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It is no hidden secret that I have always enjoyed watching Unsolved Mysteries. Since I was eight years old it was one of the shows that really caught my attention. But I always wonder if the unsolved mysteries from over thirty plus years ago that aired on the show were ever solved? Or continue to be an unsolved mystery?

Which brings to the next round of a memorable unsolved mysteries: Season 4, episode 16. A segment called: “Dial A for Abduction” left an memorable impression of me because you could be doing something that is part of your daily routine and something happens that you aren’t prepared for at all.

In the above youtube video forward it to 30 minutes and about 32 seconds into the video and you will hear about missing person Angela Hammond.

Angela Hammond missing since 1991

Angela Hammond was a Missouri State University student who also worked at a bank in 1991. She got engaged that winter to a man named Rob Shafer:

She was just going about her normal life when the worst happened. During the night of April 4, 1991 she dropped off her fiancé at his house after a dinner but they planned on meeting later that night. However Rob had babysitting duties that night until his parents got home. Angela decided to hang out with her friend Kyla in town and around 111:15 pm that night she went to a pay phone at an intersection that in the middle of town to call Rob.

While talking to Rob on the phone she began to notice a green Ford pick up truck circling the pay phone that she was using. He kept on circling the pay phone and she got super nervous.

Telling Rob how scared she was about this person circling the pay phone booth she noticed that the truck stopped next to the pay phone and a man got out of the truck. Then proceed to take out a flashlight and starting looking for something around the truck. Angela asked the guy if he needed to use the phone and he said no so then Angela decided to go back to her conversation with Rob. Which mainly consisted of telling Rob the description of the truck and also the man. Suddenly Rob heard a blood curling scream from Angela and he vaguely heard the truck owner’s voice saying that “I didn’t need to used the phone anyway.”

Rob then ran outside to his car and drove to where the payphone but stopped when he saw the truck going the opposite direction of his. He drove a couple of more miles chasing after the truck until the transmission failed while making a sharp turn.

A search for Angela quickly started which involved Rob being investigated by the police. Although he did pass a polygraph test but his story was not very believable to the police. Until two witnesses backed up him by saying that they saw the same man and the truck around the time frame that Angela was taken.

It also took a short time to connect Angela’s abduction with a couple of other unsolved cases in the state.

The first case was a women named Trudy Darby.

Trudy Darby

On January 19, 1991. Trudy Darby was 42 years old when she was working at a convenience store in Macks Creek, Missiouri. She noticed a weird gentleman outside of the store and felt uncomfortable. So she called her son over the phone to come to the store which was about a ten minute car ride. When he arrived there were no signs of his mom and the store was empty. Unfortunately two days later Trudy Darby’s body was found about ten miles from the store. She was raped and then shot twice in the head.

The second case connection was of Cheryl Ann Kenny:

On February 27, 1991 Cheryl Ann Kenney was also working at a convenience store. This one was called “The Quality Convenience Store” in Nevada, Missouri. Cheryl Ann had two children was thirty years old when working an evening shift at the store when she decided to close the store early since it was so slow during the evening. There was evidence that she clocked out of her shift at 10pm and set the store alarm at 10:17pm however from that point on it is believed that she was taken from the store’s parking lot. There was a janitor who claimed to have seen a man go into the store before it closed but was unsure if he’s connected to Cheryl’s disappearance. Also two witnesses said they heard screaming in the direction of where the convenience store was around the time Cheryl was taken.

Till this day Cheryl and Angela’s are still missing. There was some leads about what happen or who took them but they quickly fizzled out.

Here is Cheryl Ann Kenney case file on the Doe Network:

Also Unsolved Mystery wiki has some great resources:

Here is Angela’s Hammond’s case file on the Doe Network:

Here is Angela’s Unsolved Mystery wiki:

If you had an information or would like to learn more about these cases please refer to the links above.

Until Next time!

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