Addicted to Love

In 1986 producer Terrence Donovan directed one of the most iconic 80’s music video of Robert Palmer’s song:  “Addicted to Love”.


This song is on Robert Palmer’s Riptide album and was it’s second single. Every time I think of Robert Palmer two things pop up in my head: this song and this video.


Some interesting facts of this video and song:

-The models in the video are not actually playing the instruments in it. A musician was hired to teach them fingering routines to give the impression of playing the instruments.

  • The same models were recast in future Robert Palmer’s videos such as “Simply Irresistible”, “I didn’t mean to Turn You on”, and “Change His Way”.
  • Robert Palmer was going to make this song a duet with Chanka Khan but her record company would not allow her to sing in it due to her contract. RobertPalmer-AddictedToLovevob_tn-800x602

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