Welcome to the Insta-hood: @Yasmina_666 !

This week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood is on @Yasmina_666!

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

” My name is Yasmina Ketita and I am one third of Witch Finger Horror Podcast and writer/vlogger of The Rewind Zone column for Rue Morgue Magazine and a VHS collector.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, I currently live in London, Ontario and was a musician for several years singing for thrash metal Nothing Left For Tomorrow and playing guitar for The Alcohollys and Night of the Demons. Since taking a break from music in 2017, I have been focusing more on incorporating my love of 80’s horror movies by sharing my passion with other fans in the world through audio, writing and video platforms for everyone’s enjoyment of all things related to 80s horror.”

2. What is the “Witch Finger Horror Podcast”?

“Witch Finger Horror Podcast is a combination of girls, booze, burps and 80s horror! I began the podcast in 2016 with my best friends Morgan Lander and Megan Stinson and we record our episodes as we watch the movies in my living room. We are currently preparing for our 50th anniversary episode and we also have a YouTube show called After Dark where we review our favorite non-horror films as well as do occasional live shows at horror conventions while we sit in front of the movie playing on a screen with a live audience that we encourage participation from. Once I began writing film reviews for fun, I was then hired by Rue Morgue Magazine as a columnist in 2019. I have a blog called The Rewind Zone where I write on a particular 80s horror movie every month that gets posted on rue-morgue.com as well as an occasional YouTube vlog version that is available to watch on Rue Morgue TV.”

3. What are the top 3 pieces you have written and why?

” My article on racism is definitely the most personal and substantial piece I’ve written so far. It was released as a personal note from The Rewind Zone a month after the murder of George Floyd and details my personal experiences with racism as well as why I find it a necessity in life to work towards being anti-racist. As a person of color, I am very much affected by systemic racism and found it crucial to tell my story to reach others who have gone through similar experiences in order to help people realize they are not alone in this fight. I felt compelled to write on these important matters to bring awareness to on-going racism, to incite activism within my followers, and to encourage more space for BIPOC within the horror community.” https://www.rue-morgue.com/reflections-on-racism-a-personal-note-from-the-rewind-zone/

My review on Beyond the Black Rainbow is one of my favorites I’ve written because I believe this film is one of the most beautiful and engaging stories I have seen and feel although Mandy is a great film, that BTBR should merit more recognition for its existentialist theme and astounding visuals. I am a big fan of cheesy 80s horror movies but I also love more convoluted, abstract subject matter in films because they tend to intrigue our minds into fields of the unknown and I find unique and enigmatic storytelling to be the most thought-provoking hence why I’m a huge David Cronenberg and David Lynch fan. http://www.witchfinger.com/reviews-1/2019/1/29/beyond-the-black-rainbow

As for a third top piece, I’d have to choose from The Rewind Zone and go with my blog on one of my favorite 80s horror movies: Witchboard. I have many memories of renting movies in the 80s and 90s but renting Witchboard in high school with my best friend Dana renders many nostalgic memories of us laughing so hard at many scenes while eating our pizza with mushrooms and pineapple, a double topping we like to say we invented at the time! I also have a huge girl crush on Tawny Kitaen, she as well as many other women, was a top notch 80s babe! Watching her and countless other amazing 80s horror movies makes me wish I could travel back in time and just stay in my favorite decade forever!” https://www.rue-morgue.com/the-rewind-zone-dust-off-your-ouija-boards-for-witchboard/

4.  What are your top five movies from your collection and why?

“1. TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze will forever be one of my favorite tapes I own because it is the tape from my childhood that I would watch A LOT. In my opinion, part 2 is way better than 1 and here’s why. We all have our nostalgic associations with certain aspects from our childhood and I for one grew up with part 2 so that’s why it resonates more deeply than part 1. Although part 1 is a classic, I admire part 2 more because it contains a copious amount of added features compared to its predecessor like the mutants Rahzar & Tokka, Super Shredder, Vanilla Ice, and I just prefer this April O’Neil. There’s just a lot more going on in this one and yes I have the Vanilla Ice Ninja Rap tape as well haha!

2. NIN: Closure double vhs. This is a very important tape to me because not only are NIN my favorite band (I touched Trent Reznor’s head once, that was cool) but I stood in line waiting to buy it the day it came out when I was 14 years old and will never get rid of it!

3. Heavy Metal Summer. This movie is probably one of the rarest tapes I own. I bought it from a video rental store that was going out of business where me and my friends Morgan and Mercedes would rent it quite often from and we’d make all of our friends watch it. It’s a Canadian gem that centers around two “heavy metalers” who end up at a camp called Weewankah Park to recharge when they discover there’s a wilderness challenge that offers $5000 to the winner. The plot also focuses on three best friends Eve, Marsha and Linnie who are on vacation at Weewankah Park, and on the park’s local brothers Truckie and Trailor, yes those are their names, doing everything they can to save the park from the evil Mr. Rancewell who is dumping toxic waste. Oh and did I mention Ted Nugent makes an appearance?
4. Sleepaway Camp the Media release. This was gifted to me many moons ago and as far as I know the Media release is rare and I just love the iconic cover of the bloody knife stabbing the shoe plus this release includes the full camp letter on the back.

5. As far as vhs distribution companies go, I also like to collect VHS from particular companies like Wizard Video, Paragon, Rae Don, AIP, Vestron, and would like to one day add to my collection from more rare companies such as Unicorn Video, Gorgon Video and Midnight Video.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“As for this question unfortunately due to Covid-19 I have no events or news to announce at this time but hopefully in the near post-covid future I want to be doing more writing for film and may be doing PR for horror events for RM and definitely more live WF shows, whenever life gets back to normal lol.”

If you would like to learn more about Yasmina here is the following contact information:

Instagram: @yasmina_666



Rue Morgue

Thank you so much for the interview Yasmina!!

Until next time!

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