Things to do from your chair!

Hello and welcome to another round of things you can do from pieces from your living space!

This week I interviewed two great Instagram accounts about what they have been doing about making the best of their time:

First up is Beth Ann:

“Hey all! My name is BethAnn and I’m a hairdresser. Since my profession is very hands-on, I’ll unfortunately be out of work for quite some time. Lately I’ve been occupying my time (even more) with one of my favorite ways. Not many people know this about me, but I’m a huge “Pokémon Go” fan! I also love going for walks/hikes, so the two go hand in hand. For people not familiar with the game, randomized Pokémon will pop up while you’re exploring your town and walking allows you to accomplish certain tasks since the game tracks your steps using something they call “adventure sync”. I’ve been finding myself driving all over the South Shore of MA walking empty beaches and nature trails trying to get my challenges completed. My favorite spot to go is a park in Hingham, MA called Abigale Adams Park, or as it’s notoriously named: “Poké Park”! The game is great for social distancing because you don’t have to interact with anyone in real life and it gets you out of the house. Exercising and getting fresh air is still as important as it ever was, even in these turbulent times, as long as you stay cognizant of your surroundings and do it in a safe way.”

Next up is Derek better known as @vcrofdeath :

“Staying at home can be a drag… until you realize just how much amazing content is available at the push of a button these days. At VCR of Death, I’m focused on all things analog, but during these trying times, I wanted to share some of my favorites that you can stream from home. Because any time you’re bummed about social distancing, just remember that your great grandparents didn’t have access to Deadly Prey on Amazon Prime during the influenza pandemic of 1919.
Speaking of Deadly Prey, here’s a few recommendations for ways to kill time during the season of COVID-19.
  • Deadly Prey: if VCR of Death had a Mt. Rushmore of necessary films, this would be on it. This story of a jorts-wearing Vietnam vet who gets kidnapped and hunted for sport is perfection from start to disembodied arm wielding finish. (Available on Amazon Prime)
  • Re-Animator: Stuart Gordon just passed away, which made me super nostalgic for everything in his crazy body of work. He’s got so many high points, but there’s nothing quite like this one, which brings together Herbert West, neon syringes, disembodied head cunnilingus and so much more. (Available on Shudder)
  • Warriors of the Wasteland aka The New Barbarians: When it comes to post-apocalyptic sci-fi, Italians do it better. This one combines flashes of hyper-violence, Fred Williamson and insane haircuts into one of the most consistently entertaining flicks you’ll ever see. (Available on Amazon Prime)
  • Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: I’m pretty dedicated to my VCR, but that didn’t stop me from devouring this prequel series to the Dark Crystal, which is like Game of Thrones with a lot more puppets and a lot less incest. (Available on Netflix)
  • VCR of Death: I can’t make a list about killing time without a little shameless self promotion. Follow me on Instagram @vcrofdeath and scroll for hours. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll find a ton more movies you need to see. Pro-tip: the name of the movie is always the last hashtag on every post.”

Thank you guys for sharing your tips!


Also fellow Instagram account @rose.knows offers meditation sessions every Tuesday at 12 pm (PST). I know I definitely need a session during this whole experience. For more information or questions please contact her through her IG account: @rose.knows
Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 10.54.07 AM
If you are into coloring, artist @chrisuphues is offering free downloads of his art for you to color! The link is below to download the pages and also the link is available through his store (Beautiful Days ) that he runs with @jenkohel Also while you are downloading these coloring pages. This is a great small business! I have bought super cute cards and stickers that smell like strawberries and chocolate!!



Do you guys like a quick and entertaining read? IG account: @peterparkercomix sell all kinds of comic books on his account. They go quickly and they vary in price so make sure they you are following his account to see the latest inventory.

Link to add is below:


Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 11.23.36 AM


One of my favorite Instagram accounts is @jeffreymixed
His account has always been my go to whenever I need a good laugh or when I need a “what in the world” did I just watch? And of course watching it five or six times to get better clarity and then adding my two cents in the comment section. This is a very entertaining account and good friend. I highly recommend this account because  I am pretty sure that you will spend a good amount of time watching all the various WTF content!!
Link is below to add: @jeffreymixed
Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 11.52.35 AM
@simpsonsmoviereferences is also a good IG account to follow if you are a fan of the Simpsons. This feeds finds movie references in the first ten seasons of the Simpsons! SO GOOD!
Link is below to add:
And of course their are my IG accounts of course and blog to entertain you while being indoors!
Until Next time!

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