Artist’s Spotlight: @InheritMyBreakingWind

This week’s Artist Spotlight is on artist Inherit My Breaking Wind

  1.  Where did the name “Inherit My Breaking Wind” come from?

“Basically I wanted a name that poked fun at something dominating public interest while at the same time not taking myself too seriously/ keeping myself immune from the same criticism.  It was a riff on the play “Inherit the Wind.”  The play being about a teacher willing to go to jail for teaching evolution in spite of faith-based laws.  I wanted to create art that opined on the current zeitgeist….in contrast to the play, I’m taking no real risk in “breaking wind” on how seriously people are taking whatever subject is at hand; then, in turn “breaking wind” on the my own position. ”


2.  Can you describe your art aesthetic?

” I would say my aesthetic is visual non sequiturs that incorporate my obsession with pop culture as the symbology.  All of which is told through a narrative of someone in a state arrested development at age 16.”

3. What is your favorite art piece you created and why?

” Most of my work is a means of working through something and usually isn’t something I revisit much afterwards.  In terms of my favorite art pieces they aren’t my own and are inspiring and sentimental. That said, my favorite piece of my own is an oil painting I made of my dog Capone—he was really sick and I finished the painting the morning of the day he passed.  It’s nothing special aesthetically but it makes me well up when I look at it (he was my sidekick for a long time as well as across some significant life moments)”



4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

“It’s all over the place and runs the gamut between a reaction to topical events to stupid observations.  Always at the core is the pop culture I love as the vehicle for the story (traditional symbols never meant as much for me as random pop references….which I guess illustrates my perspective that nothing is sacred and these pop culture symbols that are equally meaningless).

For example on the below drawing, it’s something as simple as terrible people being pursued by normal people at wits end; defenders of terrible people obstructing; and, the people that are more terrible/ those stand to gain from the former being silenced getting trying to delay becoming worm food…all told through a pop culture lens.”
“This(below) is a reaction to bald billionaire megalomaniacs (eg Jeff Bezos as an automaton run by the monopoly guy playing with Lex Luthor and the Kingpin—characters that he aspires to be as ruthless as)and those that wish they there in the same league (eg Trump having to jealously reckon with a real billionaire with more power being in eyeshot across the Potomac with their real money bin)”
“This being my stupid brain having an alien/ contra mashup moment”
I’m also inspired by the amazing people in my life.  Art made by my close friend Nomi Asghar (his stuff is amazing and he’s the biggest influence behind me deciding to always create things even if I can’t commercially succeed in doing it—example and the wooden spoon my friend Jason made me a couple years before he passed. Further the collaborations with Barbarian Rage and Retrogimmick are up as well—in both cases I got to work with two artists I admire that let me work in my batshit crazy self way.  They both have inspired and continue to inspire me to put my own work out directly.”
5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?
“I just released my first solo “product” of sorts—it combines my prior commercial failures (art and music).  It’s an instrumental record I wrote, performed, produced and mastered paired with a hardcover book of my art prints.  I did a very limited run (~100) with the hopes I can actually sell enough to cover my cost and hopefully get lucky where it begins to fund the follow-up (which is nearing completion).  It’s something I’m pretty proud of as it chronicles ~60 art prints of released and unreleased pieces over the past couple years as well as the music I started writing last year after my brother in law encouraged my to get back into playing/ writing music again (note his is the one song on the record not mine and he let me break it by adding my own take with guitars).  The music (kind of remedial math rock) is more personal than the art is but similar inasmuch as hopefully there’s something new for the audience to hone in on each revisit.  I’ve put together bundles where there’s an option for just the book and record with a couple pins
I made for $50 with added options to get original drawings for $120 as well as the toy collaboration I recently did with Retrogimmick riffing on an Alex Jone’s conspiracy for $100.  Anyone interested can check out more:




thank you so much for the interview. If you like to see more of his works please visit the sites above. As well as his IG account:




Until next time!


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