Witches Night Out

Witches Night Out was Canadian cartoon that premiered on October 27, 1978 on NBC.

I remember the fist time I saw it I was about 8 years old and the channel Nickelodeon was showing a lot of programming from Canada. I remember coming home from school, turning on the tv and coming in the middle of the intro show.

Anything Halloween related or anything that had to do with monsters or witches I would stop and watch. SO of course I was automatically drawn to to this cartoon:

The cartoon is directed by John Leach and it has some great actors doing the voices as the cartoon characters. Such as Gilda Radner

and Catherine O’Hara:

The cartoon centers around a witch who is going through a rut because the town she lives in thinks that Halloween is not an important holiday and they don’t really celebrate it:

However she hears the cries of two children’s wishes on Halloween and she comes to their rescue by turning them into whatever their hearts desire. Such as a ghost, Frankenstein and a wolfman.

The kids show off their new scary selves at a Halloween party that the adults are having at the witch’s house. The adults get so scared the children who are the monsters feel bad.

The witch starts to feel bad and begins to tell the townspeople how underappreciative she feels in the town. The town realizes how fun they had because of the witch and applaud her and want her to turned them scariest selves:

The witch is trilled and invites the town back to her house where they celebrate!

Fun facts about this cartoon:

This cartoon is a spinoff of another cartoon called “The Gift of Winter (1974):

If you are in the Halloween mood. Witches Night Out is available to watch for free from TUBI:https://tubitv.com/movies/327416/witchs_night_out?utm_source=google-feed&tracking=google-feed

Until Next time!!!

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