Dark Shadows: My childhood obsession

It was the summer of 3rd grade and I had a huge obsession with vampires. I read my first book on vampires by Anne Rice called “Interview with the Vampire.”

After I finished that book I went on to read the rest of the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice. I finished all of those in three months by the end of the school year. However I wanted more vampire theme stuff and was searching for it. On the first day off of summer my brother was watching a channel called the Sci-Fi Channel and left it on for me. It first I saw a bunch of Lost in Space episodes but by the time late morning came I heard a theme song that would forever be in my mind:

I was impressed and curious by the theme song and decided to see the rest of the show. Midway through the show they started talking about a subject my child’ s mind wanted to know more of:

VAMPIRES!!! I was so trilled because finally my thirst of more vampires content had finally come true!!!

I started watching the show everyday for that entire summer and was completely glued to the complex content of vampires, curses, werewolves, and time travel. I even begged my parents to buy me musical boxes and anything that looked vintage that could possibly looked like it could of been on the show. My brother know my obsession with the show and bought me my first vhs tape of

I watched this tape SO many times during the beginning of the school year that I literally wore it out. It got to a point where I was able to memorize the first 20 minutes of the movie. I knew when each character was about to enter the scene. It still reminds one of my favorite movies to this day.

I never was able to watch the entire Dark Shadow Series (1966-1971). But I did watch the reboot one that was made in 1991

Although I do prefer the original version of the series. I hope one day to be able to watch the entire series. I know they sell the entire series through various stores. But in the meantime whenever I see House of Dark Shadows or Night of Dark Shadows on TCM I always make sure I watch it. My ringtone on my phone is the intro theme to the show so I might sure I only answer my phone halfway through so I’ll be able listen to the song.

I know some people think a cartoon or a kid’s show with fond memories however one of my found childhood memories involves a horror soap opera.

One thought on “Dark Shadows: My childhood obsession

  1. I loved Dark Shadows and the Anne Rice book (the movie? Eh, not so much). The vampire mythos has been revisited time and again in books, television and movies, and still hasn’t been entirely played out.


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