Hidden Muppets?

Hello everyone!

it is a pretty well known fact about myself that I adore the world of Jim Henson! He is one of my all time idols and I watched a lot of his shows growing up.

A lot of people are familiarized with his regular cast of Muppets:


But I am here to discuss five not so well known muppets. (Let me know in the comments below if you have heard of them!)

Big Mean Carl:


Big Mean Carl muppet debut was in 1992 for a bunch of short films called Muppet Meeting Films.

These were short little movies designed for meetings and training sessions as a break of the normal work day rountine.

He has done sporadic appearances since 1992 and was even the receptionist for “Up Late with Miss Piggy” Show:


Not a whole lot is known about Big Mean Carl except that he is has eight brothers and sisters!

Beautiful Day Monster:


This muppet has different names among the Jim Henson world. He is known as Fred, Lulu:

Snookie, Windy, Harold, and Ralph.

The Beautiful blue Monster’s most memorable appearance was on May 11, 1969 on the Ed Sullivan show called Happy Girl Meets a Monster. Where a happy girl encounters the beautiful blue monster and he tries to ruin the happy girl’s day.

He has made countless background appearances on the Muppet Show, and Sesame street but always keep in mind that if you see him on those shows it usually is a sign that he will be chaos and wreckage to those around him.


A fact about him is that he is good friends with Cookie Monster:




He was half-muppet and half-robot, and his only appearance in the Jim Henson world was on the Jim Henson Hour where he was the tech director who assists Kermit on MuppeTelevision but he was only in a couple of episodes of that series.


The Snowths:



The Snowths are probably best recognized as the back up vocals to the song “Mah Na Mah Na” however they hardly made any appearances in the Jim Henson world outside of that song.

That is until 2007 when they made an appearance for the Disney Channel as being the back up vocals for Miley Cyrus performance of her song called ” GNO (Girls Night Out)” on “Studio DC: Almost Live!.

Bobby Benson:


Bobby Benson is better known as the conductor of the Baby Band:

Bobby Benson

He is never seen without his trademark dark sunglasses and cool “Goodfellas” like suit.

His band made their first appearance on the Muppet Song with the song: “Pennsylvania 6-500:

Bobby Benson had a hard life with his baby band including getting arrest on the Muppet Show and leaving Miss Piggy in charge to take care of the babies. He was also kicked out of the Electric Mayhem band twice. First time he played trumpet and then the second time he was a banjo player. Having two strikes out with the band he finally decided to form his own band but with babies.  His last appearance in the Jim Henson world was in 2014’s Muppet’s Most Wanted:

There are probably tons more of lesser known Muppets that might need a part two blog in the future. Do you guys remember any of the ones I mentioned above? Is there any favorite Muppets that you think needs more air time? Comment below!


Until Next time!




4 thoughts on “Hidden Muppets?

  1. I really liked the SNL Muppets, especially their “God” in idol form, and of course my all time fave is Uncle Deadly, but especially back when he sang with Vincent Price (and sounded like Riff Raff) 🙂


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