Scary Movie January!

I did a part one of this series and received such great feedback that I decided to make a part two of this series:

Horror movies…love them! I always had a fascination with horror movie characters or horror icons as I like to refer to them. Here are five horror movies to watch during the winter season:

Brain Damage (1988):

Directed by Frank Henenlotter and starring Alymer :)- Oh how I adore Frank Henelotter because he creates the most divine and interesting characters. I know a lot of people would not put Alymer on a top number list of iconic Horror movies characters but in my book he would be in my top five…possibly top 3.

Available to watch on Tubi:

Maniac (1980):

Directed by William Lustig and starring Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro. I did not watch this movie until I was in my 20’s. I remember vaguely seeing the movie cover when I was eight in tower records. Tower Records was my usual hang out spot when I was little because I thought that where all the cool kids hung out. (R.I.P Tower Records) Anyways when I finally was able to watch the movie I absolutely had no idea what to think of it after I finished watching it. However the movie stuck with me due to the powerful performance of Joe Spinell. So I tend to usually re watch the movie every year and I consider it one of my forever faves. Also it has an amazing soundtrack:

Link to watch on Tubi is here:

Tenebrae (1982) directed by Dario Argento. Starring Anthony Franciosa. This is one of my favorite movies from director Dario Argento and it is also the first movie I watch of his. One of my favorite horror movie genres is Giallo. So one summer I went on a deep dive and watched every single movie I could possibly get my hands on. And this particular movie was a constant re watch during the summer as well. Click on the youtube link above to watch the whole movie.

Ghostwatch (1992) created by Stephen Volk:

This is one of the few movies that scared me a little after I watched it for the first time. It meant to have a look of documentary of a haunted house and a tv crew went to film the experience of it during a live television broadcast.

Link to watch on Tubi:

Last Night in Soho (2021):

Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Thomas McKenzie, and Anya Taylor-Joy. I watched this movie over the summer and I enjoyed the mixture of 60’s mod!

Avavible to watch with any HBOmax or Hulu subscription.

I might do a part three of this section. What horror movies do you watch in the winter? Comment below!!!

Until next time!

resource: Internet movie database, and youtube

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