Welcome to the Insta-hood: @TheJamesOliver !

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Welcome to the Insta-hood! Where I interviewed fascinating people and their IG accounts. This week I  interviewed fellow IG account @thejamesoliver !


  1. Tell me about yourself.


“My name is James Oliver. I used to be a failed heavy metal musician but now I am an Instagram star thanks for my up and coming series “Unegging with James!” I currently reside in Austin, Texas.”


2. How did you come up with the Kinder Egg Instagram Video concept?

” I stumbled across some unboxing videos on Youtube in which BORING people with no charmisa were opening up Kinder Eggs and assembling the toys. The videos had millions of views despite their WEAK content. I decided to take it upon myself to provide entertaining and providing informative videos for the obviously deprived Kinder Egg audience. I started doing the eggisodes on my Instagram story ( a very unorthodox medium to try to create an internet based show). Because only a  handful of people who followed were already watching whenever I would posted weird videos. I knew at least some of the people who follow me would see them.”


3. Why did you pick Kinder egg candy vs an other candy?

“I picked Kinder eggs because I noticed them one day at CVS when I was there picking up my Xanax prescription. In addition to Kinder Joy eggs I have also unegged several other products on the show. Including   Shopkins Choco Treasure, Yowie Surprise Egg, Yummy World, and various others.”


4. What are your three favorite toys from Kinder Egg and is there a toy that you have been searching for that you haven’t come across yet?

” Some of my favorites have been the Mystery Lab series that was in stores in during the Halloween season. There was a couple I didn’t end up finding in my eggs, including a blue guy with an extra face on his stomach and a female cyclops. One of the coolest ones I’ve ever gotten was the motorcycle. I’ve found it in one of the earlier episodes called “Market Eggs.”



Another toy I’ve found pretty neat was a wizard with a blue cape and an orange hat.



My least favorite toys are the Marvel Avengers toys. My dream Kinder Egg series would be Universal Monsters or some sort of horror film icons series.”


5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Not really but I have a couple ideas jotted down for potential eggisodes . I would encourage anyone reading this who is intrigued to check out my highlighted series stories on Instagram. That is where I have been archiving all the various eggisodes that I have made. I’m saving up money to buy a proper video camera and some editing software so I can start a YouTube channel. I’m not sure when that will eventually cometo fruition that that is my goal right now and is the main reason I continue to put out episodes of Unegging with James on Instagram.”


To find out more about James and watch some amazing episodes: This is his IG page:




Thank you so much for the interview James!!!



Until next time !

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