Song of the day: Last Christmas by Wham!

Today’s song of the day is “Last Christmas” by Wham! This is one of my favorite Christmas song because it is extremely relatable to my life. I had heard the song when I was five and have always played it even when it’s not the holiday season. Even though this song has been covered by other artists I personally still prefer the original song.

“Last Christmas” was written by George Michael for the pop music group he was in called Wham! It was recorded in August of 1984 at Advision Studios in London, England. proving that perhaps George Michael was in the holiday mood early.

The song was released on December 3, 1984 that was part of a double A-side that also had the song “Everything She Wants” attached to it. The song was written when the music duo went to visit Michael’s parents earlier that year. Michael actually wrote the song in the bedroom that he grew up in and the rest was history.

The song was a mega hit when it was released it reach number 1 on a bunch of countries such as Denmark, and Sweden. It also reached number 2 in the UK, New Zealand, Italy and Ireland. With the song being such a success the music duo decided to donated all of the royalties of the song to help provide relief of the Ethiopian famine (1983-1985).

Until 2014 a poll was taken in the UK that made this song the number 1 favorite Christmas song in that country.

The music video was shot in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and directed by Andy Morahan. And of course it takes place in this magically looking snowy backdrop in a cottage.

This music video has been watched and played over 500 million times and in December 2019 a 4K ultra high definition resolution version has been released which make the video crystal clear.

Fun facts about this song: A movie called “Last Christmas” directed by Paul Feig heavily uses this song along with other songs by George Michael.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Comment below!

Until next time!

Source: Wikipedia

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