Stay in doors Recommendations!

I hope everyone is doing good! Here are some recommendations of things to do while you are indoors.

Well I am just going to self promote myself here: I been using and actively blogging on this WordPress account for the past three years. I do not really follow a particular theme so my writing vary. If you are bore why not look at past blog posts on here! 🙂

Fellow social media and total boss lady: @hypepriestess is doing a virtual Witch walk on March 21. This event is offer every 3rd Saturday of every month in an outdoor venue but under the circumstances she turned this event online. Below is the time schedule of the vendors and events. I believe these are West coast times. For more info please go to their social media links below:



Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 2.21.46 PM

I have to be 100% honest with you. I have never venture into watching Adult Swim but I recently learned that if you download their app you can watch full seasons of their shows for free!!! So I did and cannot wait to start watching!!!


Here is their website for more information:

Adult Swim

Some other great stream apps are offering good discounts or a allotted amount time for free. I recommend these but please check out their social media handles for the most update information or special promo codes


Night Flight  (website)


They also have a spotify channel where they do a monthly theme playlist:

Night Flight on Spotify


Shudder (website)



The Criterion Channel (website)




As you guys know I love to read. My reading tastes widely differ and I much rather have a room filled with books, toys, and movies than clothes and shoes. That being said here are some great small book shops that I recommend checking out.


@politicsprose is offering a wide variety of services in order to get you your books. Including free shipping, taking online and phone orders and curbside pickup. Here is the link that explains how they are working during this weird time:

Ways to Support Politics and Prose

They have also moved their author talks events to online! Here is a calendar of what authors they have:

Poltics & Prose Events

Here is their link to shop!:





This bookstore is one of my favorite bookstores to shop online. They haven an amazing assortment of curated books of all subjects and themes. This bookstore is run by Erik DuRon and Jess Kuronen and they are still doing online orders. Here is the link to their website. I tend to browse their catalogs during my lunch break because the assortment is so unique.

Link is below to shop:

Left Bank Books


Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 3.27.43 PM (1)

@labrujasclub is offering a free wellness series. During this weird time frame I feel like we often need a little bit of personal “glow” and something for our minds and bodies to become at peace.

Link is below to sign up:

Glow at Home

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 3.34.30 PM

@clubcobra is co-own by one of my good friends Marty Sokol and he is bring a drag and go-go show online! Recently this show was feature on the website (link for the article is here: “A gay L.A. nightclub is live-streaming a drag and go-go show. How it supports performers”

I think this is a super cool and creative way to bring the shows to a worldwide platform. To subscribe the link is below:

Earlier today I posted a question of what podcasts everyone has been listening to and I got such an amazing response! I will link below the Instagram podcasts feeds and/or websites to check out:



Weird Studies

Bone and Sickle


Guitars And Stolen Cars





I know Amazon has halted delivery on non-essential items until April but if you are in need of a game or puzzle. Always Fits has an interesting and fantastic assortment of items! I found out about them last November and I have order from them everything from Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross Socks to a 1000 piece puzzle of the 1980’s!!!


They are small business and I tend to always find something on their website to order and it fills my mind with nostalgia.

Link below to buy:



So I have been doing some workouts at home since I have been indoors.I think it is important to get your body moving while you are at home. I tend to be a bit of a couch potato. I came across Richard Simmons youtube channels filled with short videos to get your body moving!! abc_simmons_retro_nt_130711

Link is below to start moving your butt!

Richard Simmons Youtube Channel

What have you guys been doing while staying indoors? Comment below and share your suggestions!!


Until next time!!

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