Mutter Museum Madness!

A couple of years ago I went to one of my favorite museum: Mutter Museum.  Located in Philadelphia, PA it is the first medical museum in the United States. It is named after Dr. Thomas Dent Mutter (1811-1859) because in 1858 Dr. Mutter donated a huge amount of his collection of medical tools, and specimens to the museum originally for educational purposes.


My last visit to the museum was in October 2015 and I went with Glenn. This was my second visit and his first so I don’t know how he would take in all of the interesting but fascinating content that the museum has to offer.

all the photos are supplied by Glenn! 


The museum only allows people to go in group when you enter the main exhibit floors so we got grouped with a coven of witches. Normally they mention to you when you buy your ticket to go inside that you are not allow to take photos but Glenn did anyway. So I would like to thank Glenn for taking these photos because I wouldn’t be able supply any photos for this post without him!

Even though the museum has over twenty thousand specimens about 13% is on display!


It is hard to just quickly walk by any exhibit while you are in there because a lot of the stuff is something you don’t see every day. I believe they still get specimens mailed in to them as donations like “picked human skin.”


When we went we saw a wall of human skulls titled “Adopt a skull” where people sent in donations to preserve the skulls along the wall so they able to restore the skull of your choice and mount back onto a stand. You were also able to name your skull and find out information about it like what the person died of and rough the location of where they were from and the age frame.


There are a lot of interesting sections of this museum like this this exploding skull and this exhibit of the “soap lady.”


This museum was well worth the trip there is something interesting and amazing about the early history of medical history. Glenn mentioned to me that “there was a lot of stuff in jars.” However I think this was a memorable experience for him and always an enjoyable experience for me as well!


If want something different to do this should be a consideration! Here is there website for more information about location and hours.

Mutter Museum



Until Next time!


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