Where did you go Nightmare Ned?

I used to live for Saturday morning cartoon when I was little! I would wake up extra early and watch the whole Saturday morning line until noon. There was one cartoon in particular that I thinking about the other day and I am not sure if anyone else watched it.

The cartoon was called:


It was about a little boy named Ned Needlemeyer, He is an average somewhat dorky kid who has a lot of daily kid issues but he doesn’t deal with them. Instead he deals with these issues in his dreams and most of his dreams are nightmares!


Like the time when Ned accidentally went into the girls restroom at school:

Or the time when Ned’s cousins came over for a play date. His cousins brought all of these dolls to play with and Ned wasn’t gentle with a baby doll and pops her head off. Instead of confessing what he did to his cousins he goes to sleep instead. He starts to have a nightmare where he becomes a doll and his cousins use him as a toy:

I remember that this cartoon was usually the last cartoon that was shown on ABC’S (which is owned by Disney!) Saturday Morning lineup. What drew me into the  cartoon was it’s mixture of scary and funny themes.

This show originally aired from April 1997 until August 1997 and only lasted about twelve shows and was canceled due to a mixture of things. The budget for this cartoon always tended to go over what Disney wanted to spend on it and there was artistic differences between the creator of the show and the producer.

When the cartoon was released on TV they also came out with a computer game of the same name and it was Disney’s first interactive computer game that they ever release:


Nightmare Ned belongs to the rare list of the Disney’s cartoons or movies that have never been re-aired on any Disney channels or been put out on DVD or blu ray after it’s cancellation. However you can watch some of Nightmare Ned’s cartoon segments on youtube. Hopefully Disney will release this cartoon in some kind of format in the future. For now I’ll leave you with this segment called:


Has anyone else watched this cartoon? Is there any cartoon that you used to watch that you wished they would release on DVD or blu-ray if it hasn’t already?


Until next time!



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