Movie of the day: Society (1989)

Do you every feel like you are the outsider in your family? That you aren’t like that and the something makes you different then the people around you?

Well in 1989 director Brian Yuzna (this is this first movie he directed) created such a scenario in one of my favorite movies ever: Society.


Starring Billy Warlock as Billy Whitney the confused outcast son, and  Devin DeVasquez as Clarissa the love interest.


Billy live in wealth with his family in Beverly Hills, California and seems to have everything a spoil rich kid would want. He is popular at school, he is dating a cheerleader, is on the debate team and lives in a mansion in an elite zip code. However he feels like he does not fit in and goes regularly to a therapist to discuss his anxieties about not fitting into this rich group of people.


A lot of suspicious events is brought to Billy’s attention by  an ex boyfriend of his sister especially when a tape is produced of a horrific conversation that makes all of Billy’s anxieties very valid!

Billy confronts his family and his therapist about everything and in return he gets drugged by the therapist. He wakes up in the hospital only to escape and go back to his house where he finds the upper class society in Beverly Hills is a underground cult filled with orgy rituals and human sacrifices! He really finds out that he is the normal person in his family and tries to escape the clutches of society!


The first time I watched this movie I was so amazed by the special effects! So great I felt like I was watching an avant garde pieces for the last 30 minutes of the film.  I found out only later that the effects were made by Screaming Mad George. He made effects for movies such as a “Big Trouble in Little China” and “Predator.”


So if the plot line doesn’t seem interesting then I suggest watching the movie just for the visual effects it will probably leave a lasting impression!


Until next time!!


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