My top five CC’s from B&N Criterion Collection Sale!


Barnes & Nobles just announced there 50% off the Criterion Collection until August 4th! I know it is kind of hard to pin down what to get during this sale since they have over four hundred movies in their collection!

Here are my top 5 wants for this round of the sale. I try to pick ones that I haven’t talked in past posts and they are in no order in terms of one movie being better than another.

So in no order here we go!!



Blue Velvet (1986: Spine number #977) directed by David Lynch- starring Kyle MacLachlan Laura Dern, Isabella Rossellini, and Dennis Hopper. The first time that I watch this movie was 15 years ago and it began a lifelong obsession with Roy Orbison music and also David Lynch’s movies. Lynch’s movies creates a weird universe that regular people are thrown into and what comes out of it is the most interesting and complex plots I have seen any any director’s movies.

Link to buy is below:

Blue Velvet


Funny Games (1997: Spine Number 975) directed by Michael Haneke and starring Arno Frisch, and Frank Giering. Did you ever watch a movie and it made you cringed? This movie did! It plays like a documentary and it feels like you are actually in the movie. I found myself closing my eyes in a couple of scenes because they are so painful to watch. However this movie sticks with you whether you want it to or not.

Link to buy is below:

Funny Games


Police Story and Police Story 2 (1985/ 1988 Spine number: 971 & 972) starring Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung. Truth is I have never seen any Jackie Chan movies so I thought with this box set it would be a great introduction to his movies. He does all of his own stunts in his movies and if that doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what will!

Link to buy the box set is here:

Police Story/ Police Story 2


Do the Right Thing directed by Spike Lee (1989 Spine number 97) Starring Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, and Ossie Davis. I have the original version of the Criterion Collection with this cover:


So I was super excited to see that the Criterion Collection decided to re release it. I feel like even though this movie was made in 1989 similar themes from the movie are still relevant in today’s world.

Link to buy is below (This movie comes out on July 23, 2019):

Do The Right Thing


Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001 Spine Number: 982) directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring John Cameron Mitchell, and Miriam Shor. This was a musical turned into a movie from the director. This is a blind buy for me I have never seen this movie and am excited to watch it!

Link to buy is below:

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Extra pick!


The Heiress directed by William Wyler (1949 and spine number 974). Starring Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Cliff.  This movie is one of my favorites because Olivia de Havilland is such a powerful force in this movie. This is not your typical romance movie and with the twist ending I feel like this movie is worth a watch!!


Link to buy is below:

The Heiress

What movies are you planning to buy during the sale?

Comment below!


Until next time!

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