How I came to love reading….

When I was five I went to Catholic school for preschool. It was not the most positive experience but the one thing I do remember one thing from my Catholic school experience. I was taught how to read there. I remember being the last kid in my class to finally grasp the concept of reading. The nuns did try really hard to teach my but nothing would grasp. They would give my books about farms, animals, places, etc and nothing took with me. However it took the nun from the after school program to be able to teach me. She knew my struggle of not learning how to read as quickly as the other kids.

So one day after school she asked me If “I show you a couple of book covers. Can you tell me which one interests you the most.” I said ok. She showed me some book covers and nothing interested me and then she took one book out from her desk and that one looked so interesting to me! This was the cover of the book:

She was like “we normally don’t let you kids read this kind of material. However I’ll make an exception because this seems to be the only one you shown any interest in.”So after a couple of days staying after school with her she helped me learn how to read. This was the first story I was able to read by myself which I always revisit every couple of years:

The Green Ribbon was the first story I was able to read fully by myself. I love the story so much that it finally spark my first love in reading. I would often try to find books that were like that story.

What was the first book you remember reading or enjoy? Comment below!

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3 thoughts on “How I came to love reading….

  1. I always had an interest in horror but our school (Roman Catholic) didn’t really having anything I was interested in, apart from The Folk of the Faraway tree which I read parts of, mostly because it was so strange. I actually frightened my teacher in Primary 4 when I told other classmates about ‘Saturday the 14th’ I had watched on video. My re-telling of the film must have been scary for her as I vividly remember her telling me to stop talking about it!

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