Mutter Museum Madness!

A couple of years ago I went to one of my favorite museum: Mutter Museum.  Located in Philadelphia, PA it is the first medical museum in the United States. It is named after Dr. Thomas Dent Mutter (1811-1859) because in 1858 Dr. Mutter donated a huge amount of his collection of medical tools, and specimens to the museum originally for educational purposes.


My last visit to the museum was in October 2015 and I went with Glenn. This was my second visit and his first so I don’t know how he would take in all of the interesting but fascinating content that the museum has to offer.

all the photos are supplied by Glenn! 


The museum only allows people to go in group when you enter the main exhibit floors so we got grouped with a coven of witches. Normally they mention to you when you buy your ticket to go inside that you are not allow to take photos but Glenn did anyway. So I would like to thank Glenn for taking these photos because I wouldn’t be able supply any photos for this post without him!

Even though the museum has over twenty thousand specimens about 13% is on display!


It is hard to just quickly walk by any exhibit while you are in there because a lot of the stuff is something you don’t see every day. I believe they still get specimens mailed in to them as donations like “picked human skin.”


When we went we saw a wall of human skulls titled “Adopt a skull” where people sent in donations to preserve the skulls along the wall so they able to restore the skull of your choice and mount back onto a stand. You were also able to name your skull and find out information about it like what the person died of and rough the location of where they were from and the age frame.


There are a lot of interesting sections of this museum like this this exploding skull and this exhibit of the “soap lady.”


This museum was well worth the trip there is something interesting and amazing about the early history of medical history. Glenn mentioned to me that “there was a lot of stuff in jars.” However I think this was a memorable experience for him and always an enjoyable experience for me as well!


If want something different to do this should be a consideration! Here is there website for more information about location and hours.

Mutter Museum



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soundtrack of the month: Tenebrae

Tenebrae is a movie directed by Dario Argento in 1982. It is one of my favorite giallo movies that he made. It is about a mystery author is is promoting his latest murder mystery book in Italy but it seems like his book is becoming a true crime novel because he gets these mysterious phone calls about killings in the area from the actual killer. The killer also goes on to tell him that the author’s latest book is the source of inspiration for this novels so the author is compel to figure who is taking his book too much to heart.



What is really impressive about this movie is the soundtrack. The soundtrack was produced and made by three members of the rock group Goblin. By the time this movie was being made the band had broken up by Dario Argento asked if they could just band together and make this soundtrack. Three of them agreed and I am really glad they did because  this is one of the most memorable soundtracks ever made in my personal opinion!

large_550_tenebre_front (1)

This soundtrack is  very 80’s filled with electric guitars and mimimoog and fits the high action moments in this movie.


My personal favorite  tracks from the soundtrack are “Tenebrae”

Which is the main title song of the movie and the beginning of the song is just so powerful!


Which kind of sounds like what soft jazz in the near future would be like. I usually have this song as one of my workout songs!

And “Waiting Death”

Which I feel like this track is worthy of any rock opera!


This soundtrack was reissued by Waxworks in 2018 as a limited edition version.


That version is hard to come by but you can still track down the original vinyl is not that much.  If you are a fan of horror soundtracks like I am then this is a must for your collection!

A fun fact about the soundtrack is that it was sampled by a French dj duo called Justice in their 2007 album!



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Movie of the day: Society (1989)

Do you every feel like you are the outsider in your family? That you aren’t like that and the something makes you different then the people around you?

Well in 1989 director Brian Yuzna (this is this first movie he directed) created such a scenario in one of my favorite movies ever: Society.


Starring Billy Warlock as Billy Whitney the confused outcast son, and  Devin DeVasquez as Clarissa the love interest.


Billy live in wealth with his family in Beverly Hills, California and seems to have everything a spoil rich kid would want. He is popular at school, he is dating a cheerleader, is on the debate team and lives in a mansion in an elite zip code. However he feels like he does not fit in and goes regularly to a therapist to discuss his anxieties about not fitting into this rich group of people.


A lot of suspicious events is brought to Billy’s attention by  an ex boyfriend of his sister especially when a tape is produced of a horrific conversation that makes all of Billy’s anxieties very valid!

Billy confronts his family and his therapist about everything and in return he gets drugged by the therapist. He wakes up in the hospital only to escape and go back to his house where he finds the upper class society in Beverly Hills is a underground cult filled with orgy rituals and human sacrifices! He really finds out that he is the normal person in his family and tries to escape the clutches of society!


The first time I watched this movie I was so amazed by the special effects! So great I felt like I was watching an avant garde pieces for the last 30 minutes of the film.  I found out only later that the effects were made by Screaming Mad George. He made effects for movies such as a “Big Trouble in Little China” and “Predator.”


So if the plot line doesn’t seem interesting then I suggest watching the movie just for the visual effects it will probably leave a lasting impression!


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What I’m watching:The Last Drive- In with Joe Bob Briggs

When I was little I used wake up in the middle of the night and sneak to where my brother was watching TV in the dining room. He would always watched this one show late at night and I would end up watching with him. I wasn’t sure what I was exactly watching but it seems like it was something cool to watch since my brother was cool and always admired anything he did. Decades later while  I was watching random youtube videos I saw this face: r


It automatically clicked in my mind from where I saw this gentleman! And it brought back so many good memories of waking up and watching this with my brother. So of course I ended watching as many videos I could find on youtube for the next couple of weeks!

hqdefault (1)

Flash forward to  July 2018 when Shudder premiered “The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs” you cannot imagine the excitement I had about this 24 hour up all night 13 movie marathon!!


I took the weekend off and stay indoors watching back to back horror movies with Joe Bob Briggs sharing unknown ( at least to me) facts about the movies and it was a pure delight!

So I am equally excited that Shudder made this a regular series!!!


The show is every Friday at 9pm EST on Shudder. He has show some great movies so far and one of my favorites! The good thing that it is on Shudder because if you miss a week you are covered because you can always watch it later! I enjoy watching this because it brings back good memories from my childhood. I also enjoy the guest stars that have made appearances and the witty banter between Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl.


The series premiered two weeks ago and this has been the  movie lineup so far.






one of my favorite movies! Look out for future post about this!!

This Friday is week 3 and you better believe that I will be watching it!!!

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Artist’s Spotlight: @clairydoingthings

This artist’s Spotlight is on IG: @clairydoingthings



1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“Hey! I’m Chiara, 28 and I came from a little country place near Bologna in Italy. I spent the last 7 years living la vida loca in Spain, one year ago I met Matteo and together we start to travel around the world.”


2. What is your art aesthetic?

“I never think about my style. I just think about what I want to do. Sometimes I take photos, maybe in front of a beautiful sunset, on the top of a mountain or in the middle of the desert. Sometimes I get the urge to “create” a photo, like a painter do.”

3. What kind of camera(s) do you use and why?

“I actually use a Mirrorless, the hype of the moment, more compact and light body to carry in your bag anytime. Right now I have a Fujifilm just because I love the colors of the photos it shoots.”

Antiques on fire

4. What is your favorite art you created and why?

“I don’t wanna be a cliché but like a lot of creative people I’m being tired of my photos just right after I create a new one. So the answer is every last photo I create and this is basically because I love to create.”

unnamed (2)

5. Is there any upcoming events you would like to share?

“I’ll be in Milano at East Market every 3rd Sunday of every month and you can find me and my photos there! ”


If you like to contact Chiara these are her social media handles:


IG: @clairydoingthings

Print shop:


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