Things you can do from your couch part 2!

This might be a regular posting thing for the moment. I am trying to find things that people might not know about and would like to enjoy watching until we are able to leave our houses. So here are two new awesome things you might have not known about before.


@tomatitojose runs a programmer he created called Cartoon Carnival. They are a series of screenings he runs in NY however do to the circumstances he has moved his program online and will be running tomorrow (Sunday March 22, 2020) at two separate times. The times are east coast times and the cost is $10  (which goes to helping him keep these films and his amazing program keep going!). I also bought a ticket and I am super excited to finally join and watch some great cartoons!

The link to purchase to tickets and get more additional information are below:

He also has a website and the link is below:



@rjcity  is a pro wrestler and I just recently came across his instagram account. I also recently found out he has an entertaining and funny youtube channel! He has different themes on his youtube channel. Some themes are “RJ reads Wrestling Books” and “Trailer Reactions” but my favorite one of all is his  “Bedtime Stories (w/RJ City)”


His youtube channel has been to one of new favorite channels to subscribed to.

Link is below to subscribe to his channel and watch:

RJ City

Until next time!


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