedia

Until Next time!


Artist’s Spotlight: @Astrodeath

Thank you for joining me in reopening the Artist’s spotlight section! Please welcome fellow artist: @astrodeath

it's me

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“Hi, my name is Kyle. I was born and bred in San Diego and moved to Honolulu just over 3 years ago. I’ve dipped in and out of drawing and art my whole life. I took all the art classes I could in high school and community college but really never took a crack at taking it further academically or professionally. Fast forward to my late 20’s and joining IG in 2014. Suddenly an entire world of different artists, sketchbooks, galleries, etc were all there to endlessly browse and I couldn’t stop the urge to pick up the pen and just start drawing again. Now I try to draw everyday with no particular goal in mind, just letting ideas flow. My art would be best described as some weird clump of reference mixed with different moods and repetition. I could probably do a better job of “curating” my stuff. But I’ve always considered my IG account to be a digital sketchbook where my creative thoughts land. No worries about style, consistency, or clout. It’s just me. ”

2. What is your favorite three pieces you created and why?

“I have a pretty scattered body of work. Very sketchbook-centric with few focused or “elevated” items that I would consider super important. But these few drawings I often look back to and wonder how the hell I drew them and how can I do it again…


“Options Exhausted(Missile Lady)” – I culled a lot of weird emotions in the months after the Hawai’i ballistic missile alert in Jan ’18. I honestly slept through the majority of the panic and woke up to a few minutes of confusion, texts from my fiance telling me to shut the windows and she loves me, and frantic internet searching before figuring out it was a false alarm. Since that day, the palpable idea of getting nuked out in the middle of the pacific was hard to shake. It’s been a little better with time but unannounced firework shows(common in Hawai’i, tons of illegal aerials) still get me out of my seat. Anyways, this drawing related back to that idea of wondering how we even got to a point where such weapons even exist…drawn with ink, markers, Kirby Krackle, and a little dread.
“Lil Countess(spiky girl)”-  A quick browse through my stuff and you’ll likely notice a lot negative space and figures floating in nothing. This drawing is mostly just that. But I was stocked to add a little texture and love mixing ink and graphite. Nothing much else here aside from a nice, compact image of an evil cutey.
“Kvlt Kids(duo)”- Again, more figures in nothing. I just dug how I worked out their texture and details without using a ton of tones markers. I let the black speak for itself in these two. Definitely speaks to my heavy metal youth that I never let go of. A lot of people draw their super heroes or people they aspire to be, some just draw their mental manifestations and what their mind would look like personified. I suppose that’s what went down here…”
3. What has been your favorite collaboration and why?
“Favorite collab has definitely been with Skipbros toys. We made the first official Astrodeath figure. It was overall pretty simple. I brought him the idea and he shot me back a base figure. We pretty quickly bounced a few ideas and boom. He did all casting, painting, and construction and I handled the card art.  True to my aesthetic, it’s monotone, there’s hoses and a helmet, and it’s all wrapped up in a very GI Joe-inspired package. “
4.  Does your current location brings you inspiration in making your art OR what inspires to create your art.
“My location definite has a large effect on how I think and what comes out on paper. Hawai’i, specifically Honolulu, is incredibly diverse both culturally and economically. A lot of people have a certain perception of the islands stemming from their experience in Waikiki or hiking Diamond Head. But life is incredibly strange, interesting, often difficult, and much more complex than a mai tai at any sunset could express. But the nature is overwhelming and the aloha that you earn is unlike anywhere else. How this all translates on paper is often subtle if detectable at all. “
5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?
“A few miles down the road, we should see Astrodeath mk 1.5, a new version of the figure Skipbros and I made. Other than that, just a slow burn on some new zines, stickers, and fake comics throughout the year. Any inquires about purchasing art, collaborating, or commissions can come through @astrodeath instagram DM or astrodeath1138@gmail.com
“Until then, let’s get through this weird moment in history healthy, happy, and full of hope and clarity, shall we? Be kind to each other out there…”

Things you can do from your couch part 2!

This might be a regular posting thing for the moment. I am trying to find things that people might not know about and would like to enjoy watching until we are able to leave our houses. So here are two new awesome things you might have not known about before.


@tomatitojose runs a programmer he created called Cartoon Carnival. They are a series of screenings he runs in NY however do to the circumstances he has moved his program online and will be running tomorrow (Sunday March 22, 2020) at two separate times. The times are east coast times and the cost is $10  (which goes to helping him keep these films and his amazing program keep going!). I also bought a ticket and I am super excited to finally join and watch some great cartoons!

The link to purchase to tickets and get more additional information are below:


He also has a website and the link is below:




@rjcity  is a pro wrestler and I just recently came across his instagram account. I also recently found out he has an entertaining and funny youtube channel! He has different themes on his youtube channel. Some themes are “RJ reads Wrestling Books” and “Trailer Reactions” but my favorite one of all is his  “Bedtime Stories (w/RJ City)”


His youtube channel has been to one of new favorite channels to subscribed to.

Link is below to subscribe to his channel and watch:

RJ City

Until next time!


Stay in doors Recommendations!

I hope everyone is doing good! Here are some recommendations of things to do while you are indoors.

Well I am just going to self promote myself here: I been using and actively blogging on this WordPress account for the past three years. I do not really follow a particular theme so my writing vary. If you are bore why not look at past blog posts on here! 🙂

Fellow social media and total boss lady: @hypepriestess is doing a virtual Witch walk on March 21. This event is offer every 3rd Saturday of every month in an outdoor venue but under the circumstances she turned this event online. Below is the time schedule of the vendors and events. I believe these are West coast times. For more info please go to their social media links below:



Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 2.21.46 PM

I have to be 100% honest with you. I have never venture into watching Adult Swim but I recently learned that if you download their app you can watch full seasons of their shows for free!!! So I did and cannot wait to start watching!!!


Here is their website for more information:

Adult Swim

Some other great stream apps are offering good discounts or a allotted amount time for free. I recommend these but please check out their social media handles for the most update information or special promo codes


Night Flight  (website)


They also have a spotify channel where they do a monthly theme playlist:

Night Flight on Spotify


Shudder (website)



The Criterion Channel (website)




As you guys know I love to read. My reading tastes widely differ and I much rather have a room filled with books, toys, and movies than clothes and shoes. That being said here are some great small book shops that I recommend checking out.


@politicsprose is offering a wide variety of services in order to get you your books. Including free shipping, taking online and phone orders and curbside pickup. Here is the link that explains how they are working during this weird time:

Ways to Support Politics and Prose

They have also moved their author talks events to online! Here is a calendar of what authors they have:

Poltics & Prose Events

Here is their link to shop!:





This bookstore is one of my favorite bookstores to shop online. They haven an amazing assortment of curated books of all subjects and themes. This bookstore is run by Erik DuRon and Jess Kuronen and they are still doing online orders. Here is the link to their website. I tend to browse their catalogs during my lunch break because the assortment is so unique.

Link is below to shop:

Left Bank Books


Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 3.27.43 PM (1)

@labrujasclub is offering a free wellness series. During this weird time frame I feel like we often need a little bit of personal “glow” and something for our minds and bodies to become at peace.

Link is below to sign up:

Glow at Home

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 3.34.30 PM

@clubcobra is co-own by one of my good friends Marty Sokol and he is bring a drag and go-go show online! Recently this show was feature on the latimes.com website (link for the article is here: “A gay L.A. nightclub is live-streaming a drag and go-go show. How it supports performers”

I think this is a super cool and creative way to bring the shows to a worldwide platform. To subscribe the link is below:


Earlier today I posted a question of what podcasts everyone has been listening to and I got such an amazing response! I will link below the Instagram podcasts feeds and/or websites to check out:



Weird Studies


Bone and Sickle


Guitars And Stolen Cars





I know Amazon has halted delivery on non-essential items until April but if you are in need of a game or puzzle. Always Fits has an interesting and fantastic assortment of items! I found out about them last November and I have order from them everything from Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross Socks to a 1000 piece puzzle of the 1980’s!!!


They are small business and I tend to always find something on their website to order and it fills my mind with nostalgia.

Link below to buy:



So I have been doing some workouts at home since I have been indoors.I think it is important to get your body moving while you are at home. I tend to be a bit of a couch potato. I came across Richard Simmons youtube channels filled with short videos to get your body moving!! abc_simmons_retro_nt_130711

Link is below to start moving your butt!

Richard Simmons Youtube Channel

What have you guys been doing while staying indoors? Comment below and share your suggestions!!


Until next time!!

Welcome to the Insta-hood: @anti_Cgi !

Hello everyone!

And welcome to this round of Welcome to the Insta-hood where I interviewed fascinating people and their Instagram accounts! This week I interviewed Aramis his   instagram account is @anti_Cgi !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

“I grew up between the late 70s and 80s.  My American vixen/biker-chick/hippie mom and my South American playboy dad got divorced when I was three.

Mom and me, 1978
Aramis and his Mom

I spent a lot of my youth between Central/South Florida while summering in Caracas, VE, watching movies alone on late night HBO or renting them.  Video stores in Caracas often had really seedy selections of horror, foreign and arthouse films.  As a little gringo-looking kid I had free reign to rent whatever I wanted, regardless of subject or rating.  Being uninhibited I treated myself to whatever had interesting box art.

Tattoo, 1981
Tattoo (1981)

I vividly remembering stumbling upon films like A Clockwork Orange (1971), Tattoo (1981) or Emmanuelle (1974) and thinking being an adult meant the freedom to indulge in any curiosity that sparked your interest, especially the taboo or illicit.

Emmanuelle 4, 1984
Emmanuelle 4

I studied painting at the Cooper Union in the 90s.  At the time there was a lot of conceptual sculpture, relational aesthetics, hipsterism and well… just a general hatred of painting.  I spent all four years learning under the artist, Hans Haacke (a closet classical painting fan).  In conversation we spoke about the political codification of art.  I began to approach content from this hierarchical perspective, thinking that socio-political underpinnings were inherent in works of “art” or “cinema” which separated them from merely casual forms of entertainment.”

2. What gave you the idea to start your Instagram account?

“In my 30s I was bored with everything, especially my own rigidity. I decided that I wanted to revisit cinema and learn as much as I could, especially about the 60s, 70s and anything I had missed from the 80s.  I’ve always had indexical memory so I started creating stills from films and collecting others I found on-line to form a digital codex of sorts.  Around 2012 a friend introduced me to Instagram as a place you find images of anything you wanted.  I thought, “ANYTHING I wanted? How excellent”.  What I found though was a lot of selfies, exhibitionists (not criticizing, I adore libertines), people sharing their whimsical cellphone art and homogeneity.  I wanted to see flashy practical special effects with guts, lasers, gobs of otherworldly flesh or anything dangerous so naturally I thought I might as well post stills of what I had already collected. ”

3. What interests do you have outside of what is featured in your instagram account?

Guccivuitton circa 2015

“In 2013 I co-founded an artist gallery/group called, Guccivuitton, with Loriel Beltran and Domingo Castillo, specializing in showcasing forgotten and contemporary culture unique too or influenced by South Florida.  After doing a museum show at the ICA Miami in 2015, they advertised us in Interview Magazine and on billboards so we started getting cease and desists from Gucci and LVMH.  We later changed the name to Versaceversaceversace but then Versace gave us a cease and desist as well.  After that we met with some hot shot trademark lawyer and I told him that I wanted to change the name to Bed, Bath & Lebron.  He toured us around his full floor glass penthouse office and said that he was able to afford “all of this” because his clients didn’t take his advice.  We got the message.  So we became, Noguchi Breton, because you could still maybe just keep calling it Guccivuitton… you know… if you personally chose to.

Tile Blush circa 2018
Tile Blush

In 2016 two of my original collaborators left and I continued the project with designer/architect, Jonathan Gonzalez, and his wife, Fernanda Torcida.  We changed the mission a little and rebranded as Tile Blush which is a pantone color we were over using.

Aramis & Stephanie
Aramis and his wife

I’m also a loving husband, a proud dog father, I have a green thumb, a weakness for design lamps and I collect art, though I decided to get out of debt this year. ”

4.  What are some of your favorite movies you have posted and why?

“I’m selfish so I don’t always post films I love.  For instance, I adore Pier Paolo Pasolini and Andrei Tarkovsky but seldomly post their films.  Generally I’m a pluralist and I can admire parts as much as I can admire the whole.  I can say I’ve noticed that the images that I’m usually the most excited about get the least amount of “likes”.”

5. Do you have any exciting events or news that you would to share?

I’ve decided I need to loose some weight because I like rich foods.”

If you like to follow Aramis this is his Instagram account:


Thank you Aramis for this amazing interview!!!

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