Artist’s Spotlight: @clairydoingthings

This artist’s Spotlight is on IG: @clairydoingthings



1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“Hey! I’m Chiara, 28 and I came from a little country place near Bologna in Italy. I spent the last 7 years living la vida loca in Spain, one year ago I met Matteo and together we start to travel around the world.”


2. What is your art aesthetic?

“I never think about my style. I just think about what I want to do. Sometimes I take photos, maybe in front of a beautiful sunset, on the top of a mountain or in the middle of the desert. Sometimes I get the urge to “create” a photo, like a painter do.”

3. What kind of camera(s) do you use and why?

“I actually use a Mirrorless, the hype of the moment, more compact and light body to carry in your bag anytime. Right now I have a Fujifilm just because I love the colors of the photos it shoots.”

Antiques on fire

4. What is your favorite art you created and why?

“I don’t wanna be a cliché but like a lot of creative people I’m being tired of my photos just right after I create a new one. So the answer is every last photo I create and this is basically because I love to create.”

unnamed (2)

5. Is there any upcoming events you would like to share?

“I’ll be in Milano at East Market every 3rd Sunday of every month and you can find me and my photos there! ”


If you like to contact Chiara these are her social media handles:


IG: @clairydoingthings

Print shop:


Until Next time!

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