Great Small businesses: @bitchyveganhomo !

This week I interviewed a great small business: @bitchyveganhomo !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

I was born in Pittsburgh but I live in Cleveland now. I have always loved to cook and bake and since I was the only non-meat eater in the house growing up, I did a lot of my own cooking. One night I was making my best friend his dinner and we were joking around. He said, “Shut up you bitchy vegan homo” to me and I decided to literally own that name.

2. What made you want to start your business?

t sort of happened by accident. I had the opportunity to do a vegan YouTube cooking show and I decided to do events to help promote that. The response I got to my baked goods at these events made me realize that there was a hole that needed filled and it was going to take something gay and delicious to fill it.

3. What is the “Vegan Cheesecake Podcast”?

The Vegan Cheesecake Podcast is a fun side project that I do with my dear friend Vegan Vicki of Urban Sweetness. She came up to me one night at an event and said “I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast and I’ve been thinking about doing one with YOU.” Two minutes later we had the name and the concept nailed down. We focus on two things we both love, vegan food and The Golden Girls. Each week we discuss a different episode of the show and talk about the things we’ve made or eaten and anything else that pops into our heads. Unlike a lot of other vegan podcasts, we keep it light and fun. We want to be a welcome relief of silliness for people to enjoy. We have been on a hiatus for the past few months due to the health crisis and other commitments but we are starting back up with new shows in mid October.

4. What is the top 3 items you make and why do you think that they are the most popular items?


Without a doubt my brownies are the thing I am known for. I didn’t realize how good they were until strangers started telling me they were the best brownies they’d ever had. After so many people said that, I just started calling them “The Best Damn Brownie.” People love them because they are very rich and chocolatey and they are the perfect middle ground between fudgy and caky.

The other two items that I think have the most passionate responses are my blueberry white chocolate cookies and my new pumpkin praline bars. 

Blueberry White Chocolate Cookies
Pumpkin Praline Bars

5. Do you have any exciting news and events that you would like to share?

“I’ve got a lot of pop-ups happening in Ohio including a new monthly partnership with Melt Bar & Grilled. On October 22nd I’ll be at locations in Lakewood (a Cleveland suburb), Akron and Columbus. People can pre-order in advance to make sure they get what they want but i will also have the tables stocked with brownies and select other vegan goodies. There’s a page on my website that’s updated with all of my upcoming events. I am also working on getting the mail order side of things going for the brownies. That will hopefully be launching before the end of the year in time for the holidays.”

If you like to learn more about this great business. The following contact information is below:


Instagram: @bitchyveganhomo

Twitter: @bitchyveganhomo

Pinterest : @bitchyveganhomo

Youtube: @bitchyveganhomo

Facebook: @bvh Show

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