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This week Welcome to the insta-hood is featured on fellow Instagram account: @toddjosephmusic !

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  1. Tell me a little about yourself:0I1A6596-2

“I am a musician raised by mother from the Twin Cities area and grew up doing jobs with Landscaping, brick masonry, collision centers, airlines etc while always having a passion for music. I spent a pretty formative decade in Seattle before moving to Nashville for the last few years. I have been lucky to do a fair amount of travel and for the most part been blessed to have good people around to share music and experiences with. in general I am an awkward dude, I spend most my days living out what feels like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. Although Awkward and far too analytical, I am very grateful and humbled by the world and feel lucky for each day.”


2. What is your favorite musical instrument and why?

“Well, my first instrument was a Fender Stratocaster. I remember the big Crossroads day around my 15th birthday. I had a few hundred dollars saved up and had the option to go out and buy a guitar or get a hunting rifle and go up North hunting that weekend. Luckily a friend of mine needed something at a mall and offered to buy me a cd if I walked the 12 miles there with him. he made good and bought me the Blue album by Weezer and have not really thought about anything else besides playing music since. I did throughout the years figure out I couldn’t depend on musicians (no shock) so I learned how to play drums, keys, bass enough to fake my way through some recordings. The most unique instrument I chased is the Weissenborn which is a Hawaiin instrument that a lot of American blues players picked up in the 1920’s. As far as an actual “favorite” I always loved drums and drummers get all the girls (haha) but I think an acoustic guitar can be the most expressive and that would be the thing I couldn’t live without.”

3.Can you talk a little bit about your upcoming full length album?


“Oh man. It is a breakup album, But it was as much breaking up with myself and changing some things as it was severing ties in the romantic relationship I was in. The story itself is worthy of a novel though I will just hit a few key points. We started the record in August of last year and are actually putting the finishing touches on it now. That being said it has all taken on an entirely new meaning. The magnitude of what has happened in the last few weeks around the world has made myself and many others I’m sure see things in a different light. It all seems kind of strange with the timing but when thinking back about what this music was supposed to be the key words were anti-lonely, to stay communal and unite with the spirit of every brethren. I have never historically have been a religious person but have always tried to stay in tune with bigger meanings. All I can say is something feels kind of unnatural about the situation and I will be doing my best to educate myself and balance the optimism, uncertainty, doubt, fear and strength like we all are. None of this communal energy could have been done without the aces I had in this band. They are all stellar writers, players, minds and people I am forever grateful that I found them for this and this was the music I was waiting my whole to get started on.
If you are an 80’s, 90’s or after rock kid then this record should give you some nostalgic vibes while trying to bring something new to the table.”


“The music will be coming out in the coming days/weeks and while the release show, band photos, website etc were put on a temporary hold you can find my info at


Be safe in the world!”


Also this is his IG account:



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