Crazy but True!: Documentaries to watch

So I am a fan of crazy but true stories and also of interesting people. So I tend to gravitate towards the more unique content with it comes to documentaries. Here are five documentaries they are crazy but true!!


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. I am currently half way through this documentary and every episode I have been able to watch it gets crazier and darker! Each person in this has a unique flavor to them that is too real. This documentary is about two rival big cat reserves owners rivalry got out of hand.

This is available to watch on Netflix.


Crazy Love (2007)- this documentary is about an extreme love story. Actually I would probably ranked this as one of the most twisted love stories I have even known about. If I didn’t watch the documentary then I probably would think this was a plot for a movie rather then a documentary.

Available to rent through YouTube:


The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)- This is one of my to go documentaries to watch whenever I cannot figure out what to watch. It centers around Robert Durst a wealthy real estate owner and a bunch of unsolved murders that he always seem to be conveniently in the vicinity of the time frame when they happen. I am not going to lie the first time I watched this I couldn’t sleep after!

Available to rent on Youtube:


Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau (2014) This is one of my favorite documentaries.  I had a weird obsession with the movie that was directed by John Frankenheimer and used to watched it a lot! But I was not aware of the back story until I saw this documentary in 2015 and the lengths that director Richard Stanley went to try and get his version of Dr. Moreau made! Amazing and true this documentary is definitely worth a watch!

Available to rent from Itunes:


My Best Fiend (1999)- Directed by Werner Herzog. This documentary is about the most interesting friendship in cinematic history. Director Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski. Klaus Kinski who was quite an interesting and eccentric person had a weird love but hate friendship with Werner Herzog that stemmed from childhood until Kinski death in 1991.

Available to watch on Tubi:

What documentaries have been the craziest ones you have watch  or what is on your watch list? Comment below to share!

Until Next time!

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